Tuesday, June 4, 2019


AFRICAAAAAA.. YADA YADA.....DAHH. I see the wave down in Africa.....yada yada
YES, I'm singing TOTO To you. (The Weezer Cover is basically the Toto song done the same so..)

Liz and Franco talk about Kiki.. GRIEF

CarSon goes to Morgan's grave... GRIEF 

Oscar: GRIEF 

Yep, Kim and Drew are in a HOTEL ROOM that's totally decked out in AFRICAN ART ergo... yep. They gonna be climbing soon!!  Tams is doing such a good job. EESH. It's a grief-fest. Almost over kill... I think they would have been better served to have them GO and stay off camera for a bit. 

BY THE WAY, you can't just say "Oh we are going to go climb Kilamonjaro" its' a PROCESS and it's totally guided and there's a waiting list. BUT YOU KNOW. 

Carly and Sonny look at the fireflies and talk about ...MORGAN. Joss comes out with Oscar's guitar. Gonna get some lessons. Too bad Steven Lars is in the clink, he could do it. Oh, baby moves. They could name it MORGAR after Oscar and Morgan. Joss feels the tummy. Sonny's all teary-eyed. 
Later Cam comes around.  They talk about guitars. 

RYAN Seizes. Read my blog down there to see who I think "did" it. They do show Franco taking off gloves-- Cam catches him. Hmmmmmmm. But Stella is around too.  Ryan doesn't die, he just had convulsions; an allergic reaction. 
Stella is going to go in. TJ goes first and Ryan is like "I'm not giving up my kidney for your mommy, the Queen mommy OR the mommy of dragons"!!! LOL Stella tells Ryan she's not leaving until he gives the kidney up. 

I think Stella evoked Black Jesus. I really do. "Everything you did led you to this moment" .."give up your kidney and live...or keep it and DIE".. 
oh, RYAN Says YES! TJ runs to tell his mom. Ryan basically agreed to it because he said Stella was so annoying he couldn't stand it. 

um. .. well. um.. okay? 
HE signed. 


  1. okay - what IF - Kevin injected Ryan - moved him - and HE is the one in the bed and he signed the papers - and Ryan will be switched back for the surgery???? I just don't believe Stella scared him, folks.

    1. So you're saying Kevin signed the papers?

    2. Interesting theory. They'd have to switch again before Kevin is put to sleep. And if Ryan doesn't survive the surgery no one would be the wiser.

    3. Ohhhhh Mufasa!!! Great theory!!!! :)

  2. You'd be surprised what will scare someone facing the death penalty! Yes,even black/yellow/white or whatever color he may be Jesus! Lol! I agree,the grief is a lil overkill, and the whole climbing Kilimanjaro on a mins notice is ridiculous even for a soap! Besides the waiting list you have to train and be in incredible shape to even reach the first camp! Anywho,it's been entertaining enough though with Jax & Nina chemistry! I do think Nunina will have even more chemistry! But I do wish I could see MSs face and reaction when she finds out Val & Sasha have been playing her. I'm not totally convinced Willow is hers. I'm not 100% convinced her baby survived. But,that's just IMO. Have a blessed night!

    1. I'm not either. Just because Sasha isn't hers doesn't mean Willow is BUT it would make for good soap. Like when Alexis and Sam found out they were mother/daughter.

  3. I haven't finished watching yet, but just HAVE to say that, when Carly started laughing when Joss rubbed her stomach, it was JUST WONDERFUL, just perfect, it was a celebration of new life in the face of loss. And then Carly's speech shortly afterwards to Joss about loss and the hole in your heart also was amazing! As someone who has suffered loss, I can say that her speech was spot on!

    Kim also has been amazing so far in her expression of grief, really so moving and real.

    1. I couldn't agree more AntJoan. 😊

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I agree too AntJoan, Carly was so good with Joss.

  4. OK, I still haven't finished watching, but, so far, this is what I think happened, based on what someone else here said. Finn, Kevin and whoever else arranged for Ryan to have the drug injected into his IV. It wasn't going to kill him, so what was the purpose? I think it was to get Ryan out of the room, and swap Kevin for him, then Kevin signed for the kidney donation. Haven't seen the end of today's show yet, but that would be a perfect solution, no one attempted to kill Ryan so no one gets prosecuted, he could say he never signed, but who would care?

  5. Carson home:

    Carson: Oh look fireflies!!! :) Looks so fake! ROFL!

    Joss and Carson: Oh boy the baybay is moving!!!! :)

    Jam: Damn do you see the look on Cam's face? :) He loves her! :) Oh look more fake fireflies! ROFL!

    The hospital:

    BobTodd and Cam: Hmmmmmmmm throwing out gloves eh BobTodd? Did he try to kill Ryan? Nahhhh. Meh too easy. :) Cam still has an attitude toward him.. When will that die down?

    Ryan's room:

    Stella and Ryan:

    "Karen says I think Stella evoked Black Jesus. I really do"

    ROFL! It was a great scene. :)

    Stella, Ryan, Curtis, and Doc Finchy: Ryan wins the line of the day!

    Ryan: Having a kidney removed without anesthesia would be less torturous than listening to you.


    Jordan's room: Geez Jordan! She is on her I'm going to die tour. TJ is next. She wants you to forgive Ryan TJ! Oh but you are not going to die Jordan! Your family comes in to tell you, you are going to live!!!

    Tanzania hotel room:

    Drew and CarlyKim: I kept waiting for Drew to kiss her. I mean they were on the bed for crying out loud.

  6. I'm liking the theory that Kevin is in that bed and signed the forms. So clever! Stella was fantastic yesterday, I'm not a big fan of hers (usually) but yesterday...yowser!

    Cam was great with Joss yesterday, and yup, his face, he's in love. :)

    So sick of the Morgan love fest. He was a lousy brother, way to self absorbed, and now he loved penguins AND fireflies?? Gack and yack!

  7. I agree Julie. Couldn't stand Morgan. I hope they don't recast.

    1. Me too. We seldom saw him as a young child and when they aged him he was an obnoxious, entitled know-it all. The character died almost 3 years ago and we still hear his name more than the missing children who are just in a room somewhere at the Q mansion.


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