Friday, June 28, 2019

Figuring It Out

Brandon Barash and Harper at her Preschool Grad: via: Twitter 

Nina totally went off on Drew about Jax and Jax was STANDING BEHIND HER LMAO!! 
Drew is in a suit-- at Crimson. The sale went through and Nina works for Jax only, not Drew. 

Val and Curtis discuss Jax.. not much to see here. 

CarSon going to #GH for appointment. Michael is there. He tells them about the whole Beecher's Corners thing.  Carly has an ultrasound. Mid way through, the doctor stops and says she has to go get a consult. Very abrupt. I guessed it was Spina Bifida..because it was so fast-- you see that right away. It has a spectrum of severity, btw. Severe to mild. They won't know until longer into the pregnancy. She will have to have a C-Section. Carly wonders if she did anything wrong. The doctor says no. (Folic Acid is what you need to be taking to help avoid SB but she was taking her prenatals). Carly cries and Sonny hugs her.  Sonny says no matter what, the baby will be loved. 

Brad wants to run. Lucas thinks Alexis is right and they should go to the courts. Brad says Sonny can help them get away. Lucas says no. Brad's stomach gets a cramp again. 

Sasha wonders where Michael is. When Curtis leaves Valentin sits with her. She says she's going to stay in PC. Oh, he's mad. Tells her Michael's family will vet her and find out she's not Nina's daughter. 

Shioh and Kim. OMG thank you, she just wants Shiloh to help her talk Drew into having a baby. She thinks his seminars teach people how to persuade others. So, she doesn't want his sperm. yeah. She does let it slip she asked Drew (said no) and so did Julian and he's busy anyway. Shiloh is like; With what? She says Oh, some custody thing with his son. You know Shank gonna figure that out. She says it's about his grandson adopted about a year ago. 
He leaves. Julian tells her that he was a sexual predator and what happened to Sam. She feels awful and mad Jules didn't tell her sooner. 

Willow and Chase..exposition about the adoption. She says she'll stay there forever if she has to. Michael goes to the PCPD and tells she and Chase her dad was murdered. She can't believe it but gets it happened. 

Shank sees Brad at Charlie's and circles him like a shark. Brad snaps "Stay the hell away from me".  He figures out (using flashbacks) that the baby is Wiley's. 


  1. I was wondering what route they'd go with the birth defects. As you said Spina Bifida has a spectrum of severity and in some cases, if diagnosed before birth, the baby can undergo surgery while still in the womb in an effort to repair or minimize the spinal defect. I guess that's a decision that can be made later too.

    I'm hoping that Willow tells Harmony about the murder and Harmony kills Shiloh. It has to come to a head soon and she's a character we can lose too.

    1. Shiloh has to die, right? No redeeming him....I honestly could go for a who done it right now. Sick of him.

    2. i want him to die too, but i am afraid that tptb are going to find some way to keep him around. also, i know that we are home know the truth about the baby but i get more and more suspicious that the writers are going to re-write history. which would be bad.

    3. Rewrite history in what way?

    4. just let wiley be willow and shiloh's. when wiley is really michael and nelle's

  2. I'm getting tired of them rewriting original storylines for temporary characters because they like the actors. He needs to die!

    1. Di is right! Die die die!!! LOL!!

    2. it WOULD be a good murder mystery because the killer would definitely not be obvious.

      at this point, i have no idea what is going on through the writer's head

    3. Let it be Kim. She's loony cakes right now...she can go join Nellie and Ryan.

    4. "Michelle P Di is right! Die die die!!! LOL!!"

      ROFL! They can kill him off, and bring him back as a twin!!! :) I like to keep the actor, but get rid of the character.

    5. Sonya- He is a good actor and keeping him on as a twin is actually VERY do-able within the story lines. His infatuation with Drew could be because of the twin study. He could be patient (whatever number they are on) and his own twin is out there somewhere. Pretty soon, the whole cast could be "the other twin". All that said, kill him already!

  3. I haven't finished watching yet, but there recently have been surgeries on babies while in the womb to repair spinal bifida. As they often have stories on GH that mimic topical stories in real life, I am guessing that Carly's baby will be operated on this way. I doubt that she will give birth to a baby with this condition.

    1. "AntJoan says, am guessing that Carly's baby will be operated on this way. I doubt that she will give birth to a baby with this condition."

      Yeah that's too bad..

  4. ok so am i the only one who starts singing the song "Shallow" by lady gaga from a star is born when someone mentions Shiloh's name? but changing the words to Shiloh?

    In the shi-li-li-li-li-loh. in the shi-li-li-li-li-loh
    we're far from the shiloh now

    1. LOL David! I absolutely love that song, don't ruin it for me 😂😂😂

    2. OMG, I cannot get that song out of my head since I saw the movie, PLEASE don't mention it LOL

    3. I wanted to see it so bad and never did! Love Gaga and the song.

  5. I’m ready for Shiloh to go, too. He doesn’t even have a home anymore. Love seeing Lucas on more! Jordan was so inept as a commissioner - I hope they keep Mac. Kim is a dr. so maybe she should know she needs counseling. Never could stand TB as Carly and as Kim she still has those annoying mannerisms, and of course the stutter/repeat of words. Brad deserves whatever he gets for being deceitful.

    1. Well the stuttering was appropriate because she is unhinged!!!! :)

  6. Aurora:

    Nina, Drew, and Jax: I love how Nina just went on and on and on about Jax, and Jax was behind her hahahaha! It's like they were having foreplay and Drew was the odd man out! ROFL!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sasha and V.C.: Yeah Sasha wants to stay because she is seeing Michael V.C.!! UGH!

    CarlyKim's home:

    CarlyKim and King Mufasa: She doesn't want to sleep with him to get a baby. How disappointing. It would have been proof that she has gotten off the rails!! Oh she wants to brainwash Drew into having her baybay! CARLYKIM SHUT UP! SHUT UP!! Stop talking about Brucas's private life!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    CarlyKim and "Charlie": Yeah CarlyKim! King Mufasa is a predator!! I don't know why you had to tell him all about Brucas's problems!! That was none of his business!!

    Police station:

    Chillow: He should really arrest her again. ;)

    Chillow and Michael: Oh good I'm glad Michael told her that King Mufasa killed her father. :)

    The hospital:

    Brucas: NO BRAD! You can't just run away!!! TELL THE DAMN TRUTH! It's time!!! Michael deserves to know the truth!! Sure your marriage will be over, :( But you don't have a choice!

    Carly's private room:

    Carson and doctor: WAIT! You can't just act suspicious and then leave the room doctor!!!! That will just stress her out and you want her to avoid stress right? Stupid doctor. Idiotic scene. OH! Spina Bifida!!!! Interesting!!! That would be a great storyline! Or are the writers going to cure the baby? UGH!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Brad and King Mufasa: Yup! King Mufasa knows the truth now Brad!!! You are toast!!

    Side note: On Y&R on Thursday, Elizabeth Hendrickson is there now!!! :) She belongs on Y&R! She never fit well on GH.



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