Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Ithaca is GORGES

FORGOT A BIG RUMOR: Shelly Altman, co-head writer at GH Rumored out in the fall. 

Ithaca has tons of GORGES so... lol

KIM: I want a baby
Jules: Blink
Kim: I really do

Julian says no. Says Kim doesn't want a baby, she wants Oscar back. She's mad at Jules. He ends up leaving. 

Corinthos House: Carly and Sonny come home. Rocco's staying the night. They went to the Carnival in the square. Carly asks about the Seance stuff and realizes what Joss was trying to do. Hugs her.

DA Lady going to see Jordan. Stops and sees Drew in the hall. They talk about the mustard and his memories. He says that they are 'safe' in his office in Aurora-- and the NEW NURSE is listening. She's gotta be a SHANK plant.  DA lady thinks something is on the memory stick Shank might want. 

Birthday Party. Lulu's still got that top on (3 days now). She's waiting for her "date". :eyeroll: See, a guy is going around having dates, then robbing their houses while they are out meeting. Well, he's having someone rob them. Mac says let me take care of it at the PCPD. Lulu says good but SHE has to write a story. blah blah. She also gave her OWN address--um, wouldn't you give a dummy address?? Have someone watch that, not your REAL HOUSE! 

OMG So her date shows up. She sends the "look out home"-- because he showed up so "he's not the burgler"-- well, WOULDN'T HE JUST HAVE A PARTNER THAT ROBBED HER HOUSE WHEN HE WAS ON THE DATE? This makes NO sense. Turns out the "date" just though she wanted him to sit with her (he had ordered fries) and wasn't the guy on the app. Nope, he's robbing the house as we speak.

In another side of town,  Rocco left his glove at his house-- so Josslyn is going to go get it. In an UBER. And we KNOW the thief will be there. 

STUPID MAXIE with the Dante come back crap--I hate this. She's harping on this when he NEEDS TREATMENT and she's all "well, they'll break up". HE NEEDS TREATMENT for a serious condition!! GGEEZZEE . Mac's says they have to find a higher up at WSB to help. (STUPID)
Robert walks in...he's tipsy. The WSB is forcing him to retire for "someone younger and cheaper"
Maxie asks if he knows where Dante is. He says he can't tell her because it was an order and you don't just give out information. He also tells her Dante needs to be WHOLE for Lulu. He gets a call from his replacement and goes into the hall to talk.
STUPID Maxie follows him and hears him say Dante is in Ithaca WHOOT! ITHACA SHOUT OUT!! 

END: CARLY'S Protein's are elevated, they need more tests because it could be birth defects. 

DEV is the one robbing Lulu's house..Joss catches him. 

Kim looks like she's going to call Drew for some "donation" since Jules said no LOL. 


  1. Maxie is really making me mad with her know it all attitude. She knows better than anyone else, including the doctors. I'm now at the stage wher I hope she goes and gets him and he has a flashback and kills her!

    Dev is one resourceful Turkish street kid.He managed to get himself all the way to NY when he couldn't afford a roof over his head and 33 meeals a day at home.

    Thank God Julian said know.

    Did anyone else think that they showed an awful lot of closeups of that new nurse. Wonder if she'll have a storyline.

    1. That should be no...not know. lol

    2. she was listening to Drew and DA Lady..she's a SHILOH PLANT you wait

    3. LOL Di!!!! Maxie is being pretty annoying isn't she.

    4. Yup, I was ready to smack Maxie. What have they done to her character? Between this Dante thing and Parking Lot Pete the writers have pretty much ruined her. Ugh!

  2. in regards to your first post this morning, Karen, you are SPOT ON with celebrity dirty laundry - I have even written them - they MAKE UP CRAP and the title sucks you in and then it is 'this is how it could happen' and then it ends with 'we will keep you posted as we learn more'......but it is all made up - never any truth -
    I actually want Harmony to find out the baby is Nelle's, tell Shiloh/make a deal first that she will tell him where the baby is to get her outta there and then BAM - DNA tests show not a match....
    Nelle is gonna be trouble - she was creepy with Brad saying she would help raise the baby.

  3. The floating rib: Oh Maxie shut up! Dante doesn't need to be there! He needs to stay where he is to get better! Do you want Dante to come back and kill people? SHUT UP! Uh Felicia, Maxie is not going to stop. You know her better than that. ROBERT! What? Robert was forced to retire?! No no no I don't buy this! Frisco is the boss!!! You expect me to believe he made Robert retire? No way! Dante is in Ithaca!!!

    Carson's kitchen: SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! :)

    Carly, Rocco, and Joss:

    Carly: Avery is sound asleep in the car.

    Oh no!!! She is alone in the car?!?!! ACK!

    *Sonny walks in.*

    Sonny: I put Avery to bed.

    Oh okay whew. :) So Sonny saw them and got Avery out.. :) Oh wait he went with them? Okay. :)

    Sonny and Rocco: Hehehe great scene!!! :)

    Carly and Joss: Great scene! Yeah Joss you really should talk to someone. :(


    Sonny: What ever happens, this baby is going to be perfect in my eyes.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)


    Date and Lulu: Yeah Karen that guy does look like the old Michael :)

    Lante home: Damn when I saw Dev in the house, my jaw dropped!!!! Desperate Dev!!! Sonny set this boy straight!!!!

    CarlyKim's home:

    "Charlie" and CarlyKim: CarlyKim wants a baybay!!! If it's a boy they could name him Oscar Jr! :) Awww but "Charlie" don't want a baybay! Well CarlyKim is probably want to have a baybay with Drew!!!! :) If Drew turns her down, off to steal Carson's baybay!


    Yeah when you kept saying that, I was wondering what you mean! :) Then I come here, and I realized "Charlie" brought burgers hahahaha.
    The hospital:

    Margoo and Drew: Zzzzzzzzzzz so boring!!! Since Margoo is leaving, she has to say a looooooooooooooooong buh bye to Drew! That nurse lady with dark short hair, I kept wondering if she is listening to them! Yeah Karen she probably IS from the colt house! She is the only one that was interesting and made the scene better. :)

  4. OK, had to suffer through the references to the infamous mustard scene, and Lulu's fugly blouse! At least we got to see the new star of the show, Sonny's and Carly's kitchen!

    Joss went to drive herself to Lulu's. How old is she?

    1. Carly& Sonny wouldn't let Joss drive by herself to Lulu's;Joss said she would take an Uber.

    2. Yes, but then Joss left with what looked like car keys . . .

    3. They were probably the keys to Lulu's place.

    4. LOL AntJoan!!
      Yes what Di said, or even her own house keys.

  5. So I was watching an episode of The Rookie, and there, at the end, was our CarlyKim!! She was not listed with the other guest stars, but it was her, what a surprise!!

    1. I saw that episode this past winter;she was listed@ the beginning as one of the guest stars.Tamara gave a heads up that she would be on the show.

  6. Peter had like 5 people at his party. No one but Maxie even likes him lol

    1. It was so nice that everyone treated him nice.....until they found out about Lulus latest invader assignment and bitched to him about it. LOL!!!!!

    2. IMO, Hiney is NEVER going to fit into Port Charles, he needs to be gone. I know he is LW's boyfriend, which I guess means that he will stick around.

  7. Damn I have been watching Robert Scorpio for almost 40 years now and he is "retired" from the WSB just like that. Isn't Frisco the director? Hell Frisco, you owe Scorpio...at least give him an executive promotion or something...take him out of the field and let him give the orders for a change. Crossing my fingers that they give Tristan something interesting to do. I'd love for the FBI to hire him as a special agent to take down Sonny's mafia. What a dogfight that would be!

  8. The first thing I thought of was Frisco made Robert retire?? Seriously, what an insult! I agree with Anon, should have made him an executive. Like 2nd in command.

    Kim was driving me nuts yesterday, she looked like she was going to crawl out of her skin, with her pacing, and arm flailing, and it was really bothering me. Lol, I guess that means the actress was doing her job!

    I'm not a huge Sonny fan by any means but when he said "what ever happens, this baby is going to be perfect in my eyes", I got all warm and fuzzy. Nicest thing he's said in months. :)

    1. She was definitely doing her job, Kim just lost her kid, she acted accordingly. She did a damn fine job. 😊👏

  9. My favorite line of the day was when Robert told them he was forced to retire and someone said "after all your years of service?" and he answered... "that's the point"... Funny.

  10. The only good thing I hope for with Robert's retirement is that he will be around more!


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