Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sunday Surgery: School's Out For Summer!


Yes, you know I played that song in my head while Willow was saying SO LONG, KIDS!! Here in WNY we just got out of school this Friday so it was perfect. 

Delco DAVE reminded me about Sunday Surgery, btw. LOL I have so much end of the 'year' paperwork to do I almost forgot about this! Eek! 

Hash Browns today because I haven't had them in FOREVER. Yum. 

TURKISH DELIGHT (you saw that coming, didn't you?? lol)  Let's JUMP RIGHT IN, shall we?? DEV.  WHY couldn't you have been a Spencer recast?? You certainly look the part. But NOPE. TPTB went with the Turkish kid and here we are.  He got caught in Lulu's apartment supposedly looking for Sonny (??) and went to the PCPD where Sonny promptly got him out. He's now staying at the Manor Corinthos for the "summer" and Joss is all a flutter. I just hope to GOD that he loses that 'accent' quick. He told Carly he did a good American one, so get it on, kid. Thanks.  Oh, one more thing. I do think the teen set could use another character so I'm not mad he's on the roster. 

JERRY JACKS MENTIONS: Galore this week. First Valentin and Curtis, then Robert. I'm only putting this in here because you know I love Sebastian Roche and would love Jerry to come waltzing back into PC. He's very busy and very in demand though--so?? 

PARTY POOPER: What happens when you throw a party and no one likes the guest of honor? Well, we saw it close up and personal this week!! I think they did all this to get these characters together to discuss (in no particular order): Lulu's stupid online dating detective work, Mac's new commish job, Robert's WSB retirement and...Maxie's total self-absorption about DANTE. Ok, here's my take: Dante's been gone a hot-minute. I get we need some 'closure' on this whole thing but why now? Let him be gone awhile THEN bring all this up. Maxie just looks nuts going on and on about it. 
Oh,  by the way, Maxie found out he's in Ithaca. Right by me. 

JET LAG: Oh boy. Kim. Let's talk about Kim. Fresh from her Oscar delusions, she's home and has that cammo-coat on that drives me nuts. Anyway, she's of course sad and miserable because Oscar's dead. She also now wants a baby and apparently, if Jules isn't going to give her one, she's going to ask Drew. Not sure I would have written this in that direction but-- meh. We shall see. 

NUNINA: Cynthia Watros is now playing Nina and she seems good. She doesn't have Michelle's quirks --but who does?? I am of two minds on this. If she played Nina LIKE Michelle, I may have found it forced. Now she's a bit bland, but I'm hopeful. I can still 'hear' Nina in there so that's good. We shall have to keep watching to find out if the cray comes through too. By the way, are they going to put her next to Sasha? Because hell --they look nothing alike! Not that they have to but that was one cool thing about that casting. 

COOL KIDS: So! It appears Char has redeemed herself--she got the "kindness award"-- and Aiden SHOULD have gotten the art award but...I'm not going to split hairs. I liked this setting; it's happening all over classrooms here. Great touch with flowers and photos. FUNNIER touch the fact Lulu and Friz gave her wine "For putting up with Nina" all year!! Pffffft. Yes, I've gotten wine as a gift in school (and once scotch by a parent that knew me well lol)--which seemed to be a matter of discussion on twitter. So.. great excuse for Willow to be late to her hearing because you don't miss that short of thing. I also think the principal is going to say she can come back next year by the way everyone was acting. 
PS. I will not be happy if Charlotte is all of a sudden sunshine and sugar. Nope, she's a Cassadine damn it, and better act like one. 

COURT ROOM DRAMAZ:  So, Willow is a no-show so far, Shiloh has a new (and supposedly ruthless attorney) and Diane and Alexis discussed the finer points of how zexy Dr. Neal is. That's all you really need to know other than Diane is now worried Willow might have to give up the identity of Shiloh's baby even tho she said that wouldn't happen. Diane is also BY THE LETTER of the law lately, which ...I guess she always has been other than the Sonny stuff. 

WUBSHELL WEEK: Nothing major but a lot of little things: 
Josslyn found Dev in Lulu's apartment, PCPD came Sonny rescued him. 
Kevin got his job back at GH 
Neil had a daughter that died, probably with DOD
Willow is going to miss her court appointment
Shiloh's ready to roll in court and get his baby back
Mac took the commish job
Robert lost his WSB job 
Maxie found out Dante is in Ithaca, NY
Carly's protein tests are high, more are needed to rule out birth defects
Jax and Nina clashed over Crimson
Curtis is head of security at Aurora, also working for Val to find dirt on Jax
I think DA lady finally left? 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: I just loved KevLar in GH after Finn told him he was reinstated. It was true to life and so very touching. Plus, he mentioned Pizza and Champagne. Two of my faves. 

RUNNER UP: And boo, but no photos available. When Lulu tore into Josslyn for not leaving when she found her door open, I was just amazed! It was perfect--and just the right amount of "Mom Rage" to throw around. Loved it. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Franco's invite to he and Elizabeth's wedding party. Hand drawn! I wonder who is the "artist' that does all Franco's stuff. hmmm might have to find that out. 

HELL -TO -THE-NO PROP OF THE WEEK: Um, MOSS ?? In the kitchen?? In the center island? What tomfkery is this?!! Sam has it in her apartment--but this is even MORE baffling. And kinda scary. photo credit: @paula_30throad 

HELL YES OF THE WEEK: MAC is COMMISH! Yes! Laura is the Mayor-- he's the commissioner.. ask Scott to be the DA  and all we have to do is find a position for Robert!! 

FOOD FUN OF THE WEEK: Carly and Jason talked what seemed like FOREVER in the kitchen (about nothing) but--the "Burger Play" was really fun to watch. She wanted that burger and fries so badly and Jason would NOT give it up. Cute scene and SBu and LW really did a great job with it. 

NOT MY FAVE FASHION CHOICE OF THE WEEK:  Ok, what is BECKY WEARING?/ Lordy AND IT'S SUMMER HERE. Why is it in the winter they have on cocktail dresses and now?? I mean Franco and Laura had straight up wool blazers on! 

FUMBLE OF THE WEEK: Wow, the dialog folk got this wrong. Liz should have been telling Kim how she dealt with the sudden and tragic death of Jake instead of saying she had no idea how Kim felt losing a child. Yes, he came back alive, but damn, she still lived it in the moment. Or at least have said "I didn't lose a child to cancer but I did lose Jake in an accident and this is how I coped" Or SOMETHING. It was a good talk between these 2 characters in the fact they played up their friendship but ...eesh. BIG miss. 

GIANORMOUS THANK YOU TO:  @SoapJenn who lets me steal her photos on the weekly for this blog. Without which it would just be a big blob of words. You can always find spoilers on her site: Diagnosis Daytime! 

That's a WRAP!! LIKE I said a lot of  little things this week. That gave me more time to play with probs and wardrobe. You know I love them!! There was also a lot of food on set-- from burgers to veggie lasagna to cupcakes. Dev chowed down at breakfast too. I always think about the people that have to order it-it's catered I presume? Does the studio have a central kitchen that supplies food to shows? Hmmm, see these are the things I think about. Weird. But you knew that!!

2 days left of work for me then it's summer lovin!! 


  1. The thing about Willow not in court bugs me! It is sweet that everyone is bringing her wine, etc. But do they not realize she has a court date or where the Hell is Chase? I know he'd be there for her or Michael. She needs to get her a** to court.
    Speaking of blouses I agree, Liz blouse is ugly and she usually has great fashion sense. As for Lulu I loved her blouse she wore on her "date".

  2. "Delco DAVE reminded me about Sunday Surgery, btw. LOL"

    ROFL! Thank you Delco Dave!!!! :)

    "TURKISH DELIGHT (you saw that coming, didn't you?? lol)"

    ROFL! No I didn't, but it's cute. :)

    "WHY couldn't you have been a Spencer recast??"

    Now Karen! Don't make me angry! You wouldn't like me when I'm angry! ROFL! (Incredible hulk reference)

    "I just hope to GOD that he loses that 'accent' quick. He told Carly he did a good American one, so get it on, kid."

    I thought he did drop the accent. I thought he did the moment he saw Sonny at the police station. I don't hear it. It's not as thick as it was. Damn I must be deaf. ROFL! Sonny did tell him in Turkey to drop the accent. :)

    "I love Sebastian Roche and would love Jerry to come waltzing back into PC."

    I love him too!!! I would love Jerry to come back, and then he and Alexis can get back together.. They got some very strong chemistry that I would love to see again. :)

    "Oh, by the way, Maxie found out he's in Ithaca. Right by me."

    When Maxie goes to Ithaca, then you can stop her from going to see Dante! :)

    "I wonder who is the "artist' that does all Franco's stuff. hmmm might have to find that out."

    Great question! I want to know too! :)

    "Ok, what is BECKY WEARING?"

    ROFL! She has become an 80 year old lady! Just like Joss who in the morning for breakfast ate grapefruit! ROFL!

  3. PS. The blouses these poor ladies are wearing are so hideous. Even Sam has had some weird ones lately. Is the Victorian collar style coming back? Wore that for my wedding in the 80's and to prom. Looking back I am not sure why I liked the style.

  4. Things that I like now about GH:
    love how Carly is being a real mom to Joss - and their chemistry
    love no mob action - at all
    love that I TRULY feel Julian will never go back to the mob---
    love that I was wrong about Neil knowing Alexis was a Cassadine and that her mother's storyline was dropped

    NOW -
    WHERE in the HELL is Molly?? We haven't seen her ONCE since Kristina got out of the mob - so unrealistic - is she filming somewhere? DRIVES ME NUTS!
    I don't want Hayden back when Anna is gone---
    baby storyline must be over by August 31 - that is my stupid...
    kill Shiloh and let's have who-dun-it until Christmas......

  5. hmmmm...Why is everyone assuming that Dante is in Ithaca, N.Y. He went overseas so I assumed it's the Greek island located in the Ionian Sea just west of Greece. And I'm hoping that Nic is there too.

    That blouse is so hideous. lol I swear they're picking up their clothes at a thrift store somewhere.

    1. P.S. Sorry. thanks for another great surgery. Love the pictures too.

  6. OK, I was the first one to mention Liz's fugly blouse, and was told that "it is the style." Now everyone agrees that it is fugly. As I said in an earlier post I guess the "Lila Quartermaine look" is the new fashion.

    1. I thought you mentioned Lulu, not Liz blouse. We just saw Liz fugly blouse Fri.

    2. I just have to say, I think that the "Lila Quartermaine" fashion looks good only on Lila Quartermaine, and on someone very young and beautiful, like Liz. It is hard to imagine others looking good in this stuff--sort of "Little House on the Prairie meets sister-wives."

  7. Ugly, ugly, wintery wardrobe selections. There is a sort of cafeteria in the building which probably supplies the food. Great SS!

  8. Loved the Kim/Liz scenes but, yes, it missed having Liz relate instead of just being comforting. When she showed up at Kim's door I thought that's where the scene was going: Liz will share her experience. Nope. Very odd. Still, somehow it was a lovely sequence by two fine actors.

    Ditto on the Kevin/Laura scenes. Two vets doing what they do. Awesome.

  9. Loved Sunday surgery this week. I agree with absolutely everything from the ghastly blouse choices, to the missed opportunity of Liz talking about when Jake died, to the god awful moss decorations. Lordy, it looks like a science experiment in the Corintho's kitchen. Ick!

    I'm with Alexis (again), we need Shiloh 6 feet under, soon and I mean soon!


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