Wednesday, June 12, 2019

PHEW. Painkiller Bloggin

I'd put a pic up of my nose but it's too gruesome. Just know I almost took off the entire end. I have to see the plastic surgeon Monday to see if I need it operated on. I'm not in a lot of pain because it was low enough it didn't get the bone. 
thanks for all your well wishes.!

Yesterday's Show:  Why the FK would Shank be calling the hospitals at a RESTAURANT. WHY. Oh, I guess so Sam could see him.
He's so smarmy when he goes to get records for Willow, that chick is right where he wants her. 

Willow: Her classroom is crowd-central--except for the kids. So they show Dr. Neal-- and then Willow talks about her Dad-- so you'd think it was him. BUT he saw her talk to Krissy at the cabin, right??? and Wills says her dad passed away. Maybe he got plastic surgery to hide his identity.  Plus, Harmony could have lied about her dad killing himself. 

They remembered Krissy is a widow! Holy crapolla. She married that Trey guy when she was doing Mob Princess.  She was a different actress then--remember that??! 

Sam and Jason talking about Franco. With all the recon they did on Franco, they drag this up? PLUS I can't FREAKING HEAR Kelly FS . Also, did they swank up Charlies?? With the wine on the table.. yada yada. 


Where am I?
Why am I in pain?

LOL!! Finn is like: "Um, that would be where we removed your kidney"!! AHAHAHA 

Jordan's Room: OMG-- so she wants to talk to RYAN to find out why he was so agreeable to Stella. Kevin says he's in a coma and she can't. She's like, um, get me up. Everyone is out in the hall. Valerie says that Ryan is awake. Curtis looks sheepish. Everyone is looking all over-- lol. 

Valerie says: Ryan is talking crazy, saying he never consented. Kevin "thinks' he'll try to use an insanity plea and say that he doesn't remember anything. Stella is like: he's fooling because TJ and I saw him sign that paper. 

Meanwhile, Ryan is trying to figure out how they got the kidney out. Finn's like "Don't you remember? Stella talked you into it" . The truth dawns on Ryan: Oh my god! It was KEVIN! YOU AND KEVIN conspired to STEAL MY KIDNEY! 

Jordan calls Chase about this whole thing. Says she wants him to keep it quiet. BLOOP! 

LATER: The whole story comes out. Jordan explains what she thought happened to Curtis. It's shown in black and white and DONE SO WELL. Liz, Franco, Valerie-- Kevin and Curtis. They met with Curtis. Finn gave him the drug..he went into a seizure.. they took him to Franco's art room (he told everyone it was a toxic spill and cancelled all his appointments). Liz redirected the custodians. Val was the look out. 
At the end, Jordan said she's not going to look for proof this all happened because if she knew who the ring leader was "he'd leave no proof".  

Ryan says "I will GET EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU... No jail can hold me. I will come and find you"..
Finn: You know what?? You sound crazy... 


THEN!! Someone comes in Ryan's room after Finn leaves-and they show her in the promo, it's NELLE!! 

They climbed that mountain quick! lol Kim faints. She's disoriented
So. Joss is texting Oscar... just to say "I miss you"..someone answers. Turns out to be Drew. He says that Oscar is on the summit, resting and they are thinking of her.
THEN Kim sees Drew crying a bit after texting and says "It's ok Oscar" AND DREWS' FACE IS OSCAR'S FACE! She talks to "Oscar" about his dad and how she wishes they could have been a family. Drew just sits there, letting her talk away.  She says she wishes he could have had a brother or a sister. Drew lets her sleep. She wakes up and doesn't see Oscar anymore. Seems better. But when Drew walks away, she holds her belly and says 'Brother or sister" OH COME ON..she can't be pregnant can she?? I mean..with Carly being pregnant? And all the babies on the show that DO NOTHING? please I hope not. Oh maybe she WANTS a baby and will try to get Drew to sleep with her?? 

Maxie and Joss hug after Joss tells her she never really said goodbye to Oscar because he fell asleep. Maxie has an idea.She shows her the Travel Guide to Port Charles and how Lucy Coe used to do the Seances. Maybe she could do one for Oscar. 

Jax and Joss..awww..and Ava's in to do the photo shoot. I thought we'd time hopped with the mountain climb but nope. 

Ava wants a ton of contract changes. Jax says: "Ironic you are caring about your rep and voice when you didn't care about Connie Falconeri's"!! OH SNAP!! "You shot her right here, in this office"!! THEN he brings up Morgan! EESH. Nina is about waving her hands: "he's not talking for me!!" 
He really digs into her. Ava says: I'm out! She leaves. Nina is convinced that Jax was trying to set her up to fail. Wants him to beg Ava to come back and do the issue. 


  1. I saw Maurice Benard's post about crashing Maura's photo shoot, so I assume that was for the 'Crimson' cover?
    I TOTALLY agree with yesterday's comment - SO SO nice to see HAPPY Kristina!
    GH is the best at slow fades/black and white/music just right, etc. I will NEVER forget when Lily's car blew up------and Sonny and Luke were waving and she looked back and smiled and BAM - car bomb!

    1. Yes!! I remember that, it was the best. At least GH can do somethings right. Haha!!

  2. Sounds awful Karen! But you're right it is a blessing that you didn't break it! I dove into a creek when I was 9 and slammed face first into a rock!! Worst pain of my life! And that includes child birth. I broke it in 3 places and the doc did a crappy job so I had to have it rebroken and set again when I was 25 because I was getting tons of infections. But what you're going through is horrible enough! I'm glad you were spared some pain. Anywhoo, I'm not sure Jordan won't want to revisit having her kidney taken illegally down the road. She didn't look too pleased with the whole thing regardless of who was involved. And I was actually wondering how Jax would react to having Ava on the cover. Because he was close to Connie & of course Morgan. Did anyone notice Nina looking around the ofc when he mentioned Ava killing Connie right there? It was a hoot how animated she was. The end was gold!! I just knew it was Nelle the minute he said I know you!!! Gold!!

    1. I swear if Nelle let's him lose I'll kill them both!
      I just finished watching and was so sure it was Frando with the needle and mouth drop it was Finn.
      If there wasn't so much drama with the murders of Connie and Morgan I could see Jax and Ava together.

    2. I know me too! On all the above!! 😁

  3. OK, I didn't finish watching yet, so this might become clear later, but was Aunt Stella in on the kidney thing? It never has been clear to me, did she know it was Kevin? Also, I forgot, WHY was Ryan in the hospital in the first place?

    1. No,aunt Stella & TJ have no clue. Ava stabbed Ryan.

    2. Grace, thanks sooo much. I knew TJ had no clue, wasn't sure about Stella. Der (smacks self in the head), HOW could I have forgotten that Ava stabbed Ryan??

    3. "gracegirl No,aunt Stella & TJ have no clue."

      No. Stella knows. She is acting strange like the rest of them. TJ had no clue. You see what happens when you don't show us what is happening and it's all off camera? It's so confusing!!

    4. Oh I didn't see aunt Stella in the conference when Jordan was going over the the hypothetical ruse with Curtis. Plus I thought she would be morally opposed to it even though it was Ryan. And I didn't think Curtis would put her or TJ in that situation.

    5. Yes, I know, it was confusing as to whether or not Aunt Stella was in on it. It was her speech that got "Ryan" to sign, so people thought the made the speech for Valerie's sake, so the detective would think that Ryan changed his mind. But, it turns out that Valerie was in on it. When it happened and the camera, from above, showed all of the conspirators walking away in separate directions (which I thought was a brilliant shot), Stella was not there. And the way she went in there to speak to "Ryan," it really seemed like she didn't know.

    6. I say no, she doesn't know. They needed credible witnesses to him signing. She was fierce in telling Jordan "OH he can't PULL THAT"!! I saw him! TJ saw him. She wasn't in the meeting either. I think if they need her to testify, she'd be honest in her retelling of the story

    7. Antjoan,yesterday when you mentioned forgetting about why Ryan was in the hospital I wanted to say I get it. Because some days I can't even remember my cats name! Lol! Sometimes I think I should invest in one of those brain supplements! Have a blessed day ladies & gents!

  4. The hospital:

    Jordan's room:

    Jurtis: Okay writers just stop!!! I don't care about this! This was all off screen. It would have been a lot better if we actually got to see this all live. Instead we just see flashbacks..


    King Jax and Queen Ava: YES JAX!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Love the scene!!!! Nina all nervous.. Jax speaking a lot of truths to Ava! :) Great scene!!! More more more!!!! :)

    Joss and Maxie: Awwww! Great scene!!! Even the texts on Joss's phone to Oscar and the text back was awesome! At first I thought Maxie was talking about a Ouija board.. ACK! Whew. :) It's just a Séance.. :)


    Drew and CarlyKim: Oh my! I thought at first she was pregnant, but no it's just the altitude of climbing the mountain. Man those altitude pills are something else.. I want them! ROFL! When she touched her stomach after she woke up, I thought she is pregnant already, but I just think she wishes she was pregnant.

    Private secluded Ryan's room:

    Ryan and Finchy: Finchy wins the line of the day.

    Finchy: Careful now you don't want to pop a stitch.


    1. LOL, loved your line of the day, it was perfect! For what I think is the first time, I have to disagree with you Sonya. I just loved the black and white flashbacks. I thought it was fantastic! Sorry!

    2. It served to clear up what the heck happened! Lol! I thought it was well done. It may have been nicer to see it play out in real time but it kept us intrigued and guessing which was kinda cool. Sorta like a "was it the butler in the kitchen with a candlestick?"kinda thingy.

    3. I liked the guessing. Especially because I totally thought it was Franco with the needle. Wish GH could be this good all the time. We've seen it before. We know they can!

  5. "Karen says I'd put a pic up of my nose but it's too gruesome. Just know I almost took off the entire end."

    Awww my poor Karen. :(

    "I'm not in a lot of pain because it was low enough it didn't get the bone. "

    Oh whew. :)

    "thanks for all your well wishes.!"

    You're welcome!!!

  6. Welcome back Karen, and so glad you're on the mend! Hopefully you won't need surgery.

    The Jax/Neener/Ava scenes were great. Neener was a hoot in the background. And my goodness she was just a flappin' her hands! LMAO!

    I can't wait to see Veronica Cartwright. She should be awesome, whomever she plays!

  7. I didn't see the scene but Maxie knows a lot about grief and should check on and support Joss.

    1. Yeh she lost her Nathan so she definitely knows loss so she can be there for Joss and help her heal like everyone else. 😊

    2. Yes, although I think for the summer, having a Lucy Seance might be interesting. Its' GH history and such. I'd love Delphina to come from OLTL

    3. I agree - love that someone remembered and always great to have Lucy around. On the other hand, I am about ready for Kim to be gone.

    4. Delphina, yes! Loved her. She was also Big Boo on Orange is the New Black!


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