Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Bobbie and Julian..makes no sense but Bobbie is at least on. WHY is Scotty on the Scooter?? oh Broken foot IN REAL LIFE. 
Scotty takes her to GH -- she said she skipped breakfast but Lucas wants to check her out. Lucas wants to take blood, think she may have diabetes. 


This is Mandy Musgrave, Matt Cohen's RL wife. 

Michael trying to convince Waitress girlie to help them.  Boring. Jason's in the car. Wish I was in the car. LOL 
Just a bunch of stuff about DOD and overdosing..yada yada. That set is the safe house. Anyway , she agrees to help but has an ankle bracelet on for taking the fall for Shiloh. Jason says "no problem, I have a way around that". Takes off her bracelet but when they are about it leave, cops shows up. 

Diane is trying to argue about the HIPA thing. Says the records were obtained illegally..yada yada. All you need to know is like "yeah, whatever, turn over the records"... more arguing. Judge says they have to answer his questions.  Diane is going to go to prison instead of answering. Willow says no and says 'FINE I HAD A BABY" -then she starts screaming at Shiloh looking like a loon. Shiloh is just sitting there, smug.  She won't hand over the records and has to go to jail. Chase cuffs her and its' kinda..um sexy? LOL

Cam brings flowers to Kim. Drew is there for dinner. They talk about what else? Oscar.  Later Kim gets out a music CD with "their songs' on it. She basically jumps Drew and kisses him. 

Mike..has an iPad and OMG.. but he mentions BARNEY MILLER!! He wants Carly and Sonny to stand up for he and Yvonne at their wedding. Fake wedding. Sonny asks his Dad about some family member--cousin and he wants to say Dev is him. I can only hope that means Dev will have to speak American. 

Joss and Dev go to the park. Cam is there. They tell Dev about Oscar. Joss thinks that the water moving was Oscar-- but Dev tells them it was HIM. And also tells her "People die all the time and Dead is just DEAD" 


  1. The Barney Miller mention was too good!

    1. Yes. I laughed out loud at that.

    2. i love easter eggs. i cant wait to see this one. thanks

    3. "Di Yes. I laughed out loud at that."

      Me too!!!! :) I used to watch Barney Miller as a kid. :)

      "david i love easter eggs."

      So do I!!! :)

    4. I giggled, such a great mention!

  2. Dev was such an ass about that! How insensitive. God I hate Shiloh and that Judge! LOL Karen! I'm glad Chase got to handcuff her, sexy haha!! Could've been better. Haha!
    So now Jason got caught....shaw.....🙄

  3. The courthouse: I love that Diane was willing to go to jail for her client Willow! :) WOW WILLOW! GO YOU! :) Love the scene!!! King Mufasa was just smirking away, which made me laugh. He doesn't give a crap about what Willow is saying. He just wants his son.


    Waitress girl and Michael: Hmmmm. She looks like she is related to Willow. Willow's little sister? :)

    Waitress girl and Jason: RA RO! COP!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Bobbie and Julian: Reshow the slap!! Julian could have slapped her back, and that would have been self defense. Oh oh Bobbie what's wrong?!?!!? I'm thinking high blood pressure!!

    "Karen says, good god I hope SHE'S NOT PG! AHAHAA"

    ROFL! Oh look Scotty just rolls right in scootering away! :)

    "Karen says, oh Broken foot IN REAL LIFE."

    Awwww poor Kin. Wonder how that happened. :(

    The hospital:

    Bobbie's private room: With all the questions Lucas was asking Bobbie, I thought he was going to say she is pregnant. Diabetes? Oh no. :( Love that Scotty is there for her awwww! :)

    CarlyKim's home:

    CarlyKim, Drew, and Cam: Awww flowers? Cam you are a sweet boy! :) Oh that's where he got them. :) Great scene! :)

    CarlyKim and Drew: CarlyKim trying to seduce him with his favorite food and talk of the past! OH A KISS!!! I guess she wants a baybay the old fashioned way. Damn poor Charlie! She is cheating on him again!! Is Drew's hands going to go in his pockets?

    The park:

    Joss, Cam, and Dev:

    Dev: Dead is dead.

    What the hell are you trying to say Dev? Do you not believe in heaven? If you stay in Port Chuckles long enough, you will realize that people come back from the dead all the time!!! So shut the hell up!

    Carson home:

    Joss and Dev: Man he is hitting on her! :)

    Carson and Mike: Oh that's so cool! Got all the tv shows, music, and everything on his ipad for him!! Mike wins the line of the day.

    Mike: Barney Miller!

    ROFL! Very cute writers. :)

  4. Oops forgot one thing.



    "Karen says Chase cuffs her and its' kinda..um sexy? LOL"

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I was thinking that is so kinky! So sexy!!!! :)

  5. It was definitely kinky. lol

  6. Loved the Barney Miller mention! Happy to see more of Lucas, Bobbie and Scottie. Had to fast forward Michael scenes - he puts me to sleep. I wish someone would shoot Shiloh already. Would rather see more of Cam than that new kid - already wearing thin. And yes, that handcuff scene was very intimate.

  7. Waitress girl is Matt Cohen's wife (ex-Griffin).

  8. That was one very sexy handcuffing scene. I highly approve! I do believe poor Chase was trying not to cry. Cam cracked me up when we said pick pocketing was a life skill he needed. I just love that boy!



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