Friday, June 21, 2019

Cult Connection

Neil sits across a desk from Kevin in his office at General Hospital.
Old Colleagues 

So, here's the thing. I thought I would explain a bit more about the Dr. Neal review yesterday. I had thought all along that Neal may be Willow's Dad, especially when his book was dedicated to his wife and daughter. Couldn't figure it out though because Willow didn't blink when she saw him at the Cabin while talking to Kristina. 

Yesterday, Diane Googled him because Alexis was basically waxing poetic on the guy. We found out his daughter, Joanna died. Ergo, because of his statements to Kevin about "sharing an experience similar to Alexis', his daughter must have been in DOD or another cult. (I'm assuming it's DOD because...why else??) 

I like the fact Neal and Kevin know each other through work... and actually like the idea they used the last name "Miller" again. Why? Because so many times in life, people have the same last name and aren't related. That's not meaning Diane won't be related to the late Mr. Miller ... but I'm thinking not. Although I do wonder why Jason hasn't asked her yet. Maybe he did off camera. 

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  1. Sonny mentioned Diane when he heard Miller.. He was talking to Jason, I think.

  2. its not only last names. how many people in your orbit have the same FIRST name that you do? many. how many people on this show have the same first name? (both living, and both on the show at the same time...)

    i mean... cmon people. there are NO David's, Karen's or Jennifer's living in port charles? and there is only ONE elizabeth, kevin, robert, etc...

    1. LOL! Get this in my family (dads side) we have 3 Michelle's, 1 is my my cousin the other is my cousins wife. THEN, my sister Jennifer, we have a cousin Jennifer and our cousin married a Jennifer. So...

  3. olivia jerome and olivia falconari

  4. Shiloh may have killed Willow's father?


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