Thursday, April 11, 2019

Safe House


"You were in a bad place and I took you out".. Jason to Krissy. She's mad. "MY CEREMONY, MY CHOICE"!!  Sonny comes in
YOU HAVE TO WATCH THESE SCENES!! Lexi and Mo NAIL them. WOW. She sobs,  yanks away.. gets furious...they are so good.
Alexis comes in. She yells at Alexis.. then Newbie Doctor Neal comes in. Alexis is surprised. Sonny is surprised they know each other. Krissy tells him her parents need therapy. Runs into the bedroom.
Dr. Neal explains that if she goes back to DOD now, with this level of rage, she will probs never come back. 

"It's like he branded you" ..Chase to Willow. She said he did, but "now it's just a tattoo".  They are SUCH a Hallmark movie! Michael comes over. They have breakfast (he seems ok with the whole thing_). He has a plan to use Willow somehow to get to SHank. 

Why would SAM go to DOD??  Shiloh doesn't suspect her I guess. DERP. SO, she plays stupid about Krissy and MOLLY charges in!! Yelling at Shank and is like SAM!! WHY ARE YOU HERE? Looking for Krissy?? Sam is like, no.. no biggie. Molly doesn't know about her undercover work and is like ARE YOU INSANE?? GOOD Scenes. Molly flagged passages in SHank's book showing how narcissistcic he is.. LOL!! Sam doesn't tell her about her plan-- Molly says she won't drink the punch like Krissy and she did. When Molly leaves, Sam smiles and is proud. 

Harmony says the CUP IS MISSING!! Shank freaks out. She says they have to find it, it can ruin them! 

Oscar Death Watch 2019:  Oscar can breathe without his tube and his eyes fluttered. CarSon and Joss are waiting in the hall. 
Oscar can't talk because of the breathing tube damage (good touch). Terry wants to examine him alone..and Kim and Drew go out to tell CarSon and Joss.
Joss goes in to see him. Terry says the last seizure took it's toll.  Monica arrives. Joss goes to see Oscar.  Terry talks to Monica, Drew and Kim. He probably won't be able to walk.. and she thinks it will progress quickly. Drew tears up. Monica says "We have to figure out what we do now" 
Drew and Kim go in to talk to Oscar. WOW, Billy Milly is breaking me. ME!! ME!! WUBSY's so sad. They tell him his tumor is growing and he says "well, it's the end then". 

Monica cries in Drew's arms..GAH

Kim cries in Jules' arms.

TOMORROW ..AND OF course GH doesn't continue the's all different stuff! This makes me so angry, it was SUCH a good show today, why do they DO THIS? 


  1. What does anyone think about Steve Burton's racist comments. He also took over the show it seems. When is Billy Miller leaving?

    1. I missed it. What did he say? Just curious.


    3. well, not a lot has changed from when he was first on and now as far as taking over the show.

  2. Today was very realistic and very well done by all! Best line was Molly saying she's not going to knock back the punch like everyone else!! Loved her whole scene. Watching Oscar die is going to be rough. I do think they really missed a lot of opportunities with this story line too. It always bothered me how healthy he looked during his illness. It really wouldn't have been a lot of work to make him look as sick as he was supposed to be.
    At least they're making him look sick now.Hopefully, Jason will get the cup to the lab so they can test it for whatever they used to drug Christina. I do hope Willow will take a shot at helping Christina. Her & Chase are a cute couple. I agree Karen, very Hallmarky! I don't understand why they're messing with Anna's character either. They're making her a hot mess. They seem to do this a lot with strong female characters lately. Anyway,I did enjoy today. Have a blessed night all!


  4. Didn't watch today yet, but I was thinking yesterday, the plan was to tattoo/brand Kristina, then she has to have sex with Shiloh? I never have been tattooed, and certainly not branded, LOL, but I can imagine you would not want to lie on your back with someone on top of you afterwards.

    1. Since the drugs knocked Krissy out and Jason said she was so compliant when he first got her back that she gave him her password for the phone, I'm assuming that Shiloh had sex with them while they were under the influence. And that is rape.

  5. Cult house:

    King Mufasa and Oh oh! The cup is missing!!!!! SOMEONE GET THE CUP! It's important! If they don't get the cup they are doomed!!!!!

    King Mufasa and Sam: Awwww Sam feels so bad and embarrassed about her wanting Jason and getting drunk! ROFL!

    King Mufasa, Sam and Molly: OH MY! GO MOLLY GO! :) As I told Karen on twitter, 11 year old Molly would have thought King Mufasa was romantic.. :)

    Sam and Molly: ROFL! Molly is great. :) Fight the good fight Molly!!! :) Great scene!!!!

    Molly: That place is a colt!!!!

    Really? The place is a horse? Wow! Does it like carrots?


    Krissy and Jason: Jason wins the line of the day.


    Jason: Do you want some breakfast?


    Krissy and Sonny: Love this!! :) Great scene!!! Krissy guess you will have to thumb a ride back to the cult house.

    Krissy, Sason, Alexis, and Doc Neil: Alexis shocked to see Doc Neil!! Neil asks Krissy how so is those people your family.. :) Krissy can't even answer the question! ROFL!

    Chase's home:

    Chillow: He is so sweet!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :)

    "Karen says, They are SUCH a Hallmark movie!"

    They are they are!!! :) I love it and them! :)

    Chillow and Michael: Great scene!!! Again Chase makes sure Willow is okay and if it's okay to tell Michael about Willow and the cult! :) Glad they are all working together.. :)

    The hospital: Hmmm they aren't showing the lounge!!! :(

    Oscar's room: Damn he looks really good for someone who is going to die soon. He just looks tired. He doesn't make me cry..

    Waiting area:

    Monica, Joss, and Carly: After Monica leaves, Joss makes me cry!!!! :(

    CarlyKim and "Charlie": Awww poor CarlyKim!!! :(

    Monica and Drew: GAH! Monica made me cry!!!! :(

    1. "Colt" HAHAHHAAH! I noticed that too, and snickered. Glad I wasn't the only one!

      Yesterday was so good. I know you don't give up on your kid, but the way that Krissie treats Alexis is just absolutely wrong. Even before the "colt" business. She has such a nasty little mouth.

      Chillow are the best!!! And yes, I was tearing up and the end, when everyone was hugging/crying.

    2. And I forgot to say that Molly was perfection. Her ripping on Shank's book was fantastic. :)

  6. Karen since you never seen Cynthia Watros work, and for everyone too, someone on soap central, put up a video of her from Guiding Light from 1997.

  7. OK, so, can someone tell us, will she be Nina?

  8. I've clicked on the link but can't tell what it says and I don't use Twitter.


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