Thursday, June 6, 2019



Carly has a nightmare: Ryan is holding her baby--only..the blanket is empty. Even on kidney day, Carson has to be front and center. Carly HAS to have a Ryan nightmare. :Eyeroll: 
Ava's on her way up. She wants to see Avery to celebrate Kiki's bday. Sonny's all snotty and says they already did "on her ACTUAL birthday"..and Joss has her at the Zoo. "Call next time" OMG I wish Ava would stab him lol. She tells them why she didn't kill Ryan and then ended up stabbing him anyway. Sonny seems a bit impressed.

Waiting Area:: Franco, Kevin, Laura and Finn. Franco says the operation to harvest the kidney is taking too long. He's worried. RoHo is hilarious.  Finn gets a beep. 

Jordan's room: TJ, Stella, Liz... Curtis. Getting her labs in order to receive the kidney after Ryan is done. Finn comes in..KIDNEY IS READY TO GO-GO! Jordan wants to talk to Stella alone.  She has a DNR and wants Stella to advocate for her because she's afraid that Curtis/TJ won't. 

Kevin and Laura look in on Ryan who's post-surgery and hooked up to machines. 
Later, Finn goes in and he's not waking up. Franco and Kevin have a fun convo about killing Ryan with a pillow.Must see.  Finn says he may be in a coma and goes to get neurology. Franco looks longingly into the room.(like he wants to kill him). 

Charlies: Jules called Alexis to talk about Wiley's situation with Shiloh. Blah blah --they'll help keep Shiloh away from Wiley. 

Shiloh is pissed he's arrested DA Lady comes in. The actor that plays Shiloh is really good. He's slimy...scary..angry. Just good. Margot tells him she IS going to put him in jail. He's not happy. Margo says that she has evidence. Shiloh says he'll retailiate with the pledge..she SHOWS HIM THE PLEDGE. He says: Oh well, I have it up here and I'll ruin you. She says she's going to resign anyway (going to another show sooo...) 

Willow's Mama is harassing her to give up the baby. She yells and pleads but Willow says the baby is dead. They go around and around. Somehow Harmony figures out the baby is alive. Not sure how, I wasn't paying close attention. Willow tells her that they got the pledges back. Harmony is SHOOK!! She runs to tell Shiloh the baby is alive. 

Alexis is going to Carly to tell her brother to 'watch himself"..she tells CarSon Wiley is Shiloh's? WTF? SO she can keep an EYE on BRUCAS!! Oh that's stupid. 

Julian tells Willow to get court records from Diane and destroy them (regarding Wiley's adoption). She calls for an appointment. 

Jordan gets wheeled into surgery... end. of show. 


  1. I did an eyeroll at the Carly dream scene too. Since when has Ryan been kidnapping and harming babies? They just have to make even the Ryan story all about Carly and Sonny.

    And for the love of all that's holy , Writers...Stop having random people walking in and out of that school!! Have them run into Willow on the way home or after she leaves the restaurant, or outside her apt. but NOT in an empty classroom in the middle of a school day. And on a further note, Teachers have to accompany their kids to an assembly.

  2. i think the Ryan dream was to 'cue Ava coming in and talking about Ryan'....
    you know I
    ----looked the other way when Jason and Laura got to Canada in 3 minutes
    ----looked the other way when we have no clue how in the hell Peter and Maxie ended up in Canada - not Paris
    ----looked the other way when Drew and Kim flew to climb the mountain without nary training or the right clothes...
    ----looked the other way when we aged Danny for no reason
    ----looked the other way when Sam is able to be places without a purse/keys/car...
    but I cannot let this go either, Di - STOP having everyone in the town show up at Willow's school and her room -------in the quiet/no kids/no teachers/
    and for the love of all that is good, it's been years since classroom has a chalkboard --------- they are all dry erase boards.
    seriously, I screamed aloud..........

    1. "it's been years since classroom has a chalkboard --------- they are all dry erase boards."

      Really? I had no idea!!!!! Wow!

  3. The people who supply props for this show need to do some reasearch. I am 75 and in all my days I have never seen plug in lamps on a bar. Electroclution waiting to happen.

  4. Kidney day! Love it!
    Harmony is annoying. Hope her character disappears as fast as she appeared. Where will Willow accept callers after the school year ends, which must be coming soon.
    Looking forward to Nelle's return. Fun times.

  5. I came in late, how stupid is it that Carly is supposed to watch Brucas??? Uhhh she's preggers and supposed to be kept stress-free. What part of all this mess is stress-free? LOL!!

  6. so. bard and lucas baby is really michael and nelles. although everyone on the planet things it is willow and shiloh. was willows baby the dead baby that nelle carried around and they wound up burying? or was it someone elses?

    just curious is willows baby was the dead baby or not. harmony is so damn annoying and i want to know if she is going on a wild goose chase or if willows baby might really be alive.

    1. Nelle gave Brad her baby after she found him with the dead baby, she switched them and took the dead baby and gave it to Michael and said it was theirs. Willow's baby died from SIDS when Brad was taking care of him.

  7. School/Willow's room: and Willow: No sorry mama but your grandchild is dead. So time for you to leave Willow alone.

    Julian and Willow: Oh yes!!! Burn all the papers!!!! Great idea! Why don't you two just team up! :)

    The hospital:

    Doc, BobTodd, Laura, and Finchy: They are all waiting! Boy BobTodd has to cut down on coffee! Laura and BobTodd sitting next to each other!!! Laura apologize to him! I'm still waiting!!!! Finchy wins the line of the day.

    Finchy: You got all that from google?

    ROFL! Doc is walking around talking to people, and I started to think oh oh what if Doc is really Ryan, and the person on that bed is Doc!!!! Oh oh Ryan is in a coma. Can he still give his kidney to Jordan?

    Chase: He calls Willow! He calls her sweetie! Awwww. :)

    King Mufasa's room:

    Margoo and King Mufasa: Great scene!!!! HA! She is reigning from DA! Sooo you can't hang anything over on her!

    "Karen says The actor that plays Shiloh is really good. He's slimy...scary..angry. Just good."

    YES! He is a great actor!!!! Too bad he can't stay on the soap, unless he has a twin. :) and Margoo: Man does really well with her facial expressions!!! Or really I should say the actress. :) and King Mufasa: Desperation on this lady's face!!!! She will do anything to get him in her good graces and probably her bed.

    Carson home: Nightmares nightmares nightmares.

    Carson and Queen Ava: Bow down to the queen Carson!!!!!

    Carly: It's horrible isn't it? Thinking that the person responsible for your child's death might go free?

    CARLY SHUT THE HELL UP! BOW DOWN TO THE QUEEN!! You know she can easily kill you.. So yeah it's best if you shut up.

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Alexis and Julian: Hmmm Alexis isn't having anymore sex dreams about Julian.. Too bad.

    Ava and Julian: Oh yes! Drink up!!! The queen deserves a drink or two or three. :)

  8. Yeah, I was ready to smack Carly after her remark to Ava. Just shut up already!
    Shiloh is an awesome actor, I love to hate him, and Sonya you are right about the actress that plays Harmony. Her facial expressions are spot on.

    I would have a cocktail anytime with Ava. LOL!

  9. When Willow and Harmony were arguing about the baby, Harmony referred to the baby once as her grandson. Did I miss Willow telling her that the baby was a boy? Then later when Harmony was talking to Shiloh, didn't she act like she didn't know the sex of the baby? I admit to not always paying too much attention when certain scenes or on, so I might have missed something?

    1. You're right& I noticed it too& questioned it as you have.Either the writers were inconsistent or the actress messed up.

    2. I noticed too. But then I thought maybe she was "semi" lying to Shiloh. I also thought maybe Willow did tell her it was a boy a week or so ago, but I could be wrong.

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