Tuesday, June 4, 2019



So, Ryan got something slipped into his IV --WHO DID IT?? We had some interesting choices, most of whom look too obvious but hey, you know GH--they might like obvious. NOTE: I also think that whoever did do it won't get caught (yet or forever) because it will be shown in a flashback. Finn will cover it up and the person will never be brought to 'justice'. 

The Contenders (as I see them) 

Liz:  Dark horse here. She did have a moment saying to Finn  that it was awful that people like Jordan will die and people like Ryan will live so...?? 

Finn:  VERY Obvious..he said numerous times to Curtis he could see Ryan "never waking up" when he went under the knife. I think too obvious. 

Curtis: MOST obvious-- he was anger boy the entire time and said he'd take the kidney out with his bare hands..which is why he probably didn't do it. 

Kevin: Would be a great bookend to the story if it's shown Kevin killed him. We'd see a flashback after Ryan is buried of Kevin slipping the needle in--and just watching his brother die.

Valerie: She went in and had a strange scene with Jordan right before the deed was done. Didn't know they were that close. It was just--odd and thrown in there. She's my next guess after Stella. 

Ava:  Another obvious choice. She was at the hospital...had said repeatedly that she was going to kill him. That's the rub tho, she said she was going to kill him so--very obvious. 

Not on camera yesterday but still viable: 

Monica:  She's chief of staff, no one's going to question her. Plus she old so she could have taken one for the team very easily.

Stella:  My guess because of the Alice Grant Factor (see GH history) plus she's a long-shot given her history with Jordan and being so "nice" and all. BUT.. the actress is going prime time (but can do both shows) So/???

TJ: Son, med student... could be at the hospital and we didn't see him.  If there's no way the person is caught, he could be a good contender. 

On Camera but not at GH that we knew of? 

Frano: I throw him in here because he's shown on the previews for today.. ?? I think he's changed--I'd love for him to be NOT changed tho and just have done it to surprise us. 



  1. i really like the ideo of Kevin. Would be fitting and appropriate

  2. As I said yesterday, the hands looked large, so I don't think it's a woman. Kevin should do it to atone for his sin of allowing all of this to happen, so maybe it was him.

    They can't have 2 murder mysteries close together, so I guess this means that Skank will be around for a while.

    1. i thought i heard that skank is long-term and will remain with the show. he will probably have a "transformation". ugh. dont blame the messenger.

  3. course the writers can switch up anything - the hands are large, but you know that never matters......who do you think Kevin called right before?
    I want it to be Ephinany who has "had enough of this foolishness'.....
    Lulu?????? Mac???????

  4. ALSO... does it MATTER NOW? is it BIZARRE they did this and just had him sign it today. Do you think whatever gave him the allergic reaction will come back?? I mean?? WHY DO IT?

    1. I was wondering the same thing. What was the point. Could his reaction come back? Doubt it. But I think it was Kevin and Franco...with Franco doing the deed, whatever that was. Those looked like man hands to me.

  5. Cam saw Franco take gloves off so.....pretty obvious. Glad Ryan is going to give it up finally.

  6. In my dreams, I would go with Monica. Because it would give LC a storyline she deserves AND it would be so unexpected.

    Second choice would be someone not mentioned: Felicia.


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