Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wiley's Army

"I would have rather have left him in a bathtub in a crummy motel in ice" AHHHA FINN!! Kidney legend.

Board voted, close call but Kevin is back on staff. Finn tells him because Monica is busy. Aw, Finn is telling Kevin he's there for him if he needs anyone to talk to. 

Kevin and Laura are happy, going to go have Pizza and Champagne. 

Chase tells Willow that Wiley "as an army" including Sonny Corinthos 'Coffee importer" and basically says he wouldn't care if Sonny"took care of" Shiloh.  OY GEEZE really?? Cripes. 

Corinthos Kitchen; Suspicious death at DOD compound, some  "Douglas Miller" ... Jason's going to check it out.  He's supposedly not related to Diane but is Harmony's husband. 

Diane meets with Willow. Says Shiloh's attorney is ruthless. Her name wasn't given to Diane, she saw it. Not sure who it is. Nora?? Or that new lady that's guest starring?? Maybe. 

Then, Michael goes to talk to Willow. He wants to talk about Doug Miller, which would be her father, right??  She says yes, and she can't talk about it because "I killed him"..dun dun dun

Lulu and Josslyn. Lulu yells at her about going into a house when it's open-- EVER--and yells more. "Quit channeling my mother" says Lulu.  OH Lulu yelled good!! 

Dev is at the station, they found him on the 'description" -- Chase calls Lulu. Joss and Lulu go to the PCPD. Dev says he's not a robber, he just knows Sonny. OMG HE'D BETTER LOSE THAT DAMN 'ACCENT' lol 
Oh he said he SCARED OFF THE ROBBER and was just looking to find Sonny. He does't want them to torture him. You think he's here legally??? 
Josslyn looks at him kinda like "aww he's cute" She calls Sonny and says some kid is there and says he knows him.
Sonny gets to the station. Carly stayed with Jason. Sonny flashes back to meeting Dev in Turkey. 

PREVIEW:  Dr. Neil goes to Kevin to say he's having "feelings for a patient" LOL (Alexis!!) 


  1. Ok, with my funky vison, I read the tweet as saying that previews showed NELLE confessing to Ryan. LOL I was both flummoxed and impressed. Imagine Nelle convincing someone that she was a medical professional. What fun.

    1. I did the exact same thing.... Nelle vs Neil. Glad it's not just me! :)

  2. OY GEEZE! Love that. They sure are setting up almost everyone in PC for a murder mystery.
    I really like Alexis and Dr. Neil.
    Dev is cute but you are right about the accent. How long before it's gone?

  3. Cult news...that guy Keith Ranieri from that upstate NY sex cult, NXIVM, was convicted on all counts. He sounds just like Shank. Not bad GH.

  4. Yes, I know, good for him.

    ANOTHER day with Lulu's fugly blouse . . .

  5. I should say NEAL but I always spelled it Neil.. so. WHOOPPPPPPPS

  6. Carson Kitchen: YAY! The kitchen. :)

    Michael and Carson and a side of Jason: Oh come on!!! Carly is stubborn! She could just grab those bacon burgers and eat one! :) Carly wins the lines of the day.

    Carly to Michael: You brought one for him and you didn't know he was going to be here?

    Carly to Jason: Because disagreeing with me is ridiculous!!


    Lante home:

    Joss and Dev: The shocked look on Joss's face! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Joss, Cop lady, and Lulu: Why is Joss describing what Dev looks like to the cop? Just show her the picture you took of him!!! DUH!

    Joss and Lulu: Lulu yelling at Joss! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it! GO LULU! :) Joss rolling her eyes! Don't be rolling your eyes young lady! :) I still can't believe Lulu gave her actual address to the robber. That is so dumb.

    The hospital:

    Finchy's office:

    Finchy, Laura, and Doc: YAY!!!! Doc is back in service!!!! :) WOOT WOOT!!

    Outside the elevator:

    Laura and Doc: Awww I feel the love. :)

    Police station:

    Chillow: Cute shirt Willow is wearing, and it looks cute on her. I am just waiting for Chase to tell Willow, I love you. :)

    Dev, Chase, Lulu, and Joss: Hmmm is Dev innocent?

    Chase and Lulu: Oh Chase. :) Lulu is a Spencer. She can do things on her own she isn't going to ask for help! Hahahaha. :)

  7. Lulu was definitely channeling Carly yesterday, she was just a hollering. I didn't think she had it in her! Dev is a cutie, but that means more Cameron angst as he pines for Joss. Poor guy! :(

    Since Carly was getting on my nerves with her little hissy fit, I was glad she didn't get a BLT and that Jason was munching quite happily I might add, on fries. HAHAHAH!

    1. lol I laughed at Jason and those fries too. lol


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