Monday, July 1, 2019

Beecher's Billy Drops By

SCOUT GOT SORA'D TO ABOUT 14 noooo, kidding but she's like 4!! LOL GEEZUS. She and Daddy Drew are in the office and Alexis stops by.  They talk about him losing Oscar.  He tells her about Kim-- and how shes' 'off'.  Alexis says she's there to discuss the reading of Oscar's will. 

Shank thinks he knows where his son is. 

Maxie, Lulu and Peter having brunch ? at the Metro, talk about Lulu's 'Break-In'== Lulu's going to keep doing the story. Blah blah blah. When she leaves Maxie guilts Peter into going to Ithaca with her to find Dante. 

Laura sits down with Robert, wants to know if he can bring Dante home. OH for God sakes LOL . He tells her they retired him 'How could Frisco do that to you"?? HE says it's in the rule book. "What are you doing now"??
They talk about the governor and that he knows him because "they went to law school together"!! NICEEE!!  He says he passed the NYS Bar the day he got into the WSB! He also says the governor gave him a job: DA! Which we knew. This is great. 

TRIVIA: Genie and Tristan were on YR together and they were married??  
Laura has on a shall/kimono/sweater thing like it's October again. 

Brad and Wiley see Michael walking out of Charlie's. Michael says he'll protect Wiley like "he's his own son"..yada yada wink. Brad says to Wiley "we'll get fake passports just in case" -- they walk into Charlie's where Shiloh's getting off the phone. He sees Brad and says how nice it is to see him ad the baby again 'My heart is full'.  sneer. 

Chase butters up Mac with Coffee and breakfast sammy. Mac LOOKS RESPENDENT in his suit!! Squee!  Mac says Judge Walters is awful and was terrible to Maxie during her custody hearing. Then BEECHER BILLY Cop comes in looking for Jason Morgan LOL Mac asks him a bunch of questions "Jason Morgan isn't in the habit of randomly kidnapping anyone" !! Then the cop says he broke out of jail with help from 'some guy' AND MICHAEL WALKS IN! AHAHAHAHA I think he had a donut for Willow or something!  The cop is like; THAT'S HIM!  Mac laughs, Michael laughs. He's like no, I'm the CEO of ELQ-- Cop says "I don't care if you're Jeff Bezos..I know who you are"!!  Then Says he's calling the FBI.  Chase gives Michael and Alibi about where he was "He was with me last night" ! WELP! 

JaSam slept together off camera. Banter in the morning.  "Why were you in Beecher's Corners" she asks. OMG we are going to recon ALL THAT ALL OVER AGAIN!  Now he wants to go back and get her and Sam says she'll go. Oh my GOD take a lawyer to get her deposition!  They playfully banter. 


Robert tells Mac he's the New DA "The SCORPIO BROTHER RISE AGAIN"!! 

Shank is being snarky to Brad. Manages to get Wiley's blankie or burp cloth or something So that's DNA right there. 


  1. Mac was wearing that suit well!! I always thought Mac was a handsome, sexy man but I haven't been feeling that about him lately. Until today!! Is it the suit? The reason he was wearing it? Maybe a little bit of both! Loved the way he handled cop Billy boy especially when he slammed the phone in front of him when he threatened to call the FBI! And then add Robert to the mix! Be still my beating heart! Lol! Ok,I'm done! They did go overboard casting SORASed Scout! You're right Karen she does almost look like a teenager. Could they not find a 4 yr old? So now Skank has the DNA he needs to see if Wiley is his now but I'm wondering if they're going to drag this SL out all summer? All in all not a bad day for GH!

  2. okay I am ALL about the DNA that Shiloh steals ISN'T his son - and he'll be confused - and go looking other places - THAT scenario I didn't see coming - how FUN this will be to see Shiloh confused (until we kill him and we all want that)
    - cause it's time to stop this stupid baby switch...and are Harmony and Nelle bonding in jail?
    I could be wrong but I think even after you pass the bar, you have to continue taking course to keep you 'legal'--- right??????

    1. Yes, you have to do CLE classes throughout your career. I laughed when they said he passed the bar years ago and wondered how he kept up with the CLE credits while running all around the world looking for bad guys.

    2. You can do the courses online . . .

  3. Wow....Scout is adorable! She doesn't look like a teenager. They did good casting cause she looks like Oscar.

  4. Robert as the new DA and the Scorpio brothers together again!!! LOVE IT!! 🎉🎉🎉


    2. Love those Scorpios! Hopefully they will have a murder (Shiloh) soon to work on together!

  5. rumor, scout is really jason's daughter.

    1. Hmmmmm. Haven't heard that rumor.

    2. How???? Jason was "dead" when she was conceived.

  6. The floating rib:

    Laura and Robert:

    Laura: How could Frisco do that to you?


    Robert: It's not his fault. Page 3000 in the rule book. There's no fighting it.

    OH THAT'S INSANE!!! Frisco can change the damn rule book!!!! Makes no sense!!! I still don't buy it and I will never buy it! I have known Robert since day 1! He never talked about being a lawyer or passing the bar exam! This is a rewrite!

    "Karen says TRIVIA: Genie and Tristan were on YR together and they were married??"

    Hahaha. Yup!!! That was when I first started watching Y&R!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Maxie, Hiney, and Lulu: Awwww! It's sweet that Maxie and Hiney are so worried about Lulu!!! :)

    Maxie and Hiney: Hiney! You can have as many best friends as you want to. Whomever you are close to and want to be your best friend. Maxie stop talking about Dante! He needs to be left alone. I'm glad Laura is listening to Robert on Dante's case.

    Aurora offices:

    Baby Trim and Drew:



    "kidding but she's like 4!!"

    I noticed that too! She looks 4!!! Wasn't she just born last year?!!?!

    Alexis and baby Trim:

    Alexis: Hi cookie.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Alexis: Alright cookie I'm going to leave.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)


    Jasam: Has Sam got rid of the baby tattoo yet? Their playful banter is adorable. :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    King Mufasa and Brad: Oh oh! The bully won't let Brad leave!!!!! King Mufasa, you are NOT the father!!!!!

    Police station: OH!!! Straight, serious, tough commissioner Mac was very sexy!!! :) Mac wins the line of the day!

    Dudley do wrong and Mac: You incarcerated a man, and you didn't know his name.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! You tell him Mac!!!! :)

    Michael, Dudley do wrong, Chase, and Mac: Great scene!!!! Mac all serious and authoritative!! YUM! And love that Chase gave Michael and alibi!!! New bromance! :)

    Chase, Michael, and Mac: LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Mac, Robert, and Laura:

    Robert: Scorpio brothers. Ride again!


    Sidenote: Few nights ago I had a dream about Julian. He asked me out on a date and we went on a date. :)

    1. Oh, you are sooo lucky, a date w/Julian, he is HOT!!

    2. Oh yes!!! He is VERY hot. :)

    3. Sounds like you liked the episode Sonya, and I admire that. I didn't care for it all! :) I did enjoy Mac-Daddy, Robert freaking Scorpio and Alexis with Cookie. That was too cute. But the Maxie and Parking Lot me now!! And Sam and Jason bore me to death.

      Love the name Dudley do Wrong, lol! Fantastic! And you and Julian dating...hmmmmm.....lucky girl!!

    4. "Sounds like you liked the episode Sonya, and I admire that."


      "I didn't care for it all! :) But the Maxie and Parking Lot me now!!"

      Oh I hated their scenes. I always do. They need to break up ASAP, and he needs to be with Lulu.

      "And Sam and Jason bore me to death.'

      I like them together, but when they are on their high horse, yuck!

      "I did enjoy Mac-Daddy, Robert freaking Scorpio"


      "and Alexis with Cookie. That was too cute."

      We got another nickname for this little girl! :)

      "Love the name Dudley do Wrong, lol! Fantastic!"


      "And you and Julian dating...hmmmmm.....lucky girl!!"

      Hahaha thanks! :)

  7. Mac as Commissioner and Robert as DA. I haven't been this happy since Frank ran into ME in the cereal aisle


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