Thursday, April 18, 2019

Cult Crud

Anna 'Most of the records were REDACTED" LOL!! How timely!! She tells Finn she didn't learn much in Italy.

Joss is writing a song in hopes of performing it at the Nurses' Ball with Oscar.  Michael is going to take her over there. 

Olivia is crying..Oscar is moving in and she hates to see his room look so much like a intensive care unit. Oscar comes in with Kim and Drew.  Monica gave Oliiva full use of the kitchen while Oscar is there!! 
Oscar talks to Ned and O alone and wants them to plan his funeral!! 

SHank and Sam..he wants her to find Krissy. but not by herself. 

Sonny thinks Kirstina told Shank about HIS business dealings in her 'Secret" document. He talks to NuDoc.  Says he doesn't connect with the book--Neal says it's really to point out people's faults and their regrets-- 
AHAHAHA SONNY HAS NONE, he's an ego-maniac!! 

OH MY GOD, today is SUCH and exposition day!! 

AND........when Anna's searching a box, the NEWS INTERRUPTS BECAUSE YOU KNOW,  Whatever. 


  1. It wasn't interrupted here. Do you want to know what Anna found?

  2. She found a bracelet and when Finn walks in on her and asks what she's looking for, she says,"This" Then she says "I now know that Robin is my daughter!"

    Nice part for them to interrupt, wasn't it?

    1. Damn Di! I should move to Canada!!! ROFL!

      "Nice part for them to interrupt, wasn't it?"

      Oh sure! Wonderful timing! ROFL!

    2. Thank you for telling us!!! We knew it was going to be something from the past that she and Robin shared but had no idea what. I kept telling Anna that, but she wouldn't listen. Kept telling the TV "come on, there must be something physical that the two of you shared when she was young". Also, I love how Anna flies all over the world and back in an hour's time. Italy and back while Finn hasn't even changed clothes yet.

  3. Chandler Mansion:

    Anna and Finchy: No Anna!!! No no no! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!! Oh look a bracelet. I just watched it online.. NOW Anna is convinced that Robin is her daughter? Over a bracelet? *roll eyes* Now concentrate on Hiney not being your son!

    Colt house:

    King Mufasa: What is going to do with that pledge? Hmmmmmm.

    King Mufasa and Sam:

    King Mufasa: Now you don't have to ever do anything by yourself ever again.

    Oh sure!!! If you have to use the bathroom for any reason, we will be there!!! If you are going to bed to sleep, we will be there!!!! You will never be alone again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Carly's office:

    Carly and Joss: Oh Carly's baby bump is growing! :) So we are going to have another Cortinhos baby afterall huh?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sonny, Michael, and Jason: Man Sonny has an ego.


    Sonny and Alexis's therapist: I forgot his name.. MAN! Sonny has a GIANT EGO!!!! Sonny you don't know that the pledge is about you!!! UGH!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Julexis: Alexis gives Julian the money back! HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA!

    Q mansion:

    Nedlia: Oh Olivia!!!!!!!! :( She's crying. :( Oh yes take the wheelchair back in the bedroom before Oscar sees! Oh oops too late. Oh wow now he looks sick!!!! Finally!

    JossCar: Awww! Singing the song for the nurses ball. Karen and I were talking on twitter today about how Oscar dies. Like he should die on stage at the nurses ball. I think it will make more of an impact.

    Oscar and Nedlia: Awww Oscar you don't want a funeral you want a memorial! And no tears! I get it. :( Olivia wins the line of the day!

    Olivia: I cry at weddings, I cry at baptisms, animal shelter commercials.

    ROFL! And about the the Sarah McLachlan commercials, YES YES! I AGREE! VERY BRUTAL!!!

    1. I'm assuming that the bracelet had special significance and maybe she had put it away many years ago. It wouldn't have been something that Alex would have worn at that wedding as she wouldn't know about it. Therefore it couldn't have been Alex's memory.

    2. Sonya, the therapist is Neil. Sonny DOES have a giant ego, but it is only logical that he would think that the secret is about him, as he is a mob boss (although they never show him doing that anymore).

      I think that Oscar will die, and then Joss will bravely go out on the stage and sing the song herself.

    3. I think you're right about Joss, AntJoan.

    4. AntJoan, I think your guess about Oscar and Joss makes total sense. They need seen to alternate between sad and funny at the Ball, so this year it could be "sad" with Joss going out to do that. Maybe to honor his friendship with Oscar, Cameron will join her.

    5. Yeh Pat....Sun....maybe what will happen is Oscar is well enough or faking like he is to not disappoint Joss and he can't finish so Cam steps in for....

  4. My DVR didn't even record GH yesterday, gah!!! I was getting my hair done, it was on, and I saw that it was interrupted, yet again.

    I did watch this morning, and best line ever was from Neil (talking about Krissie) asking Sonny if he had ever seen glass shatter. I was crying!!!! The man who can throw every piece of barware across the house in record time, has DEFINITELY seen glass shatter. HAHAHA! :)

  5. Julie H, that was a great line but when he said that a broken glass could be repaired - don't think so! I din't see the bracelet part either but hopefully that will put an end to Anna's misery. Now if only it was Peter...

    1. Oh heavens yes about Anna's misery and ours too, for that matter! It has to be Peter. That we he can leave on a looooong sabbatical to go seek his true mother. Lol!

    2. Don't care if Peter leaves or stays, but would LOVE to see the end of Anna's fawning over him all the time. Maybe then she could give Finn the attention he deserves.


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