Sunday, April 21, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Boxed In

If I stare long enough, I know he'll show up! 

Ok, so the week was filled to the BRIM! There's just too much going on in this show. Jumping all over and things just lose their resonance.  Kissy is fighting her family to get back to DOD and she's off this week?? HUH? ...Anna finds a clue..then... isn't on the next day.
I can't TAKE IT!! Get the drama momentum going, will ya? 

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Brunch in the house today and since it's my Aunt's Bday we are having a Carrot Cake in the shape of a bunny. LOL!! How fun is that!!? 

NOTE: A lot of people seemed to be off this week and the GH timeline was really vacant. Ergo, not a lot of photos to choose from, sorry!! It was pretty banal anyway, as you'll see from these scenes I 'emblished' a little: 

SO, I got a serial killer with a tumor, you married your rapist and you still love the guy that unleashed  another serial killer on Port Charles...I'd call that a Win-Win! 

A Play Date? With my glamorous, smart, funny Charlotte? Only if Aiden brings her gifts and some carrots for her pony. Oh, and he needs to make sure he washes up and bakes scones for us too. 

You can try to delete those pics all you want to, Valentin but I uploaded them to revenge Porn already!

Yeah, I got into it defending my brother, but he needs to TONE-IT-DOWN with the princess pencils and unicorn cupcakes, ok? I got a rep to maintain. 

Here, drink's not as good as my magic acai-berry but it will have to do...

No, that's just a party-cup.. you know, like in the Pink! song... 
Oh, Raise Your Glass? 
Yeah..yeah, that's it...

Oh my god, I didn't realize you were so cool, dude. Can't wait to meet up at the seminar! 

No, that's just my phone in my pocket, I swear.....

Olivia and Ned emotionally react to Oscar's request.

Wait,  Ned, Oscar wants us  to plan his funeral? 
That's what he said.
That means I'll have to make gnocchi for about 10 people..
Isn't that being generous? 

OMG, this feels so good! 
Yeah, all my girlfriends have said that!!
All your girlfriends? How did those relationships turn out? 
Um.. don't ask...

So, ok, the DNA thing didn't work out but let's try something else.. I bet Lesil has something else we can find. I mean, it's not like I have a baby to take care of or money I have to earn to pay the rent or anything. 

VHAT? Ze DNAs is proving Zasha's Nina's? !  ECHT NINE! 

Margo-go is possibly in the Dawn of Day Cult. 
Sasha and Michael had sex (she'll be dead in 2 months! lol) 
Anna found a picture of her wearing a bracelet when Robin was born; a clue she's probably her daughter after all
Finn never got around to proposing 
Oscar moved into the Q's. Wants Ned and Olivia to plan his funeral 
Joss and Oscar wrote a song for the Nurses' Ball
Cam beat up Tyler who was saying Aiden was a "fairy" but then wanted Aiden to "not be so gay acting" ...
Shiloh wants Sam to find Krissy by... seducing Jason? Not sure. 
Ava wants to lure Ryan out by pretending to have a boyfriend. 


While I liked the Cam scenes, WTF, he hasn't visited Oscar in like 2 weeks. He and Joss should be going through this together. He's Oscars Best Guy Friend, get it together. Spencer stuff is getting old. I understand Franck loves NB --so either get him on canvas more or SORA him. The whole blackmail and Valentin stuff is stale.  YOU DIDN'T PUT ANYTHING ON WITH KRISSY IN A SCENE THIS WEEK??  Again, WTF.  Seriously? You have such powerhouse scenes last week and --well, let's just have people talking about her ??? Show us the process--skipping an entire week is just taking the wind out of the sails!! I don't want to see Alexis just talking to the doctor or Sonny reading the DOD book. Where's Molly? Great character, great scenes and because management won't make her a contract player, she's in the shadows again. Speaking of... UM...TJ could show up at the hospital. HE WORKS THERE. His MOTHER IS GETTING DIALYSIS!! HELLO!! 

(No photo available)_SORRY!!!! Imagine if you will Olivia's tears on the couch--listening to Oscar.. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Olivia and Oscar..such a sweet, natural scene. LLC cries so well and genuine. We need more poignant Oscar stuff. 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Maura West's facial expressions when Curtis was talking to her about Kiki's death were priceless. They need to use these in acting classes. Masterful 

FACE OF THE WEEK RUNNER UP: Nora realizing she might miss the Roadie-Burger window if Val keeps talking much longer...

ADORABLE OF THE WEEK: AWWWWW. And Lucas talked Brad out of going to the Cult Club!! 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  WHAT'S IN THE PACKAGE!!!?? A hand? Faison's Brain?? Wings from Buffalo?? WHAT!?  (thank you to @SoaptweetsGH for the photo!) 

That's a wrap!! Things need to gel more on this show. I've said it for months and months. The bones and stories are there. I still think people need to be on contract that aren't and vise-versa.  Stories need to be told in successive days, not chopped and inserted willy-nilly whenever strikes their fancy. The Cam scenes with Friz were powerful... follow them up with more than a play-date.  Get Oscar really settled into the Q's. Not having Monica there when he moved in? Just not right. Clean up this SHank business and focus on getting Krissy deprogrammed. The baby story has to focus more on the fact that Brad knows Willow's baby is really dead. Does Michael really need to be in a relationship right now when we could have Molly and TJ on our screens? That's a BIG NOPE! 

Hope I did't take up too much of your Easter day -- it's gloomy here and has been all week. Our spring flowers are even out much yet nor are the buds on the trees!! Spring season is just not what it used to be! 


  1. Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    "Karen says and since it's my Aunt's Bday we are having a Carrot Cake in the shape of a bunny. LOL!! How fun is that!!?"

    Hahahaha are you really having that for your aunt? So cute and adorable!!! Happy birthday to your aunt!!!

    "Sasha and Michael had sex (she'll be dead in 2 months! lol)"

    ROFL! I liked her better with Griffin.

    "Finn never got around to proposing"

    YAY! :)

    "Franck loves NB --so either get him on canvas more or SORA him."

    NO! No Sorasing Spencer!!! Karen! You are grounded! Go in your room until I say to come out! ROFL!

    "FACE OF THE WEEK RUNNER UP: Nora realizing she might miss the Roadie-Burger window if Val keeps talking much longer..."

    ROFL! But then V.C. changed his mind, so now Nora won't miss the Roadie burger!! :)

  2. i think Sasha DREAMED she had sex with Michael - that seemed too weird...
    It's gotta be Ryan's hand - the brain of Caesar would mean the writers are paying attending - and well, we all know they don't!!!!!
    WHY ask Ned and Olivia - but I liked Oscar asking them -
    so Dr. Neil and Harmony were married and Willow is their adopted daughter - we ALL see this coming down the highway....
    Carly and Joss scenes are the most real/poignant - love that Carly wants to help but knows she can't.

  3. Happy Passover and Easter to all!

  4. Another fine SS. Thank you.
    Didn't the CRP find Ryan's hand? Probably the brain.
    There is some good stuff going on but it's so inconsistent. I now FF through the thrown at us sex scenes. No bearing on any story.
    I think 'mufasa' may have it right...Dr. Neil(I love him) and Harmony and Willow.
    Enjoy your Sunday holiday everyone!

  5. LMAO @ Sasha being dead in 2 wks because she had the sex with Mikey.



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