Monday, June 17, 2019


I'm back!! Stiches are out, looks good, go back in 3 weeks to check swelling and to see if cartilage has shifted. I'm going back to work tomorrow. Have to wear a bandage but at least the kids won't be scared. I hope!! 

New Nina...2 seconds in--and I like her!!  She has mannerisms of Nina. She talks to Curtis, offers to pay for the hospital bills he says no. 

Jordan and Finn... Jordan want to know how Ryan is doing. Why? Says Finn.. she says not everyone has his kidney.  
Curtis and she talk about bills. Drew comes and says he'll pay. Jordan says no it could look like a coporate mogal making a bribe? So...
Offers Curtis a security analysis position.

Valentin and Jax. Valentin wants to buy Jax's 1/2 of Aurora. Jax is like, because of NINA? Valentin says yep. WE are just getting back together, don't rock the boat. Nina walks in.  Jax leaves. Valentin wants to get married NOW and thinks Jax is holding that up. 

Maxie and Mac.  Laura comes in to talk to Mac. He's shocked she'd  ask him to be temp police commish. HE SAYS YES!! 

Peter's Party. WHYYYYYYY. ugh. Maxie's all nervous about it--Lulu and Felicia are decorating the Floating Rib. 
Maxie comes in. Peter doesn't like PIE--he likes CAKE. She's upset. She wants Peter to like his party. UGH.
Later: Finn gets Peter there under the guise of wanting to go to dinner ala a suggestion by Anna. Peter acts surprised (he knew about the surprise and talked about it with Mac). 

Kim and Drew. Drew puts all her stuff down and is going home to sleep. Julian comes in with burgers. He and Kim hug. Kim doesn't "know who she is".  She talks about losing Oscar. She and Carly should get together. Geesh. 

Seance with Josslyn... she's got candles on the table.  Cam is angry she wants to "contact" him. He wants her to let him go. Cam says to go to the meadow or play a song or something. Joss thinks he may be trying to get in touch and how would she know? LOL. Trina is IN. Trina is ALWAYS IN !! They sit down and try to Summon OSCAR NERO.. spooky music. Cam starts laughing. "If Oscar heard this, he'd be laughing his ass off right now" --they all laugh. Aw, cute scene.

Jax goes to GH and runs into Laura..tells her he's getting back on the board. He wants to talk about Valentin. She says stay away from he and Nina..he says TOO LATE!! 

Valentin calls Curtis for a job: "Find out everything you can about Jasper Jacks"

Kim wants to make a baby with Julian.
The Cam and Trina leave-- Joss sits down blows out candles..and someone is watching her from the outside. Will that be DEV? 


  1. So far I like nuNina. She isn't child-like like MS was. We'll see how it goes.

  2. I like nuNina too. She has great chemistry with valentine too. I like her much better than oldNina who always seemed a little "above it all" in her scenes.

    I'm so happy we'll see more of Mac now too.

  3. WHAT is Robert going to do?
    and Drew or Nina could have just paid the medical bills anonymously.............

  4. Glad to hear your doctor appt. went well.
    Might take a few days for nuNina to grow on me. I'm sure she'll be fine.
    Too bad BM wasn't cast better in the first place.
    Nice to have Jax back and more of Mac. Hope Robert stays around too.

  5. I'm sure NuNina will be fine, but MS was sooo unique, whatever people think of her she was a character like no other (except a little bit like Lucy, and looked like her, too). She was SUPPOSED to be childlike, after awakening after a 20-year coma.

  6. Karen - hoping everything goes flawlessly with your recovery - I must admit when the blog went offline I kinda panicked - lol - I just love reading your comments as well as everyone else's - I may be overstating this (doubtful) - but the show wouldn't be the same to me without this back and forth commentary - #Wub da Wub

    1. It certainly does enhance our viewing pleasure!

    2. It does enhance our viewing pleasure, and also gives us the opportunity to express appreciation for what we love about our show, and vent about what frustrates us.

    3. AW thanks :) !! You are all a BIG reason I still watch the show, that's for sure. It's not easy trying to tweet/blog daily. Especially with work and my doggie. WORTH it tho

    4. YES! I agree with Johnny, Zazu and AntJoan!!!! :)

    5. I agree with everyone, love this blog and comments!

  7. Nunina did good at her debut! I think the transition will be very smooth. But I do agree that Nina being childish is part of her character and backstory. But we may see that with Nunina when the script calls for it. Hopefully she'll be better with the kids but we probably won't find out until the fall. Valentin is such a tool! And Jax is just too sexy for his own good! JMHO! Lol!

    1. "Gracegirl says, And Jax is just too sexy for his own good! JMHO! Lol!"

      Uh YEAH! :)

  8. I have to say that Jax and Sonny have aged remarkably well, they still are hot and sexy! I still can't believe, however, that they are giving Sonny ANOTHER child. Jax said yesterday that he has only the one child, Joss, which struck me, considering Sonny has had how many?

    And Felicia looked AMAZING yesterday, she is just as cute as when she debuted on the show at age 17!

  9. "I'm back!! Stiches are out, looks good, go back in 3 weeks to check swelling and to see if cartilage has shifted."

    YAY! So glad you are going to be okay!! :)"

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jax and V.C.: Oh!!! A new bromance? :)

    ValeNina: Nina is gushing over how fantastic Jax is, and V.C. is jelly! ValeNina needs to end!!! ASAP!

    Carson kitchen: YAY! The kitchen! :)

    Trina, Joss, and Cam: Oh this seance is creepy. Don't do that you guys!!! Oh they are laughing and reminiscing. Okay that's cute. :) Cam is right though Joss. You have to try to eventually move on. :( Oh oh someone is watching Joss. At first I thought it was Oscar, but I'm thinking it has to be more.

    "Karen says someone is watching her from the outside. Will that be DEV?"

    Oh!! I didn't even think about that.. It could be.


    Hiney and Maxie: Okay Maxie just stop! You are being goofy! Okay sure he likes cake but prefers pie. So what? You can still get cake! Stop acting strange.

    Finchy, Hiney, and Mac: Okay this was a great scene. So funny! Finchy wins the line of the day.

    Finchy: I was thinking something a little more divey.


    Laura and Mac: YAY!!!!! Glad Mac says yes about being police commissioner!!! Temp but still! :)

    The hospital:

    Curtis and Nina: Wow no announcement about Nina? Seriously? They don't do that anymore? So dumb. Great scene! Love how Nina wants to help Curtis with the bills!!! :) Welcome to the show Cynthia Watros!!!! :)

    Laura and Jax: Talkin about V.C.

    Jax: It's just a little late, because we are already involved.

    AH HA! Jax admits it! Jax is in a bromance with V.C.!!! Hahahaha! I wonder if Sonny will get Jelly! :)

    "Karen says New Nina...2 seconds in--and I like her!!"

    Great!!! Glad you do!!! :)

    Jordan's room:

    Jurtis and Drew: I kept telling Drew, look down! Look at the bills! Offer to pay! :) Drew didn't but he offered anyway. YAY! Awww they refused. :(

    CarlyKim's home:

    CarlyKim and Drew:

    Drew: You should open the windows..

    What windows? I don't see any windows. Oh that window. It was invisible before.

    CarlyKim and "Charlie" Oh boy!!!! She wants a baybay!!! Glad she isn't asking Drew..

    The floating rib: Oh yay a party for Hiney. (Sarcasm) Oh come on Maxie! You fell for this act of his? He knew about the party come on!!! Wake up! Her insecurity is annoying.

    Y&R: Yeah at the end of Y&R yesterday, Michelle Stafford is playing Phyllis now!! :) It made me smile. I will miss her as Nina.

  10. I like NuNina, but she seems more wholesome than the glamorous MS. Maxie looked really cute yesterday and of course Felicia looked fabulous. If Billy leaves I hope Tams is gone, too. Never liked her and still don't. The kids were really cute with their seance. We don't need another baby on the show.


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