Monday, June 3, 2019


It's MONDAY!! It's FREEZING here! Finally the sun came out but this morning?? Dang! In the low 40s!! UGH.  I glanced at the Sunday Surgery blog below and wow, either people don't care one's reading lol. I guess it was a short week and stuff but still....weird. 


Sonny and Michael are at the Metro Bar.  Sonny complains he sees Jax all the time. Annnnnd... Jax walks in. 
Michael goes over to have dinner Sasha. They talk about the history of Jax and Sonny. She sees him as a combination of the 2. WOW. He never mentions AJ! WOW. REALLY?? really. wow.  He could have at least said he was "a lot biological Dad could run a legit business after all"....

Jax and Alexis in the Metro Restaurant: He wants her to look over the Aurora contracts. She wants to tell him about Valentin. "he has all of the money and none of the crazy".  Neil walks in. Jax had something delivered to the Metro to eat lol Panea?? He leaves. Alexis tells him that she and Jax were involved but not "involved" involved. Alexis is kinda pissed that Kristina would give her up and not her father LOL She says their relationship is toxic. I feel counseling coming on. 
Alexis googles him after he leaves. He's written some books and dedicated one to "his wife and daughter". 

Nina at Crimson. She tells Sasha she's going to love working with Jax and Valentin overhears her. Glowers. He wants to take her away... she says no.
Then Jax comes in with the Panera order for he and Nina. Oh, it's Indian food. Sorry. Jax leaves. Valentin comes in. Nina immediately announces she wants to postpone the wedding due to the September issue being so important. hahhaa 

Jordan Kidney Saga: Curtis and Finn... Curtis wants to forge his signature. Finn says he should go under the knife and never wake up.  Curtis says he just wants that kidney, no matter what! 

Kevin to Ryan: People love me, can you say the same? Ryan says Ava.. Kevin says, hope, she despises you. Ryan says nope, it's all "Passion".  Then they discuss good/evil twin stuff for awhile. 

Ava is at Kiki's grave with sun flowers.  Franco's behind her with the same.  "As long as I get the chance to kill him again".  Franco wants Ava to be good. Thank GOODNESS Ava is like: NOPE.

Valerie goes in to see Jordan.... then hugs Curtis. 

END: Someone in a white coat is putting something into Ryan's IV --Seizure tomorrow

AVA Says she wants to kill Ryan
Kevin says he wants Ryan "Gone"...
Finn says he would't mind doing Ryan in...
Valerie is pretty angry
Liz says something about him being alive and Jordan needing a kidney
Could be anyone at GH-and someone we didn't see. 

My guess: Aunt Stella did it, Finn will cover for her if it ever comes out. 


  1. Alexis did it. (she played a butler once, right?)

  2. I read your blog everyday. I think so few comments, cause every story ends up featurin g jason and sam. same thing over and over

  3. Same here, I think it's Aunt Stella from those previews.
    On to Jax, that crap is getting old, his daughter lives and she needs both her parents. The lunch brought in to Jax was hilarious.
    Poor Val was pouting when Neener changed the wedding date. They deserve each other.

  4. Didn't watch today. I read this blog every day unless I have an emergency. I LOVE sunflowers too!!!!!!! My daughter is trying to grow some for me.

  5. I grew up in Rochester. Lilacs are my phone's screen saver. Favorite scent on earth for me. Beautiful flowers. Now i'm in San Diego and trek up to Big Bear Lake to get my fill. Lucky for me they bloom during my birthday. I haven't been able to watch GH for days. Need to make time. I'm so sad that MS left the Nina role. I hope new actress has sparks with Jax like she did.

    1. I've said it before and I'm sure it's just me because I'm not a fan of the actress but she comes across as immature and child-like. She acted liked a girl having her first jr high crush with Jax.

    2. I think because she was in a coma for 20 years, she is supposed to be immature and child-like. What it NOT believable, IMO, is that she can run a successful magazine.

    3. I agree AntJoan, maybe this nuNina will be a bit different and can run it.

  6. Michelle P , I am not a fan of the actress you mention either. There are just some that I don't click with. Didn't like on Y and R either.

    1. Yeh I watched many soaps in my teens-20's and Y&R was one of them and I couldn't stand her then either.

  7. i read your blog every day. sometimes i even write it. :)

    something i did not know. when tiwns get older evem their gray hairs are identical. same amount. same position on the head. twins, huh? go figure.

  8. The Metrocourt:

    Michael and Sonny: Sonny whining about Jax! Hahahahahaha.

    Michael and Sasha:

    "Karen says He never mentions AJ! WOW. REALLY?? really. wow."

    I never thought about AJ! My thoughts were about his life experiences. AJ SHOULD have been brought up!!!

    Alexis and Jax: So adorable!!!!!! :)

    Alexis, Jax, and Doctor Neil: Why is Alexis acting all strange whenever Jax and Neil are in the same room?

    Alexis and Neil: Oh oh Alexis is going to be all obsessed about that pledge about her!!!! She won't be able to let it go! :)

    Sonny and Jax: Talking about Jax's boat!!! Jax wins the line of the day.

    Jax: Nice chat.


    V.C. and Sonny: V.C. wants Jax gone! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!

    Kiwi's grave:

    Ava and BobTodd: It means more that BobTodd is there at Kiwi's grave, than Ava.

    The hospital:

    Ryan's room:

    Ryan and Doc: Ryan and his Ava is passionate that's why she stabbed him! HAHAHAHAHHHAHAA! Ryan vs Doc delicious! :) Oh so instead of King Mufasa having a who done it? We are having a Ryan who done it!!!!!

    Jordan's room: Oh oh. Jordan thinks she is going to die!


    Nina, Sasha, and V.C.: Nina is gushing over Jax, and V.C. is so jelly!!!!

    ValeNina: Postponing the wedding hahahahaha! No Nina V.C. wouldn't postpone the wedding! He wants to marry you!!!!

    Nina and Jax: GAH! I am trying hard not to swoon!!!!! V.C. is so JELLY!!!!! You are losing her bit by bit V.C.! And once she learns the truth, you will lose her forever you jerk!!

  9. In the promos, the person injecting stuff into Ryan's IV seems to have large hands, and be a man. Aunt Stella is tiny and petite, I don't think it was her!

    1. I agree, AntJoan. That was no petite woman.

  10. I'm guessing Curtis as the mystery injector. I really want to see Sam's tattoo, and if I were Alexis I would be a little resentful of Krissie, too. She does use Alexis as a punching bag, but Alexis makes it so easy for her to do so. We had a breaking news item (police car chase...sigh) so I missed Valerie with Jordan. Still not used to the new actress. I liked the little actor playing Danny, but I liked the other little dude too.

  11. Maybe Dante came back to town and decided to take revenge for Lulu. He wouldn't be a suspect as he's not there.

  12. Michael calling Sonny his father was odd especially because he and Sasha are supposed to be getting to know each other. At least mention bio dad.
    The scenes with Ryan/Kevin have been great. I don't want Ryan dead. Stashed at Ferncliff, yes...but not dead.
    Karen...I look forward to your blog daily. Just so you know even when I can't think of anything to say.


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