Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Glorious SonDay

CATV 3 20150908 1352(6)

Yes, bless us, the GH Faithful this Sunday...for we have witnessed yet another canonization of that sainted dimpled don--that majestic glowing wonderment of a television character: Sir Saint Michael Corinthos. Who, at this time is laying in General Hospital awaiting his fate while the entire town rallies around and talks about living life within his glorious presence. 

Think I'm kidding? Oh, I kid you not. Especially on a Sunday. So...sit back and partake of Sunday Brunch. Eggs, Sonny Side up. 
It's the least we can do for The Man of The Hour. 

CATV 3 20150909 1358(25)

We were told how bad "The Writer" had been when giving Sonny a story the past few years.  Poor Sonny...went to jail. Then saved the entire town and was pardoned by the Governor! Hell, he even go to have crypt sex.  But, nay it was not enough. The ratings sank (supposedly according to one net exec because Sonny wasn't 'front and center enough') so we had to rally and get him on screen more than the 98% he was on already!
MOB! Get that MOB out there! So, in the midst of Morgan's "BiPolar Adventure" we really had to segue to Sonny's 5th wedding and not only that (wait for it) HE GETS SHOT!!  So shocking that no one, even the 13 year olds that watched, even blinked an eye. 

CATV 3 20150910 1318(19)

Now, if you listen to TJ tell it, Sonny was basically Superman, Batman and Catwoman all rolled into one. TJ had stars in his eyes. Literally. They twinkled. Jordan of course, tried to talk him down but nope. He was just glowing with Sonny admiration. 

CATV 3 20150909 1356(47)

Maxie, Sabrina and Lulu also talked about Sonny. How he's dark--yet charming--deadly--yet loving. *sigh* So Dreamy!!! Sabrina seemed a tad worried that Michael might follow in Dad's footsteps. She heard the story about how Michael confessed to Claudia's murder to exonerate his Dad. Awww. Nobility runs in that family, no?  Oh and they also compared shootings of their loved ones to each other. :giggle: !!

CATV 3 20150909 1357(11)

Sabrina is momentarily worried until she sings to Avery. She sings the same song to Avery that Sam sang to Danny the night Jason was plugged at the docks. 

Let's think for a minute here because no one else is. TJ's kidnapped, Sonny's shot and these three ding-dongs sit at his HOUSE and just sip champagne and play with the baby. Anyone think: Oh gee, let's get the hell out of here and take Avery with us? Sabrina should have said "I was so wrong, Michael never should have brought you back here".  But, NOPE.  Sing a lullaby. Oh, and don't tell me he has "security"--because I didn't see any and Philly went to GH. 

CATV 3 20150911 1328

We know Michael loves his father but we really needed to be reminded because you know, he was SO mean to him after he shot AJ.  How could he forsake his father's name?  AJ was, after all, a slime ball that deserved it, right? "I will love you forever".. (I was waiting for Michael to read Sonny that kid's book of the same title) 

CATV 3 20150910 1308(37)

Patrick had some bad news. It seems a bullet lodged next to Sonny's spine. It missed his heart thank goodness, but Sonny may be facing being paralyzed. Which is tough for a mobster. Carly cries " anything less than a FULL Recovery will not be enough for Sonny"!!! Because you know. it's SONNY!!  Can't you picture him all mopey in a wheelchair for the next how many months? *sigh* 

CATV 3 20150911 1301(38)

Meth-head Morgan was all agitated at this point and blamed Ric for letting out Charlie Pants Gangster because he made a deal. I guess everyone forgets that even IF Ol' Charlie was in jail, the 'shooter' would have just hired someone else to kidnap TJ. Derp. It's not like there's only one goon in town!!  But, it's Ric's fault. To hit the point home at just how far Michael has come, he takes 'over' da family and orders Philly to toss him outta the hospital!!  Oh, he was to the manor born! I'm sure this will further fuel Morgan's "I'm getting revenge for you Dad" mode. 
Morgan then blames Julian and goes to the PCPD spouting off at the mouth again. I'm so team Julian in this. lol...I think I'll set up a Go Fund Me account to get him out of jail.  Dante ends up punching Jules in the mouth and sending him to lock up! Geesh, the guy was walking on the docks!! But you know, new month, Julian back in the pokey.

CATV 3 20150911 1324(33)

Oh, man..Liz lied her face off on Friday. Really badly. She's so past the point of no return it's not even funny. There's no way she's telling Jake yet who he is so this will be fake-out #39.  I have no idea how she's going to recover from this. None. 

CATV 3 20150910 1355

Oh! Tracy was on! Tracy was in the exact same place she's been the last 5 times she's been on the show. In the living room, drinking martinis. Yep. Go back if you don't believe me. And if Paul Hornsby isn't totally into the cartel again, then I'm missing something.  He's got "I DID IT" stamped on his forehead.

CATV 3 20150908 1358(36)

Don't think for a minute I forgot about the other God within our midst. He answers to the name Jake Doe but we all know and love him as St. Jaysus Morgan. Savior of  The Sonny. And save he did! Wow, he threw Sam behind a barrel, went into that warehouse, took over one of the "goons" and in 3 shots, took them all down. WOW. Flashbacks to the 90 other shootings Stone Cold managed to pull off.  Look at that photo up there, he even has that blank stare down pat. 

CATV 3 20150908 1345(12)

The Sloane stuff was mind-numbing and even though Finola gave her all, it was dull. Just know this: Sloane has the gun Anna used to kill Carlos with her prints on it and he's ready to use it. She's glad she didn't get together with him. Yada yada. 

CATV 3 20150908 1336(35)

Oh-- btw, Val went home early from the wedding when she got sick. Lulu said she wanted another baby "right away". Valerie looked at her belly. Then cried a bit. (well, watery eyes) and Bobbie took her home.  Cue panic at the Dante House soon.

CATV 3 20150908 1347(6)

The only other thing of note was that Hayden and Nikolas continued their 4 day long bathing suit discussion into this week. We also found out that Nik loves a cold pool and even swims year round.
Um..what? Guess nothing freezes on that island.
PS. Got enough baby oil on? 

CATV 3 20150908 1358(13)

CATV 3 20150909 1327(36)

SCENES OF THE WEEK: Anytime that Avery was on. My ovaries hurt. She is just adorable and she babbles on cue!! Prediction: If Sabrina gets pregnant with Michael's baby it's going to be "omg the mob" allll over again. 

CATV 3 20150910 1308(16)

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Dante is MAD. He's really, really mad. Because you know, Sonny shouldn't be shot--even if he is a mobular man  and basically lives with guns. No SIR! He's MAD! 

CATV 3 20150911 1318(7)

PROP OF THE WEEK: I hope you read the interview I had with Mr. Ventilator. It's the next post down...Anyway how could this noble device be anything but prop of the week? (he even met The Pope!)

CATV 3 20150911 1355(17)

If you think I'm being over the top about this week then you are a die-hard Sonny lover that doesn't mind watching the same things happen over and over. By Friday I was thisclose to punching my TV set in the face. 
LISTEN CAREFULLY: I thought the actors were spot-on. The dialog for the situation was good. It was exciting--IF IT HADN'T HAPPENED a million times before!! I mean come on!! Especially the "will he live" part. We know this isn't Game of Thrones. Maybe it should be. If characters could just die and we didn't see it coming, it would be something to behold. This is repeat repeat repeat. Many of us have watched since Sonny came on the scene in 1993. That's how many years of this? Far too many.
You want to keep viewers and add new ones. Do the younger set like this stuff? I don't know--but when I watch what they are into, I somehow doubt an aging mobster getting married five times to the same person and getting shot is really their thing. 

CATV 3 20150910 1349(28)

 Having Michael and Sonny at odds was a brilliant idea that worked. Sonny shot AJ, now son and father are battling. Michael going to the Qs was also great-- his anger towards Sonny was justified and deep. That could have been played on for years. It would have been interesting to have Michael totally take over Corinthos Coffee (the legit part) by raiding the corporation, and leaving Sonny with no shell to launder his money through. We have "Bo, Clint and Asa" all lined up to mimic great years of OLTL and ...boom. Done. Now what? Are Michael and Morgan going to fight about who gets to run the organization if Pop is in a wheelchair?
I can see it now: A darkened room with Sonny in a corner; legs covered in a blanket..gesturing to Michael to come closer

"Son, it's time...time to take down our enemies one by one..I trust you to carry on the family legacy"...
Morgan crashes in the room "You give him everything! The love, the power and the glory"!! 

And..Scene. I can write it in my sleep.  *sigh*

Yes, I have one more major bitch. Where was Lucas at the wedding? Where have Brad and Lucas been since they were supposed to get married and we found out Rosie is Brad's wife? 
*Crickets* If I could, I would stomp down to TPTB and just rage in their faces. First off, that was one of the major things I was looking forward to this summer: a fun wedding between these two. But NOPE. You have to throw a damn wrench into it with some story about Brad having to marry Rosie. You ever gonna follow up on that? And even if you're not, having Brad and Lucas at Sonny and Carly's wedding only makes damn sense. Good Grief. I know you have 800 characters on the show but at least try to use the ones you have effectively. We probably could have lived without 50% of the Hayden Nikolas bathing suit chat and had them on. 

So, that's it. You are probably all jazzed up because you had so much coffee reading this giant blog. Sorry, I had a lot to say. This week was traumatizing to me.  LOL Time for another break? 
Mind you, ratings will go up--summer's over. They always do.  Ergo, suits will think "wow, look Mob does work".

Lord Help Us, Amen. 


  1. Fantastic blog this week. I agree with EVERY word. In addition to a boring storyline, the cliffhanger for the weekend is "will she, or won't she?" (will Elizabeth tell Jake the truth?) Of course not!!!

  2. Well, I may be one of the few Sonny-lovers left (I know there is at least one more out there), but EVEN I don't want the Mob, Sonny's 5th wedding to Carly, and the shooting. I was happy when Sonny left the mob, they could have taken his character in another direction, this is old and tired.

  3. Great SS Karen-I agree with everything. History shows us that when Sonny and Carly, the Mob (and Jason) were front and center, that began the downfall in the ratings. I don't even care who shot him and he is so not worth worshipping. Dante reminded me so much of his dad-a little guy spouting off. Morgan is not only an idiot, he is really unattractive to watch. TJ is kidnapped and Sonny shot and no one beefs up security for the family. I'm on team Julian, too. And of course it was entirely unethical that Dante grilled him. Should have been Jordan or Nathan. These new head writers better wake up fast because this crap is unacceptable.

  4. Friday was the 1st time I didn't see Ron's name as writer so I'm hoping this is the start of the new writers work and they will finally reveal Jason.. I do think its Dylan's father that shot Sonny that will be interesting. I don't miss Brad at all I wish they would recast him or bring someone new on for Lucas I guess it could be from them being written in every few weeks. I would love to see Justin from Show times Queer as folks join GH as Brad. As much as I love Robin if they decide to recast her I would be fine with it as long as she stays true to the character. Kimberly is not coming back anytime soon and Robin is needed on GH.

  5. I'm not sure what evidence Sloan has on Anna. I mean I'm sure there are plenty of guns with Anna's finger prints--she was the police commissioner. There is no body or even a missing person??? Why hasn't Ava seen Avery? I don't believe any parental rights were taken from her??? Did I miss something with these 2 stories?

  6. I'm sure everything you said is true, I gave it my 15 mins and stopped again. I hate the whole s/l and wonder how tptb think this is good does MB (Sonny) have some many fans that we spend weeks preying for his recovery so he can kill again. None of this is interesting.
    I can't even watch Elizabeth/Jake anymore I hate what they have done to her and refuse to change it in any way--who in their right minds would think her fans want to see this character treated this way--She the devil and sonny is a saint--that's why I don't watch.

  7. I agree with you that it has all been done before. When I was watching this week, I was thinking that it might have been interesting in the 1070's, before it had all been done before. What a shame that all these good actors were stuck doing The Godfather Redux.
    The non-mob stories have taken characters and turned them inside out. Nic is a louse; Anna is a fool; phooey.
    The only reason I still tune in is to come back to the blog and read every one's reactions. And nobody likes the way the show is going. What ivory tower are TPTB living in that they don't realize what is happening? They are killing the show. It is beginning to seem like that was the plan all along.

  8. "I will love you forever".. (I was waiting for Michael to read Sonny that kid's book of the same title)"

    Oh I'll do it!

    I'll love you forever
    I'll like you for always
    As long as I'm living
    My Father you'll be.

    "Now, if you listen to TJ tell it, Sonny was basically Superman, Batman and Catwoman all rolled into one. TJ had stars in his eyes. Literally. They twinkled. Jordan of course, tried to talk him down but nope. He was just glowing with Sonny admiration."

    All hail king Sonny!!!!

    Bowing.. (well, pretend this is Sonny.[term]=bow%20gif&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=3

    Oh Sonny!!!! You are an amazing brilliant beautiful sexy walk on water man!!!

    More bowing.

  9. "AntJoan said...Well, I may be one of the few Sonny-lovers left (I know there is at least one more out there),"

    I'm that one! :)

    "but EVEN I don't want the Mob, Sonny's 5th wedding to Carly, and the shooting."

    I don't mind Carly and Sonny getting married, but the rest, NO!

  10. Over/under line for official cancellation confirmation: April 2016.

  11. "Cosmoetica said... Over/under line for official cancellation confirmation: April 2016."

    Wait what? What do you mean over/under line?

  12. I agree with every word you said, Karen. I even liked Sonny when he came to the show way back when but that stopped many years ago. I was taking Julian's side too and really wanted to smack Lulu when she ran in yelling Julian was on the docks. She was like a 5yr old tattletale

  13. Masterful Sunday Surgery (and funny too). I had to almost steel myself to watch Friday's show with all the Sonny worship. It was so epic when Michael turned his back on Sonny, now he has done the 180. Just call the show General Mobspital and be done with it.

    I liked RC's first year but for me I did not enjoy many of the recent character creations and I don't think the answer to camp and cartoon villains is going so ham-handedly back to the Guza mob years.

    The best part of Friday's show was Anna & Jordan, the worst part was Michael telling Sonny he didn't deserve this and that he would love him and be his son forever. Blecch!

  14. Oh I so agree with the whole blog. I did not like the reference to April 2016 tho. but I can see that happening. I too liked Sonny when he first came on, he and Brenda. but they have cantonized him so much and done the same story over and over again with him. Yes, he will be paralized for a while in a wheelchair and stupid little Michael will take over the business, Hope Morgan goes away, I hate the actor and hate the character. Maybe if someone else played Morgan I could feel his pain, but all I feel is to wish him to go away. Wonder if the writers ever read these blogs to get feedback on the downward spiral of Gh? And yes Elizabeth is just awful, how could anyone hope for happiness knowing what she knows. I read on a Rumour page that her and Jake are getting married. Is that when St Jason remembers? Such a stupid story line.


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