Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Purple Bra

Krissy goes to see Parker. She says she's "moving on with a great guy"....Parker's marriage is over. Shocker. 
She cries, Krissy consoles her. 
They kiss.  They get in bed

Dillon hooked up with Darby? Must have missed that.BUT DARBY? seriously? Darby is still around? Later he has a sit down with Carly and Darby comes out with his sweater or something. Carly is SO happy they slept together! She celebrates with a drink. 

Felix in with Jules...Sonny is trolling him. Alexis goes to the hospital. Sonny's is all "what are YOU doing here"??

Ghost Carlos rolls out from under the bed.  Taunts Julian. Tells him to kill Alexis. Julian is saying he loves Alexis and she shows up in the door to hear him. 

Bunch of stupid Kiki/Morgan stuff. "I want you" ..."Well, I'm not sure"..."I'm not going to not be able to perform this time"...yada yada. They kiss when he starts to freak out but then they go into a hotel room together. She says she loves him. OMG They have the grossest love scene --he took  off her bra and panties.

The Amish are fighting about where Sabrina should live (I think) ..she's staying at the Q's. 

END: Carlos' Twin shows up at the Q house. YEP. It's His TWIN


  1. I gagged at Carly's statement to Sonny when she was talking about Kiki and Morgan and saying that was a lot of responsibility to lay on Kiki RIGHT AFTER SHE PRACTICALY TELLS HER THAT IF MORGAN RELAPSES IT'S HER FAULT so she'd better stay with him.

    And then if needy Morgan isn't bad enough they turn Parker into a needy woman who sucks Kristina back in.

    I FF'd through both of those "love" scenes because I don't think Kiki loves Morgan anymore and I'm getting nothing from Kristina and Parker.

    I guess Sonya is more than a little happy that Caarrrrlos has a twin.

    And it looks like the new hire is the girl who gave Joss her kidney. It must be at least a year long story since they put her on contract. pffftttt

    I wonder if Nicholas is still falling?

    1. Splat....just kidding. He's still freeeee freeee falling

  2. A twin, really?!? Oh, that is original! (not!) Ughhh!

  3. Maybe he's supposed to be a cousin or something. This guy didn't have a Spanish accent.

  4. Dillon finally get's a love scene and it's offscreen. I want to know when Jelly will finally get fired.

    1. I want a Killin love scene. Sick of Darbs...

  5. Parker seems to old for Kissy,she looks so young. Parker, well not so young.
    Haven't watched yet today.

    1. Just catching up and totally agree. Parker looks like she could be Krissy's Mom. Yay, for GH for telling story but the age difference just makes the story blah. I know we've seen older men with younger women for years. But I think Parker should have been younger.

  6. Metrocourt hotel:

    Dillon and DarDar:

    DarDar: You did it!! You proved to me you are over Kiki Jerome!

    Oh yes! Having sex with you proves he is over Kiwi! Uh huh. Idiot.

    Dillon: A very fun one, which I wish I could stay to see how it ends, but I gotta get back to work.

    OH BURN!

    DarDar: I can go and get dressed and go with you, or we can order pizza and stay here.

    Dillon: My office is actually in the same building as the metrocourt. So I'll probably grab my computer and head over to the restaurant.

    OH DOUBLE BURN!!!! Yeah DarDar, Dillon is SO not into you. :) And the actress is so busted. I saw that flesh colored body suit on the back of her! :)She is not naked. :)

    Central Perk:

    Carly and Morgan: Oh! Carly has a haircut!!! Cute cute cute!!!! :)

    Carly and Kiwi: Speak a lot of truths Carly!!!! :)

    Dumb and Dumber: Oh Carly has gotten to Dumber!!! :)

    Dumber: Morgan. I'm not sure I'm ready.

    Morgan Jr: Quick dude!!! Get her to change her mind!!!!!

    Dumb: Oh it's all my fault. I am being selfish. I feel like I am a screw up! I don't deserve you.

    Morgan Jr: Oh yes!!!! Keep manipulating her! It's working dude!!!

    Dumber: No I am the one who is wrong. I don't want you to stop.

    Morgan Jr: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! You did it dude! You did it!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Dillon, Carly, and a side of DarDar: Yeah Carly don't believe one word that comes out of Dillon or Kiwi's mouth!!! They are not over each other!!! Oh here comes DarDar shoving her tongue down Dillon's throat and cleaning his teeth.

    DarDar: Oh hey Mrs Corinthos.

    Gee you didn't see her there DarDar? Are you blind as a bat too?

    DarDar: Are you sure when you are done working, you don't want to come back by my place tonight?

    Wow!!! She is so desperately horny!!!

    Dillon: I'm not sure how long my work is going to take. But maybe I will text you.

    TRIPLE BURN!!!!! DarDar Morgan and Dillon are just not that into you!!!! Go borrow Nina's buzzing BFF! So let's see. DarDar is dumb, blind, and desperately horny!

    Carly and Sonny: Oh come on Carly! Don't stick your head in the sand when it comes with Dumb and Dumber, and Killon, and Dillon and DarDar! What is wrong with you?! You are smarter than this! Sonny wins the line of the day!

    Sonny: The one he was banging in the


    Metrocourt hotel part 2:

    Dumb and dumber: Oh oh dumb and dumber sex. Dumber and Dillon are both sleeping with the wrong people!

    Alexis's home: Krissy! Stay away from Parker!!! She is married!!!!

    *Alexis grabs her wedding picture to Julian and puts it to her chest* RA RO! She is still in wuv with him!!!!!

    The hospital:

    Sonny and Felix:

    Felix: Visiting hours are over.

    Wow it's 8:00 pm already?!

    Alexis and Sonny: Oh Alexis!! You don't need to give Julian divorce papers! Let Diane do it! And yes Sonny, Julian IS faking!!! :)

    Julian's room: Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos!!! :) Love seeing Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos, but seeing him as a ghost, hurts me so. :( I love that Alexis just comes in, gives Julian the divorces papers, and then walks out without saying a word! :)

    Parker's hotel room: Krissy!!! Stay away from a married woman!!!! Oh. She is getting a divorce. RA RO Karker sex. Krissy is cheating on Aaron!!!!

    Q home: Gee Michael! You don't need to live together in order to be in a relationship with Sabrina! Calm the hell down!

    Sabrina: Oh Teddy. We are finally going to get our happy ending.

    Oh no! Don't say that Sabrina! Yikes!!!! NEVER talk about happy endings in a soap opera!! Oh a door knock. My first thought was, Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos twin? I WAS RIGHT!!!! CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARLOS TWIN!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! As soon as I saw him, I burst into tears.. Caaaaaarlos's twin brother or twin cousin? I prefer twin brother, but I will take what I can get! :)

    Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos twin: Hello Sabrina.


  7. Di said...I guess Sonya is more than a little happy that Caarrrrlos has a twin.


    1. Haha just a little. I get it though. When Michael Easton came back as Finn I was so excited I swear it looked like I had a hanger in my mouth! LOL!

  8. Just disgusted. Ugh...I got off at 2 but had an errand so came in late. Good thing cause I wouldn't have tolerated watching live. FF button started smoking. I would've rather watched paint and Wall over on Cassadine Island....

  9. "Di said...I wonder if Nicholas is still falling?"

    He must be!!!! It must be a very long way down!! He is probably slow mo falling.

    "Michelle Latta said.. Splat....just kidding. He's still freeeee freeee falling"

    And I'm free, free fallin'
    (free fallin', I'm-a free fallin')
    Yeah I'm free, free fallin'
    (free fallin', I'm-a free fallin')

    "Michelle Latta said...I'm sayin.....sorry Sonya ;)"

    For what? :) Oh cus you are not happy with Caaaaarlos's twin? ROFL! I forgive you. :)

  10. I just saw a a few minutes, just finished working. BUT, I saw Caaaarrrlloooss's ghost! And others here are saying they saw his twin brother/cousin!! HA, I WAS RIGHT, I predicted all 3!!

    I said before that Krissy looks too young for Parker, they are gross together, Parker looks like a child molester.

    And, PLEASE, tell me Alexis DOES NOT STILL have feelings for Julian, he tried to kill her!! Say it isn't so!!

    1. There is a 16 yr age difference between Ashley Jones and Lexi. But...I guess to be her professor they had to go a little "older"

  11. "Michelle Latta said... Haha just a little. I get it though. When Michael Easton came back as Finn I was so excited I swear it looked like I had a hanger in my mouth! LOL!"

    ROFL! Yeah I was really happy and excited ME came back as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  12. My thing with Parker is that she invited Kristina to her house, they had some wine, then she said Kristina got the wrong impression. She then threatened to fail Kristina and when Kristina tried to blackmail her, she got her kicked out of school.

    Am I supposed to see the romance in this???

    I really think what Carly is trying to say to Kiki is don't say you are with Morgan if you are not. It comes across as "you have to be with Morgan", but I really do not think that is her intention. Neither do I think Kiki is trying to hurt Morgan. I think she was sincere when she said the stuff about the gunshot. She is just confused. But it made their sex scene sad. And creepy - what was with the whole looking through the window???

    Michael and Sabrina are also sad.

    Alexis and Julien used to have fun sex, but that is over. So are Hayden and Nik (who is still fallin'), Liz and Jake (hated their scenes - once agin desperate sex is not sexy), all we have are Jason and Sam and Sonny and Carly. How very retro.

  13. laziest writing ever.

    c'mon karen. lets you and I charter a plane to Burbank and show them how its done.

  14. PARKER and KRISTINA are AWESOME, Love them together.

    i don't care at all what the age difference is, age is just a number, so stop making it a bigger deal then it actually is ?

  15. Age difference in relationships seems to run in the Davis family. Although Parker is somewhat older than Krissy, their age differences probably fall just a tad closer in line with Alexis' and Rik's age difference, but not nearly as visible as her scamming sister Angela's (er...I mean Sam) and the Daddies she tried to financially take advantage of back in the day. Maybe Prissy's age differences are more in-line with Sonny's and Sam's when Sam was double dipping with Sonny and Jax on the same day or when Sam slept with her step-Daddy Rik. I would say it's probably something in the water, but most likely poor baby Lila's stem cell side-effects that were given to Krissy when she was just a little one.

  16. denise.everhart said...

    Am I supposed to see the romance in this???

    I don't see the romance in it either, denise. Whenever Kristina approaches Parker she always looks really nervous to me. Definitely not in love. Don't like them together at all.

  17. I like Kristina and Parker... I so don't care about the age difference! Kristina looks young for her age but she isn't a child!

    Anyway... i like them together. :) There, I said it! ahah!

  18. I didn't mind Krissie with Parker - very progressive of GH to even show this. Krissie was naturally nervous and believable. I was much annoyed by seeing Carly butting in with ADULTS. These aren't children and she needs to just shut up. Also, can't stand seeing Sonny pop up everywhere. Tired of everyone kissing MB's ass. Morgan's behavior was unacceptable as always, except to dumbass Kiki. Carlos having a twin wasn't original but I like the actor and it was a surprise, which doesn't happen often.

  19. LSV422 said...I didn't mind Krissie with Parker - very progressive of GH to even show this.

    GH has shown gay couples for years. We have several in relationships on the show. They don't need to make a point by putting Kristina in yet another relationship with a manipulative partner. JMHO

  20. As an educator I strongly object to Parker's behavior with Krissy. From the beginning Parker has seemed to encourage Kristina & the push-me/pull-you messages were unfair. I do like Krissy's journey but I wish she'd not been put in a rebound/professor relationship. I agree with denise.everhart about the romance not.

    Sonya, I love you so much and agree about JOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Hot!

    Poor Nick -- that's a helluva cliff over there in Greece!

  21. "Julie Langley said...As an educator I strongly object to Parker's behavior with Krissy. From the beginning Parker has seemed to encourage Kristina & the push-me/pull-you messages were unfair."

    Yeah the push pull thing is really annoying!

    "Sonya, I love you so much and agree about JOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Hot!"

    Love you too!!!!!!! JOEEEEEEEEE needs a love scene ASAP! :)

    "Poor Nick -- that's a helluva cliff over there in Greece!"

    Yeah it's so long and steep, he is nowhere to be found! :)

  22. GHfan said.... I know we've seen older men with younger women for years.

    True but the women didn't look so young. Same with Morgan and Ava. As despicable as it was he didn't look like a child. I saw the actress who plays Krissy in a Rizzoli and isles episode this week, a recent one, and she played a young high school student.She looked about 15 CHILD services came to pick her up at one point.


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