Friday, April 5, 2019


The Canadian Mounted Police found...RYAN'S HAND!! ahahaha. Too bad they didn't find his kidney for Jordan!! OMG So get this, Ava figures out he cut his own hand off-- he cut his right hand off, not his left. Jordan says, YEP that's what he did! 
OH, NIAGARA ON THE LAKE MENTION!! Oh we in the know here!! 
Canada thinks he's dead, Jordan isn't so sure but the FBI and DA and Canada would have to get in on it to prove he's dead. 

GYM: Oh wow, Finn got Anna an engagement ring!! 

School..Nina and Val with Willow. Willow has the principal come in and is waiting for a Union Rep. That principal is someone--I've seen him in a ton of things. Anyway, Willow apologizes for yelling at Nina-- but Val is vicious and says he won't accept it and something about her saying Char cheated?? Hmmm... Oh yeah, that test. Anyway. JPS is DOING SO well being a nasty parent! WOW.. and Nina tells Willow she needs a different "Calling". Willow says Charlotte could go to the gifted and talented program but the principal is like: Um, that's closed until FALL!! Nina gets really mad, they call for her being fired.
you have to WATCH this segment. The Union rep says nope not happening. Val threatens court. they really should put her in private school, that's a huge hole there. ALL Cassadines go to private school. 

I just remembered that Willow isn't tenured so, she IS on thin ice. Yes, in NYS all  public school teachers can be tenured after  3years.  If you're not, you can basically go for any reason. 

Maxie and Anna having a nice nosh and PETER WALKS IN--damn it. Peter talks to Chad/Chet at the bar. HE's feeling bad for hisself. He's just in an office with a computer. Chet tells him that he likes Maxie but isn't sure she's ready for another relationship. 
Chet finally asks Maxie out but she turns him down because she likes PETER....UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. 

Laura tells Lulu to go to Paris to "heal".. Lulu's like, I can't!! Rocco...Charlotte. Laura's like, eh, take Rocco...Leave Charlotte who cares??!! AHAHAHA. She tells Nina and Val later and Nina's so happy lol. 

Lucy's talking to Kevin. He can't get his identity fixed, Ryan took a lot of stuff. He tells her he's fired from GH. 


  1. The truth of the matter is that Canada doesn't care if he's dead. lol


    1. Glad you weren't walking around and found Ryan's hand! ROFL!

  2. Niagara on the Lake--been there, it is beautiful!

  3. Well now there’s no reason to tatto “Ryan” on his forehead since he’s missing a hand.

  4. The thing with Valenina and Willow is kind of weird. Yes, there are nasty parents like that. The thing is though, didn't Nicholas have private tutors. At the very least Charlotte would go to private school. Wealthy people like that usually don't use public schools. Just a fact.

    1. My problem is that Witch Nina needs to shut her scrawny butt up since she's not her mother. Not sure why Val is on the defensive all of a sudden. Just go away already Staff.

  5. Ryan missing a hand is weird. Next thing he'll show up and be "Hook"

  6. After today I can't wait until Nina finds out about Sasha!! She was such a witch at the school! And it will effect Valentine too,win!! 😳

  7. Haven't finished watching yet, but, does anyone know, why are they sending Lulu away? Is she leaving the show too? Is the actress going on vacation? Hope she is not leaving . . .

    1. Lulu's portrayer just signed a new contract, so she's not leaving the show. Maybe she's taking a little vacation.

    2. Thank goodness she is going away for awhile. She can be rather annoying.

  8. Nina was horrible, going after Willow's job! And now Valentin is agreeing with her? Nina was being likable, but now she is reminding me of what a horrible person she was when she came on the show. Oh well, she is leaving, hopefully she will find out that Sasha is not her daughter, and leave Valentin and leave town, hope they don't recast.

    1. Can't stand Nina! She is not Char's mom so where does she get off? Valentin was on the defensive too? Can't wait til Nina finds about Sasha!

  9. Nina and Valentin are the bullies

  10. Lulu was the one who insisted that Charlotte go to public school so she would be around regular kids and Valentin reluctantly agreed.

  11. School/Willow's classroom:

    Willow, ValeNina, Principle, and union rep: Oh wow!!!! V.C. is sucking up to Nina so much, that he is talking and acting like her!!! He is evening talking a lot just like Nina does!!!!! Well, too bad for you two! Willow CAN'T be fired! HAHAHHAHHAHAHA! :) Is Willow in the union? :)

    Chillow: Awwww! These two are so sweet. I love that Chase isn't apologizing for kissing her. :) Well today at least haha.


    Finchy and Chase: Awww brothers bonding. :) Oh no! Finchy has a ring!!! No don't propose to Anna! UGH! Chase wins the line of the day.

    Chase: then yeah I will share the responsibilities with a dragon.


    Laura's home:

    Laura and Lulu: Oh come on!!!! Laura Lulu should NOT be leaving town! She should go and talk to someone!!!!! UGH!

    The floating rib:

    Chet and Hiney:

    Chet: You think I stand a chance with Maxie?


    Maxie and Anna: Oh Anna stop trying to get Maxie and Hiney together, and stop calling him your son! HE IS NOT YOUR SON!

    Hiney and Anna: Anna stop trying to get Hiney and Maxie together! It's too late anyway! Chet is going to ask Maxie out!!!!

    Finchy and Anna: No Finchy! Put the ring away!!!!!

    Maxie and Chet: YES! HE IS ASKING HER OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Maxie and Hiney: What?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Go back and tell Chet YES! No I don't want Miney! UGH!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Doc and Lucy: GAH! Love their scene. :) Oh she found a place for him to live in!!! Another new set? Can't wait to see it! :)
    Ava's home:

    Ava, Jordan, and Julian: Ryan's hand?!!?!? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! So is his hand walking around? So Mr. Handy was found eh? So many jokes!!!!! :) So Ryan is walking around with only 1 hand. What next? Will he cut off another body part? Which one? Oh I don't want to know! ROFL!

    Ava and Julian: Man she is standing wayyyyyyyyyy to close to him. :) Talking about Mr. Hand.

    1. Sonya, yes, I noticed that also, she was standing wayyyy too close,maybe the actress really is attracted to the actor? Or, maybe, there is wayyyy to much close talking in general on soaps.

      My sister injured her shoulder last year, and she ended up not being able to use her hand for months due to complications. It WAS her dominant hand, but, even so, she found that she was incapacitated by having the use of only one hand, she could barely do anything for herself. I can't see how Ryan can be a fully functioning person, let alone serial killer, with just one hand!

    2. Pretty sure it's not an attraction LOL!!
      I'm sure he'd find away.

    3. "AntJoanA Sonya, yes, I noticed that also, she was standing wayyyy too close,maybe the actress really is attracted to the actor? Or, maybe, there is wayyyy to much close talking in general on soaps."

      Maybe both! ROFL!

      "chellefish42 says Pretty sure it's not an attraction LOL!!"

      ROFL! Is that what she told you? ROFL!


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