Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Pee For Me

Says right here: Just Pee and See! 

I did manage to watch in real time most of the week. Some days were good-- others well, you know me, I should have napped. 

I've been eating SO much this week due to my SIL  here and the Jazz Fest I need to have one thin mint this morning. Sorry. 

I'm going to begin with Julexis because that at least, has kept my attention. Pretty good twisty-turny, no? Yes. However-- the writing? WEIRD. The editing? Strange. (just watch Alexis' hair) It could have been SO SO perfect. The set up, the Sting,  the entire bit but-- something was so 'off'. I kept listening to Julian's dialog with my mouth open.
Every time.

I actually went back a bit because it just made no sense. Is he bad? Is he a psycho? Is he..having a stroke? I don't know! One minute he's professing his love..the next talking to dead Carlos and going to strangle Alexis. Which, again could work but the clunky words coming out of his mouth were just not doing it. 
Nancy Lee Grahn is selling this like it's her last breath. It's perfection. She had me snowed so much, I honestly couldn't tell if Alexis was pregnant or not. I kept wavering back, forth.. Then Sonny and Anna had their little cheeky scene and I went "Ah" COOL! And Anna was IN ON IT!! They even figured out that Jules might ask for evidence so they got that ol' PG test to come out positive!! 
Now, may I make a small, humble observation? 
WHY WAS SONNY IN ON THIS and not Because, you know, GH and-SONNY. LOL. :throws up hands: Literally a week or so after he told her to 'watch her back'-- he's all white knighting it. 


Britain Caper: *sigh* WOW. Just wow. Nope. I really have nothing on this. I can't get into it. I don't know what a "weeping niayd " is (can't even spell it).  I guess the Nikolas-Ava thing is ok. Meaning, oh! Different characters thrown together, could be fun. Of course weird that Tyler is gone. Next up is Cassadine Island. So? Who knows... if Hells pops up I might be interested again. 

Killion. So much potential. So much-- MORGAN? Huh? Damn it! Go away!! LOL.  He's already acting like a hyper-maniac with Kiki. And he shaved his head (not ever a good sign).  
Carly even had to get her mouth all up in there, ragging on Kiki about Dillon. Carly-who SLEPT WITH HER MOTHER'S HUSBAND. Um, Shut it. 

Sabrina worries about her baby again-- this time he has botulism from yogurt. I think this scene was to cement them as a couple a bit, get Valerie a job and have Hammy Fin be in jail when Dr. Mayes goes down. Yes, that't the latest hospital twist.  Dr Crabby pants it down! Our prime-o suspect is laying on the floor. Hmmmm, mysterious. I want Tracy to be the murderer, still having some worms left over. 

Hammy Finn.  Obviously gots to have his drugs. Hayden is all up in his mess now, which given the fact that her story was all Nikolas and then her mother is a bit--strange. Why did I want Tracy to be the one doing the undercover sneaking around? 

Nina grows up. Gives it to Franco at GH after hearing him with Liz. She realizes he likes saving women and she needs no saving.  Franco then goes to talk to Heather about Liz--like she's such a great judge of women considering she tried to kill Carly 3x. So random. Maybe that's what happens when characters are so isolated they have to talk to their mama's in maximum lock up to figure things out.  

TJ and his Daddy. A full 10 days after TJ heard the news about his father he was finally on.  Did you feel that momentum? Yeah, didn't think so.  He talks to his Mama and gets all angry. Says "I'm a man" about 8 times. She cries. Curtis tries to talk to him. That's about it. 

Shirtless Aaron talking about his Food Truck. Krissy thinking about Parker. If this would be on more, I might get into it. So, don't drop the ball. 

Laura's Mystery:  We not nothin' 

SCENES OF THE WEEK:  ALL of them with NLG.

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Loved the British SCOTCH-infused chalk board! 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Anna finding out Julian fell for the STING.. 

ALL CLEANED UP: Look at our Dante...awwww. 

I was surprised I watched all "live" this week. I would like to just make the observation that I would be enjoying this all so much more if the stories were more tight and family-centric. Wouldn't it have been more meaningful if Alexis'  angst included her entire family? Sam's off doing a dingle-do 'adventure" and Molly is?? Kritina showed up for a hot minute. I also gather Alexis knows nothing about Nikolas being 'dead'. :Rollseyes: That is what too many characters get you! Speaking of---hey--did Hayden's mother leave? What the hell was her point anyway? 

My sister in law is still here this week, so again, who knows what I'll watch! I know I'm gone Mon-Tuesday. 
Happy America! 

photos thanks to @Fyeahgh and @Daytime_Spoilers on twitter. 


  1. Ok so I am in and out of GH these days (mostly out). Someone please tell me, who is Anna working for these days? WSB? FBI? free-lancing it? I am so confused.

  2. GM, and thanks for another excellent SS I am first again, YAY!! Happy July 4 to all!!

  3. Oh, I was not first, it looked like I was as I was typing, Anon beat me to it :(

  4. Isn't Anna a "special investigator" for the DA's office?

  5. Kiki's going back to Morgan just makes her look stupid.

    The England story failed because the villains were new characters and silly.

    Kristina story is a bust because Parker is her professor, married, and looks twice Kristina's age.

    GH needs a smaller cast & new writers.

  6. Love the new phone format, much easier to read !!!

  7. Love the wire idea but not a good idea, remember Brenda. Hate England sl. Curious about Dr Crabby on the floor, and Franco just standing there, does he think Liz did it (this reminds me of Nina with the knife in her hand when Silas was killed). Speaking of Michael Easton, he knocked it outta the park Friday! Gold star ❤

  8. "I need to have one thin mint this morning. Sorry."


    "Why did I want Tracy to be the one doing the undercover sneaking around?"

    I am glad it was RayRay. Tracy would never rub the back of Finny's head!

    "My sister in law is still here this week,"

    Oh! More food!!! Hahahaha! :)

  9. AntJoan, yes, that is Anna's job title. I think the writers have left the scope of her authority conveniently vague, because that way she can multi-task and we viewers don't need to know to whom she answers ;) Is it to Paul Hornsby? Mayor Lomax? Commish Jordan? It isn't clear, but it's easier that way to make it up as you go along ;)

    Speaking of Mayor Lomax, what a completely inept character! Instead of focusing on the PCPD's chances of bringing down the head of the Jerome Family, Lomax is more interested in getting revenge because Alexis made her look like a fool during the Olivia breastfeeding issue. Way to have the public's best interest in mind.

    On the subject of Mayor Lomax, I think Shari Belafonte is a gorgeous woman. But I wish she would change her hair color -- either darken it or let it go naturally gray. it is unique :)

  10. "natasha_jax said...I think the writers have left the scope of her authority conveniently vague, because that way she can multi-task and we viewers don't need to know to whom she answers ;) Is it to Paul Hornsby?"

    She works for and answers to Paul. He was the one who hired her.

  11. Great commentary on the week!

    While I'm liking the show more than I have in a while and there is lots of promising storylines and new couples, there is often something off! It's like there is not a clear direction from the top so storylines have a different feel day to day.

    And the need to insert Sonny into the Julexus storyline takes away from what could be a daring & interesting storyline which GH hasn't seen in ages!

    The British adventure is the unsightly blemish on the face of the show right now. Maybe adding more people & changing the location can save it though!

  12. Kudos to Michael Easton for his portrayal of Finn this week! He showed us so many emotions and acted so well that he was believable in his suffering.

    All those years he played the other characters(Caleb, Stephen lay, John McBain and Silas) he was portrayed as stoic and brooding. I'm so glad he has finally shown his true acting talents in his new role as Finn!

  13. "Sallie said...All those years he played the other characters(Caleb, he was portrayed as stoic and brooding."

    Caleb don't count!! He was a vampire, so of course he was stoic and brooding! :)


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