Monday, June 10, 2019

Baby: Lost and Found

THE GH CONVENTION WAS THIS's a great photo that was on Twitter! 

Diane is visiting Wills in her classroom. Love her outfit. Diane is mad that Willow let it out that she might have a baby. Diane says they'll never find out. Willow tells her the records got destroyed in Albany. Diane is all "OMG that's a total federal offense."!! Willow asks her to destroy her copies. Diane is taken aback.  "You're asking me to do WHAT"??! She tries to tell her that he won't be able to get a hold of them.  Willow doesn't believe her. 

Jason is at GH talking to Chase Ford about Shiloh. Chase says the DA had a "change of heart" and he's under arrest. 

NEWBIE Chick Nurse girlie is a DOD'er and you KNOW she's gonna get Shiloh OUT OF THERE!! He bamboozles her into getting him a list of all hospitals within 100 mile radius of there and Beecher's Corners. I think her name is Judy. Although she does look like my cousin Sally. lol
OMG ! HARMONY steps up and says SHE DRUGGED Kristina and it's all HER FAULT. OH!! and She also said she drugged SAM!! AND...get this!! In her last act as DA, Margot let Shiloh go and arrested Harmony!! lol CHASE tells Sonny and Jason and man, Sonny is gonna be pissed he didn't kill SHank!! 

Sonny's in the kitchen! Making a healthy salad for Carly. Krissy brings him some herbs and a hug awww. LOVE that kitchen "We're stubbon, hard-headed and good-lookin' Says Sonny. AHAHA. 

Nina and Ava ---Nina's trying to convince Ava to do the magazine.  Ava said she slept with Ryan and will look like an idiot. Nina says "you're not the only one that fell for a bad-boy" . Ava "yeah, like you and Valenin, WHO MURDERED NIKOLAS" ahahahahah. GOOD ONE! Such great chat--and so happy Michelle and Maura get one last cool scene together.

Jules and Carly. OMG Carly is being such a BLABBER MOUTH to Julian "You stay away from my brother" she says. Because Julian could hinder everything and the adoption. UGH she's a pain in the ASSSSSS. 

Jax and Bobbie..JZ is looking awesome. 


END:  Shiloh walks into Julian's and everyone freaks. Julian kicks him out. Shiloh starts calling all the hospitals in the area to find out if anyone gave birth at the right time...which is going to lead him to the baby. Diane finishes saying to Willow "he can't get a hold of a baby that he doesn't know exists"..meaning he will find out. 


  1. We had a 30 minute interruption here. I switched to the Canadian channel and saw the whole thing. I'm really hoping we have a whodunnit storyline soon because I've just about had it with this Shiloh owns the town one.

  2. For those in the NYC metropolitan area,GH was pre-empted due to a helicopter crash on a building in Manhattan. The newscaster keeps announcing that GH can be seen tonight @ approximately 1:37am on ABC,on Hulu& on said something like "Don't worry;you won't miss your show".

    1. OMG, they did NOT show GH here in NYC, as you said! WHY are they showing this story for HOURS?? Are they crazy? Thanks for the info, can I see it on now?

    2. Not sure if it's on now.
      They had coverage on for 2 hours.

    3. AntJoan it was serious business, a helicopter crashed. Do you have Hulu?

    4. It is serious that a helicopter crashed, of course, and they have news on ABC at 4 when they can cover it, or they can break in and mention what happened, then say they will cover it at 4. There is NOTHING to say for 2 hours, it is just morbid curiosity to keep repeating the same facts over and over. It crashed, tragically he was killed, and some streets were closed. WHY did they have to show this for hours and hours?

    5. Also, some situations are ongoing, such as an active shooter, and might be covered in real time to give some information. The helicopter crashed. It crashed. It was tragic, likely due to bad weather conditions. What is there to show for hours and hours?

  3. Re: the news's almost like they want it to be not an accident, but it was tragically.
    I enjoy watching GH as much as anyone but I found myself again shaking my head at the release of soon-to-be-dead Shank. So stupid. The last act of one of the least needed characters ever...Margogo. The baby story is all that's left right now. It could have been an intriguing cult story, but no.
    Willow taking another meeting in the empty classroom. Where does she live anyway? School's out....

    1. A lot of New York schools are still in session(NYC schools end June 26),as are many East Coast schools.So it's feasible that school in Port Charles is still holding classes.

    2. I was speaking figuratively as her classroom is always 'out' it seems.

    3. Erie County (Buffalo) schools are all still in session

    4. Schools not out, and she has an apt. She and Chase made the love there...or maybe it was at his place LOL!!

    5. "She and Chase made the love there...or maybe it was at his place LOL!!"

      ROFL! Yeah it was at his place. Have we seen her apartment yet? Hmmmm.

  4. I need these things this summer:
    Shiloh killed/big whodunit
    Baby swap to be over
    Jax/Nina/Valentin triange
    No more SORAS
    Need more Diane

    1. I need jax ❤
      I agree with everything else

    2. I agree too! Michelle, you and I can fight over Jax after we take out Neener. Hahaha!

    3. "Julie H says, I agree too! Michelle, you and I can fight over Jax after we take out Neener. Hahaha!"

      HEY!! I am joining in on this fight! ROFL!

  5. Well, I watched on, just finished. Shame on ABC for covering that story for 2 hours, they could have said it all in 5 minutes . . .

  6. If a flea farts in Manhattan, it tends to be national news. I get that people get nervous about weird stuff happening in NYC after 911, but I also feel like the networks get a "center of the universe" mentality sometimes with things that happen there. Sorry NY peeps, but most people couldn't care less about the over the top coverage that networks give for NYC. GH wasn't preempted here, but it ABC News did cover it a little too long IMO.

  7. Carly needs to shut her big fat yap. This is the side of her that I cannot stand, and it makes me want to punch her in the nose. :)

    Krissie is such a daddy's girl, and he can do no wrong in her eyes. They did have a cute scene together, but no wonder Alexis feels resentful.

    Good thing Magoo is gone, because I want to punch her in the nose, too. I just love the actor who plays Shiloh, but yup, I need a good murder mystery with him as the corpse.

    We only had a 10 minute news interruption in the Detroit area. But it was during the Ava/Neener chat. I did just LOVE when Ava said Valentin murdered Nik. HAHAHHAHA!

    1. Yes, sooo glad she said it, I say it all the time and cannot/never will forgive Valentin for this. The chat was really good, Nina sold it really well, she just went on and on with so much emotion, pulling every rabbit out of the hat she could to convince her.

  8. Carson home/Kitchen:

    Krissy and Sonny: Awwww! Great scene!!! Love the father and daughter moments. :)

    Sonny: We're stubborn, hard-headed and good-lookin!

    ROFL! He would have won the line of the day with that line, but I'm afraid that Nina won it. :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Ava and Nina: There ya go!!! Nina wins the line of the day!

    Nina: Your like the Phoenix! The Phoenix! And you would be helping those women rise from the ashes.

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! And then Ava's face! Hahahahaha! That summer dress on Nina looks so cute on her.

    Julian, Lucas, and Carly: CARLY! Can you BE any louder?! DAMN!!! Will you just listen to Lucas and Julian, and also quiet down?!!?!? DAMN!



    The hospital:

    Nurse and King Mufasa: So Felicia walks in. Oh wait that's a nurse whoops! Oh oh! She has joined the classes for DOD! YIKES!! King Mufasa is a master manipulator that's for sure!, King Mufasa, two cops, and Chase: Oh my!! Oh my my my!!!! do you think if you protect King Mufasa and say it was you and you are guilty, that he is just going to decide he wants to be a couple with you?!?!!! HA! :)

    School/Willow's room:

    Diane and Willow: Diane you HAVE to destroy the evidence!!!! GAH! She won't do it. :(

    Carson's home part 2/Kitchen:

    Jason, Chase, and Sonny: Yes Sason! King Mufasa is free!!!! Now go find the king and bow down to him! :) If he dies, can he come back as a twin? I really like the actor. He is so good!!! :)


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