Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Oh Baby, Baby ...

I'd better get my Starbucks in the morning...

Hello friends! This week on GH was... unremarkable. It's summer and you'd think we'd get a bit more action but..meh. I personally would go for a nice murder mystery with Shiloh being the one dismembered, floating in the river but hey, that's me. 

It was all about the BABIES this week!! Wanting Babies (Kim), Keeping Babies (Brucas) and Testing Babies (CarSon)

JAZZ Fest is in it's last week here in Rochester. One of my faves, Trombone Shorty played last night. and I'm pooped. BUT MacaRollin' cheese is here from the food truck! I love summer in ROC so much !! 

We are into the summer months now and you'd think I'd be a bit more excited about tuning into the show. Something is missing-- and I'm not sure what. We have the Baby Switch drama but that's just been weighed down by missed beats and the side DOD story. The teens are there but--ABC can't bear to let teens be REAL teens so--boring. Plus, Dev should be Spencer. No wedding on the horizon. The Ryan fun seems to be wrapped up for now.  No one's "on the run" for the summer (I know, guilty pleasure of mine) and everyone's walking around in fall clothes! I'm not sure why this is bothering me so much but it's as bad as when they wear tiny cocktail dresses  in the winter.  Just weird. 

Waiting for Hayden to return. (kinda...not really into it)
Anna's on vacation..
Kids are so far MIA-- Jake hasn't been spotted in like 6 months
Kristina has no story now? Are you kidding me? SHE should have gone to BC to talk to that waitress lady, not Michael. WHERE IS SHE.
YOU know I'm gonna say: TJ and Molly, the best story waiting to happen
Where's Dr. O who knows Nelle gave birth in those woods? She's writing for the paper but never on. 
Sasha has zero edge. She's boring now. So boring. 

Mac is commish

Robert is going to be DA
Bobbie is on..and Scotty has been too
Maybe a Friz party? Something FUN? But it's on the Haunted Star so... we know how that will go... 
Jax is back. Drew was in Aurora Offices. But..BM is leaving so.. 
KevLar rekindling? 
Jax is back 


Shiloh Vs Willow

Oh boy where to begin. Now, you know me well enough to know I give the writers a WIDE berth on a lot of things. Camp, fantasy-- even common sense. But LEGAL is LEGAL. Either get it right or-- abandon all hope.
The hearing of Shiloh vs Willow was just ...well, wrong.  The judges do have wide wiggle room in these types of cases but the most universal thing was missed: Establishing paternity. Even IF both parties declare him to be the biological father, he was NOT stated on the birth certificate. Ergo, paternity test would be ordered. Secondly, the question of how he obtained the hospital records was apparently argued and discussed off camera (why would you do this??) They showed little of the reasoning behind the ruling other than being pissed at Willow for being late. The best lines went to Shiloh's attorney who told him to 'cut the DOD crap' lol. That was priceless. At least she also was telling him that obtaining the records was going to hurt him. 

The whole idea was to get Willow in contempt to get into jail --probably to be with Nelle and Harmony, right? Maybe I'm all wrong and this hearing was only to "find" the child...not give any rights to Shiloh?  
You know we will be living through this for the next few weeks, so what will be will be. 

Alexis does mention the DNA test to Brad who flips out. Julian also knows the DNA test wouldn't work...but he thinks the kid is from a homeless mom, not Nelle. I'm so glad that line was put in there though. I was flipping out about paternity. 

PS. Most sexy handcuffing in a courtroom with others present, ever. 


CRAMPS:  Brad had 'em.. Bobbie diagnosed 'em  and  Carly, seemingly there to just gawk, got some more airtime.  By the way, all Brad has to do is agree to the DNA test and act shocked that it's not Shiloh's, right? Be all "WILLOW!! You shameless hussy"!! The way he's going now, Lucas is going to know something is up. 

LEADING TO: Type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Which we find out Epiphany also had...but changed through lifestyle and maybe medication. ( I didn't listen to the whole 'after school special" information. )I liked the Bobbie/Piph scene. More please. See, this is where a cafeteria would come in handy. Characters always ran into each other in there! 


NO ONE WANTS YOU:  Jordan, let Mac do his job and go heal that kidney. Maybe in like, the Caribbean. On an extended vacation. BYE!  I like the character but not feeling the recast. I've tried. A. LOT. 

IN DA CLINK:  So, these 2 go to Beecher's Corners to get the girl that falsely took the rap for Shiloh to come to PC and tell the cops. While taking her, an eagle-eye cop spots Jason (sitting like a duck in a giant black SUV with his stare and black T on). He's arrested and the cop "Billy" turns out to be a bad-cop who loves the DOD. Enter Michael, pretending to be drunk (OMG hilariously badly) and they break out. Jason decks a cop and Michael runs. My take: They should have had Krissy do the Michael part. I can't figure out why they'd need her back in PC anyway. Just take a lawyer with you and call that counties DA. RIGHT? 

OH BABY: AKA BABY SCARE: Well, we have our answer to CarSon's baby status. Spina Bifida.  This is a complex birth defect that has a spectrum of severity. Let's see how GH handles it. Will they do neurosurgery on the fetus? Will it be the more mild form? I hope they give this the attention and care they did to Mike's story. I've worked with children with this. There's a long road ahead. I thought Laura Wright did a fantastic job in her reaction to the news. Just spot-on.

CLIMB THAT MOUNTAIN:  AKA BABY DESIRE:  Kim. Oh sad, sad Kim. I'm not denying her Oscar grief but geesh... this?? WHY THIS?? She's going psychotic-hearing crying babies (and crying Oscars) and asking guys to be the daddy. She even calls Shiloh--but for advice, not sperm which I (and a million others) are grateful for. She did however totally get Shank on to the trail of baby Wiley. Great GOING, KIM!! 

Shiloh figures out Wiley is probably his kid
Willow is in lock up for contempt of court
Jason and Michael get locked up; escape without the witness they were sent to find
Witness says Shiloh killed Willow's father
Willow gets to keep her job next year
Bobbie has Type 2 Diabetes
Everyone is mad at Julian
Kim wants a baby with Drew
CarSon's baby has Spina Bifida, not sure the severity yet
Sam and Curtis dissolved their PI Partnership
Joss doesn't want to intern at Crimson 
Sasha decides to remain in PC
Sonny figures out a way to keep Dev in the pretending he's his cousin

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Loved the Bobbie Lucas scenes. Great Mother-Son moment and he's the one explaining test results to her. Passing of the torch so to speak. 

EXTRA OF THE WEEK: Beecher's Corners Cop Billy. Great actor.. and was smarmy enough in just the right places. 

SCAPEGOAT OF THE WEEK: Think what you will of Julian but even when he's trying to help, people bitch at him. Carly yelled at him for 2 days, Bobbie slapped him and Alexis just kept it up for another 2 days. I couldn't help but wonder if it had been St. Jaysus or Sonny doing the "helping baby Wiley" they would have gotten fruit baskets. Plus the whole Sam factor, which Alexis blamed on Julian for "using their daughter" --who's over 40 btw.  

NOTE OF THE WEEK:  So, the whole "Robert is going to be DA" was answered by Tristan himself who tweeted that Robert went to law school and passed the bar before joining the WSB. (No word on if that was the Aussie Bar or NYS) --so that solves that! 

THAT'S IT!! Like I said, nothing huge this week. I guess the biggest thing is the CarSon baby reveal.  I failed to mention something else I'd like to see--When Kim went a little hooey and heard Oscar crying--they could have done SO MUCH MORE with that. Instead it was bland Oscar's face just doing a weird baby cry. Come on, effects department, step. it. up.  I would insert a weird Japanese Horror Film clip here but I don't want to scare you.  Have a good week. Can you believe it will be the 4th soon!? 


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  2. Hard to keep up and attend all nine nights of the Rochester Jazz Fest... Trombone Shorty, a perfect way to end the festival. Now I know the local connection.

    1. Did you go?? It was FABULOUS... so much fun. 3rd time I've seen him. We saw SouthSide Johnny too. Kicks off the summer every year.

  3. If Julian knew along that Wiley is Sonny's grandson would he still have done all he has to make sure Brad&Lucas get to keep him? I dunno! What's the point of Bobbie being diabetic? Wish Drew had said "YES" to Kim & they became a couple again..Wish BM wasn't leaving, that Dev would, & GH wasn't doing a 'birth defect' s/l.

  4. The summer is kind of a downer isn't it? The cult/baby switch story should have moved along faster than it did and the summer should have began with an everyone's a suspect style murder mystery. I'm looking forward to the Friz wedding party but they really should have had their wedding last summer & it should have been a fun event. Sasha is dull! She should be a golddigging tramp & an active schemer but alas! As for the abundance of dead kid/baby's like someone knows the Emmys love that ish & doubled down. It's too much to have all these parents constantly grieving. Thans for another good read!

  5. Thanks for another great SS. Agree on all counts especially your thoughts on the legal aspects. The baby story is so outreaching it has become messy. We all know the DNA test will end this...or will it. Those tests have been fudged before.
    Yes...the wardrobe. Do the actors get to chose, the stylist, or both. Whatever it is it is really off lately. Particularly Sam.
    Not happy about Curtis working for Val. Makes no sense but Jax is smart so maybe he'll do a turn around and target Val.
    It is fabulous to have Mac and Scorpio and Laura back. Hope they all get good air time.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  6. "Dev should be Spencer."


    "PS. Most sexy handcuffing in a courtroom with others present, ever."

    YEAH BABY! :)

    "Enter Michael, pretending to be drunk (OMG hilariously badly)"

    Hahahahaha! He should win scene of the day and week! :)



  7. Sunday surgery was great as usual, thanks so much Karen. Kim needs to see a therapist right now. This fidgeting, cowering, weeping, shrinking thing goes a long way with me, and I'm done now. And of course her big fat mouth told Shiloh all. Nuts!

    Drunk Michael was perfection. Loved it!

    1. Me too ladies! I think Kim is past needing just therapy. A short stay in a facility would probably be more therapeutic at this point. And it seems like Julian was the only one who was brave enough to tell her thank God! Hopefully she takes his advice. Loved Michael! Very entertaining! Thanks for another successful Sunday surgery Karen! Hopefully this will be a good one. Have a blessed day!

    2. * Hopefully this WK will be a good one! Lol!


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