Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Park It Here

BOBBIE CALLED OUT THE ANTI-VAXXERS! Lucas tells her she has type 2 diabeties. She can't believe it because she exercises and watches her weight etc. Lucas tells her that she has to be careful a because it can lead to heart trouble and host of other things. 

Sam in the park. He's going to tell her he can't work with her. She tells him recon on DOD stuff. He asks about Jax and she says Jax is a shark in business but a decent guy. 

Jason is trying to get the waitress away and Beecher's Corners police won't let him leave. Oh I love this cop. He's figuring out what Jason is up to. Cuffs him!! Jason's in jail and come to find out, the cop is DOD lover. "Billy" tells Jason he gets no supper lol and he won't let him call his lawyer because the phone is broken. 

Shiloh complains to his lawyer he needs money. She's like so what? He wants her to donate to DOD. LAMO! ahaahaa. DERP. She gives him a bitch look. They go over his testimony as to why he want his child back. She also tells him to cut the DOD ramblings. LOL 

Kim wants a BAY-BAY... Drew is like, YOU CRAY!! She goes on and on about the Seance too-- and how much "Oscar" is ready for a baby.
Oh lord, she's over the edge. 

Alexis is now bitching at Julian. Brad is afraid they are going to take Wiley. Alexis for some reason--wants Brucas to tell the court that the baby is Shiloh's and be proactive. They'll look like good parents yada yada. Julian is going NOPE NOPE DON'T DO IT. Brad thinks it might be a good idea. Alexis says they can stall and of course "Shiloh will have to take a DNA TEST" 
omg FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brad of course yells NO!! NO DNA TEST!! Alexis is like GEESH, calm down! 

Later, Shiloh sees Sam in the park. They bitch at each other. Michael finally texts Sam about Jason. 

Brad brings Wiley to GH and they see Bobbie and Lucas. 

Cop in Beecher's corner (Billy) calls SHANK and tells him that Jason is in JAIL!! WOOT! 


  1. I love Brad, and the actor, and I'm really hoping for a Judith-Light-as-Karen-on-OLTL moment. I want him on the stand, in tears, screaming, "HE'S DEAD! YOUR BABY IS DEAD!!!" and the courtroom to erupt into chaos.

    I'd hate to see him leave, but if his entire world crumbles at least we know he can go off and be with his soulmate, Britt!

    1. "I love Brad, and the actor, and I'm really hoping for a Judith-Light-as-Karen-on-OLTL moment. I want him on the stand, in tears, screaming, "HE'S DEAD! YOUR BABY IS DEAD!!!" and the courtroom to erupt into chaos. "

      YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want it, I love it, I need to have this!!!!

    2. I'm with Sonya, that would be freaking awesome Carey!

  2. did i miss when Michael left Beechers' Corners?????
    as many baby daddy tests that Brad has fixed he OBVIOUSLY can fix THIS one!

    1. How would he do that? It's not Shilos or Willows baby and Shiloh was the only guy she was with besides Chase. I guess she could lie if they could find some random guy?

  3. Why does Shank need offspring? Has that been explained? Maybe he gets an inheritance?

  4. Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Alexis and Julian: Is she going to slap him too?

    Brad, Alexis, and Julian: Yes Brad!!! Tell the court the truth!! Not THAT truth, the REAL truth!!!

    The hospital:

    Bobbie and Lucas: Bobbie wins the line of the day!

    Bobbie: I have 3 nurses out sick and a measles outbreak in pediatrics, thank you parents who refuse to vaccinate their children helping to infect everyone elses.

    ROFL! Oh oh Bobbie DOES have diabetes!!!!! :( Great scene! How the heck did she get that?!!?!!


    Lawyer and King Mufasa: Oh oh he is so PISSED!!!! Man this actor is so good!!!! :) I wish we could keep him. Maybe he can come back as a twin brother. :)

    The park:

    Curtis and Sam: I am so glad Curtis doesn't work with Sam anymore!!! Working together was so boring!!!!

    King Mufasa and Sam: Aren't you going to ask Sam about her tattoo? Does she still have it? I want to see it!!!


    Jason, Waitress, and cop: That cop won't leave Jason alone! HAHAHAHHAHAHA! I love it! :)

    Jason and Cop: That cop lied!!! He has a phone that works! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my! This cop is a colt person too!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    CarlyKim's home:

    CarlyKim and Drew: Oh boy!!!! Drew is kissing her back!!! Hmmm wait I'm confused. Does she think when she has the baby, that Oscar will be the baby? Or does she want to name the new baby Oscar? Well, now that Drew rejected her too, I wonder what she is going to do. I was wondering if Drew was going to bring up Julian.. Cus I knew her answer would be, this has nothing to do with him! AH HA I WAS RIGHT! :)

    Sidenote: Yesterday, when Sonny was talking to Mike about their relative Gladys, and Sonny wanted to know what her last name is, I said out loud Knight? ROFL! Gladys Knight and the other relatives the pips! ROFL!

  5. a dna test at general hospital. what could possibly go wrong?

    why doesnt kim ask shiloh to have sex with her? we know he wants to have a child.

    1. OMG, isn't there a spoiler that Shiloh is "summoned" to Kim's? Is that why?

      I really like Curtis, and am sad that he is working for Valentin to spy on Jax. It seems that he is justifying this in his mind (in order to protect Drew), but I'm sure that Jax won't see it that way. So, I am confused, did he take the corporate job just to spy on Jax, or does he really want the job to pay Jordan's medical bills, or what?

    2. AntJoan, I think all of the above for Curtis. And I'm pretty sure why he would even think to work for Val is to somehow protect Nina.

      Yep, I thought the same thing about the Shiloh/Kim spoiler. Lord help us, she's lost her mind.

    3. I think that Kim should return to work. She has an identity--she is a doctor--and should go back to helping others to help to take her mind off of herself. I have lost family members, and had to go back to work, most people do. As tough as that is, it really helps to focus on something else. I know she took a leave because she wanted to care for Oscar while he was sick, but she NEEDS to go back to work before she unravels completely.

  6. Also, someone here asked if Skank wants a child because of his inheritance. I think it is because he is a raging Narcissist. However, what doesn't make sense is this--he has like a million women doing his bidding, even incarcerating themselves for him. I'm sure any one of them would gladly have his baby, he could have had a million children if he wanted one.

    1. I think it's more about it being Willows baby. He's extra obsessed with her. Plus she's the one that got away. And with his baby!!

  7. Thanks to this blog I know what Sam said yesterday. Her low talking has officially reached a new low. :) She is useless to me.

    Shiloh was awesome yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed his melt down. But I'm ready for the murder mystery now!

    Good old Billy (BC cop) is going to be in a world of hurt pretty soon, but those scenes had me laughing out loud!

    1. I agree Julie! To me it's like damn girl CLEAR YOUR THROAT SAM! LOL
      I can hear her pretty much "okay", but she needs to clear her throat!
      Loved the meltdown and how his lawyer called him out!
      LOL when Kim jumped Drew. Poor thing. 😂

    2. LOL about Drew and Kim! That was pretty fuuny!

  8. I could barely understand Sam yesterday, too. I found Kim and Drew to be eewww. I'm sorry but they don't even try to make her look attractive. Shiloh's lawyer is impressive.

    1. I was much more impressed with Shiloh's lawyer in this episode.


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