Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Cellular Attraction

Whatever you do, don't eat the meatloaf 

Greetings!  Thanks for putting up with my crazy week. I'm still on the mend and need to see the plastic surgeon tomorrow. I'm very nervous about this and keep freaking out thinking about getting my stitches out and the possibility of surgery. I tell you what, that fall was TRAUMA!! 

So, what I decided to do is push forth with the blog and get it done. I've seen most of the week but may miss a few details. If I do, I'm sure you'll let me know!! 

All I can really eat are drinks so let's do some smoothies. 

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Oh, delicious treat, this was. I so love a good twist and GH pulled one off. Like I said, instead of showing us step by step what happened, they chose to run with the story then backtrack the whole caper. Nicely done. Not only that, it was in Black and White , probably my favorite film technique! :clapping: 

How did it go down? Finn gave Ryan the medication that made him seize.  Valerie was the look out.  Liz and Finn  took him out of the room and hid him in Franco's Art Studio. 

Kevin was brought back into Ryan's room as "Ryan". Obviously kept his hand under the covers!  TJ came in to plead with "Ryan" to save his mama. Kevin kept up appearances by treating him with disdain. Stella came in next and berated him. "Ryan" decided to sign the papers.  Neither TJ or Stella were in on the caper so they were witnesses that don't have to 'act' when it comes to telling the truth that they saw it signed by "Ryan". 

Ryan was taken into surgery. He was still unconscious at this point. He was still in a coma when they took him to Pentonville where he woke up and found out his kidney was gone. BLOOP!! Everyone will assume he's saying he really didn't sign the papers to plead insanity. OR they'll think he's making up the Kevin-switch to plead insanity. Either way, he won't be believed. 

Jordan basically figured it out and knew Curtis planned it. She's not pursuing anything because "there would be no proof". DA is gone and Laura's mayor. That's that! Well, except Ryan isn't dead and vows to come and hunt everyone down!! 

Jordan and Curtis struggle with looking at hospital bills. She's been in there forever and given her cop's insurance is probably average at best, this is a great issue to finally address. (When has this show ever really mentioned insurance costs)?? I would imagine that since Drew hit her, they'd sue his insurance to pay for it or just take him up on his offer for cash.  


Kim hallucinates that Drew is Oscar in a great scene by she and Billy. Billy was again, brilliant and I'm finding myself so glad he got this story instead of something else! Kim's all ready to have another baby. Were her delusions just due to the height? Will she "see" Oscar again? Maybe a hysterical pregnancy is in her future. Hmmmm.. 


Nelle is knee deep in all this and got to meet Ryan at Pentonville in the process! Brad goes to visit and brings her up to speed.  (maybe some of the audience as well--considering some may think Wiley is really Willow's). He tells her all about Willow, Shiloh and all the rest. What Nelle will do with all the information is anyone's guess. Loved Parry Shen in this scene, he acted so scared and torn-up. Very real. 

SHANK-- oh he's all 'wiley'  himself, how ironic. Well, not really though. Because it's NOT his kid! LOL. So all this is MOOT. He is taking Willow to court for the Bay-Bay. She's anxious as hell, especially after Diane refused to destroy the records and wanted her to just 'wait it out'.  Shiloh got into Mercy and some fan of his got the info from the computer. Which is exactly why Spinelli should have wiped all electronic records clean. 


You know I think this story is a goodie. You know Ava being on the cover of Crimson seems delicious fun to me. It didn't disappoint! For all the people crabbing about forgotten history, Jax sure hit Ava's nail on the head!! Loved it. Connie--Morgan. Him saying Connie was killed "Right in this office" and Nina frantically looking around like she would see her body LOL! Ava stormed out. Will Jax get her back? Carly was sure trying to stop that from happening. 


Well, this may be a silly side-story to some but it Maxie pointed to the Port Charles Travel Guide..for haunted it must have some relevance!  They should hold it RIGHT IN THE CRYPT. Lordy, AJ would come back and get them all! 
Plus, Lucy and Joss? Nice new interaction. 


Um, watching Lulu go on dates with randos trying to catch some dude who ripped off women we know nothing about boring? 


Lucy is selling DA Lady's home. I do love Lucy's job as a real estate agent. Gets her into all sorts of things and is just a good fit. I hope we can see her trying to sell a house one day! 
Kidney Caper revealed--the whole truth about what went down to get Jordan her organ
Kim wants another baby--with Drew or.. Julian or?? 
Carly and Sonny insert themselves into the Wiley situation. Shocker. 
Willow has to go to court to face SHank over the baby
Jordan and Curtis face hospital bills 
Lulu's trying to find the cad that stole from women on a dating app
Maxies' still trying to get Dante back to town. 
Harmony's wearing an orange jumpsuit to save Shiloh
Alexis is still in session with Dr. Neal and thisclose to kissing him. (I can tell)
Krissy went back to work for Julian
Michael bought the DOD house 

PET PEEVE OF THE WEEK: Sonny sitting down, just assuming anyone wants his help with Wiley. Julian's taking care of things, and Carly and Sonny are treating him like dirt. To everyone's knowledge WILEY ISN'T EVEN THEIR ANYTHING!! Carly's his Aunt sure, but Julian is the grandfather. So back the hell off. I hated how he turned the chair around like he owned the place too. lol 

LOUD MOUTH OF THE WEEK: From snarking about Ava to putting Julian down, Carly was sure in everyone's face, wasn't she? Maybe she can give vocal projection lessons to Sam? 

CASTING OF THE WEEK : The "Turkish" Kid "Dev" that Sonny met in Turkey is supposedly coming onscreen. Now, MY notion was to have him on as a SORA'd Spencer (who would remember his face anyway) but in TPTB's wisdom, they think a whole new character is the way to go. :shrug: A Teen Spencer with Joss and Cameron would be spectacular but hey, who am I to say?? 

That's a wrap! Thanks for reading. All in all a good week for me because I really enjoyed the way the Kidney-Switch was written and revealed. The Baby Story is heating up, Nelle's back for a bit and Ava's being all Diva didn't hurt. Laura's going to ask Mac to be Police Commish! Nod to the past right there (and long overdue). Maybe I'll enjoy this summer's viewing after all. 

I should be around this week in and out--depends on my doctor's appt on Monday. You know I'll do my best. 

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Port Charles book on Seances


  1. Great SS! You had me almost spitting out my breakfast at your Nina comment (her looking around the office for Connie). Loved it!!
    Feel better! Let us know how it goes.😊

  2. Good morning, Nina spastically looking around the ofc was the best! And that's exactly what it looked like she was doing Karen, looking for dead Connie! I can only imagine what you're going through but you're right you're body has been through a lot of trauma this wk so take care of yourself so you can heal. Was nice to hear mom and dad came to take care of you. I loved the way they did the Ryan switch too! Very nicely written,shot & acted. They do need to cut back on how involved Sonny & Carly are in EVERYTHING! And the two of them need to stop putting everyone down like they've never done anything wrong! Either one of them have any humility or compassion and its getting right on my last nerve! Can't believe nobody thought about having Spinelli wipe out Willows electronic records. I really thought the girl was going to say she was there but her baby died because I really thought they would've done that in this day & age! Brad's so gonna be in some deep stuff with so many people when this baby stuff comes out! Julian asked him numerous times if there was anything he wasn't telling him. Not good Brad!! All in all the shows been pretty enjoyable. I've been watching more and playing on my phone while watching less! Lol! Thank you very much Karen for getting the blog up especially today! Have a blessed day! ��

  3. Thanks for the fantastic Sunday Surgery. You're a real trooper. I hope you're all healed soon.

    I also liked the black and white flashbacks showing the kidney hustle. It was much more effective than just having them show it at the time. Whoever thought of it needs a good pat on the back.

    Throwing Nelle in the mix at the prison should make for some great drama. Should we place bets on who kills who? lol

    The actor playing the turkish kid is actually a musician too. Wonder if they'll have him giving Joss some guitar leessons or will he and Cameron fight over that. lol I anticipate great summer angst.

    I'm also looking forward to that seance if the kids are in it too.

    And if they keep Carly out of it the Ava storyline should be great. Can't wait to see how the new Nina interacts with her.

    1. "Wonder if they'll have him giving Joss some guitar leessons or will he and Cameron fight over that. lol I anticipate great summer angst."

      Or maybe they will fight over her hahahaha. Jam or Jev? :) I love Jam.

  4. P.S. Harmony,Ryan & Nelle in pentonville! Nelle & Harmony are cell mates! Didn't even dawn on me that could happen!

  5. Questions please to answer:
    What was the purpose of the surf board - since Joss never mentioned it?
    Did anyone else think Lulu's date WAS the guy and he was really good at pretending ----- cause what was the purpose of that unless for Sonny to see?
    WHY is Ryan still alive - unless to partner with Nelle - and hopefully SHE will kill him - I don't like Nelle popping up here and there.
    I STILL think Neil IS Harmony's ex-----although WHERE is Daisy?
    gonna love Dev there with Joss and Cam!!!

    1. Daisy is gone. She's been gone, I forget where I read it.

  6. Great SS. Thanks for digging in!
    Love the kidney caper.
    My guess about Sonny/Carly sticking their noses into the 'Wiley' story is that he really is their grandson...if the truth ever comes out but right now that's almost the only story going on so it won't end soon most likely.
    Just read a rumor today that Billy Miller is done. Wants to pursue other options.
    Hope all goes well for you tomorrow Karen!

    1. Nooooooo I love Billy 😥😥😥

    2. i love Billy too. But they wasted him on this show. I've been saying for a long time that he would leave. He looks so incredibly bored in every scene. A big loss for the show, but happy for him if that is what he wants to do.

    3. Oh no! I hope it's not true. I love Billy also!!

    4. Belated Happy Birthday Sonya!! I read about Billy, too. Would have been nice to give him a great, attractive love interest but his character just floats around and has no chemistry with Kim if that was who they intend to pair him with.

  7. since all you can do is drink Karen, I suggest you skip the smoothie. send someone to 7-11 and get a pina colada slurpee. then, when they bring it home, you put 2 shots of rum in it. best pina colada ever

    this works with most slurpees. but pina colada the best.

  8. Happy father's day to all father's and today is my birthday. :)

    "Whatever you do, don't eat the meatloaf"


    "Neither TJ or Stella were in on the caper"

    Stella wasn't in on it?! I thought she was. Oh man what a confusing mess of a caper! Love the black and white though. That was awesome.

    "CASTING OF THE WEEK : The "Turkish" Kid "Dev" that Sonny met in Turkey is supposedly coming onscreen."

    Yeah I heard! YAY! I wanted him to join the show! He really impressed me.

    "MY notion was to have him on as a SORA'd Spencer"

    No!!! In no uncertain terms should Spencer be sorased!! I love watching Nicolas Bechtel grow up!!! :)

  9. I don't think Spencer or Emaa should be SORASd. Let them grow up on the show like Robin

  10. Lindi I would agree IF THEY WERE ON THE SHOW!! lol

  11. hi sonya! :) happy day girl...and sorry it was SO miserable outside.

    1. "hi sonya! :) happy day girl..."

      Thanks!!!! :)

      "and sorry it was SO miserable outside."

      Yeah ugh! Too bad it wasn't warm. Today will be though. :)

  12. Oh, belated Happy Birthday Sonya! Hope your day was blessed!


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