Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sunday Surgery: POINTS to PONDER

I impressed Wubsy this week.... I need a minute...

This week had me on my last nerve...and yet I was totally absorbed on Thursday--heart pumping and digging the show.  Oh it's just such a Love-hate-Love relationship I have!! Plus the news that Cynthia is coming as Nina and everyone is just running 'round like a chicken with their heads cut off!! 

I have the best left over Pad Thai in my fridge. It's so good. I could eat that stuff daily! I will share with you. 

'You're not going to rewrite history and trash everything that's the most important to me"...
Robert Scorpio 4/12/19

THIS MEMORY STORY is making me so nuts, I have to do TWO points on it!! 

1. WHY THE HELL would Anna automatically think that ROBIN isn't her kid and not PETER? IS IT like our ANNA to sleep with FAISON? IS IT?? Not use protection??
Thank goodness Robert was on Friday's show!! "If I wasn't standing here watching you slowly unravel, I might be insulted"...Robert should also have said: "If anything, Peter's probably not your son, start there'!!! 

2. Would ANNA really CRY IN SOME ALLEY about Robin "not being her's"?? OF COURSE SHE'S YOURS! Even IF Alex's DNA comes up..WHO CARES!! You were with her all those years, you have the memories. YOU ARE HER MOTHER. Anna would know that-- and say it. If Alex pushed her out of her womb BFD.  This whole false memory stuff is getting too convoluted even for me. If those are your memories, they are yours. If you can never recover "other" memories, welp. Whatever. ugh. 

NOTE: Identical Twins DO have different DNA markers and there are tests Anna could do and prove all this.. Google it. They can't say it can't be done if it can. It's science. 

3. THE CULT CLUB.  Lord have mercy. Why didn't Michael go to Alexis and Sonny and tell them about the tatts and the sex? Alexis would have stopped ventilating and ..oh forget it. At least I got a good Sexis scene.  By the way Sonny has a private jet. Sonny has an island. Why wouldn't he take her there? Why leave her close enough to the Cult for her to escape or them to find her? I know, there wouldn't be a story then, but geesh!! 

There was a ton wrong on Wed's show about the whole Jason lifting Krissy up (giggle)...and all that jazz.  BUT Thursday's show saved it.  Nice job all around.  I really bought Sonny and Kristina's relationship.  Her screaming and fighting was wonderful. Poor Sonny, not in control over any of it. He kidnapped her sure, but can't make her not want to go back to SHank's Cult. 

4.  WHY DOESN'T MOLLY HAVE A STORY?? Hell, this girl is the most sensible (yet a little bitchy), intelligent 20 something on the show. CONTRACT her up! 

5. WHY AREN'T THESE TWO IN A CHRISTMAS MOVIE? Because you know they are total Hallmark. Willow has an edge when she's in the classroom-- and Chase has an edge too. SO EDGE THEM up. Don't have them be rollerskating ..because that ish just .ugh. No. 

6. NEEDS NO COMMENT...other than...WHY? 

7. SPENCER-NATION:  Why hasn't he been SORA'd and brought back? I don't even know the age diff between he and say, Joss but having a bratty entitled Cassadine around would be so priceless.  Maybe Spencer could even work at this age; at least try it if NB is free. This Paris hopping is laughable. I love how Laura says to him every single time: "Don't ever leave without telling me first"....

8. OSCAR'S FARWELL TOUR 2019:   I have no snark this week on this story. Don't pass out or anything. I just really, really liked the way it was done. Joss and Carly, Drew, Kim...Monica and Dr. Terry were all making me feel the feels. It's the end and I think it just might be the poignant soapy-ness we all need right now. 

9. WHY CAN'T WE HAVE MORE OF THIS? : Three great gals, having drinks talking about their stalker? No, not that, but more cast-mixing? This was a fabulous set of scenes and Felicia was her old self again. MORE PLEASE! 


I know she only weighs 110 pounds knees are shot, man!!

You see, Bo wants all junk food at my son's wedding and well, I kind of agree! 


**Ryan's case was ruled on.. NORA GOT HIM OFF!! Because Ryan was "Dead" !! WOOT 
**Spencer was back in town, unsure why but good to see him
**They took Krissy out of Dawn of Day, she's at a safe house but she's really really pissed off
**DA Lady thinks Ryan is dead, Ava is going to do something on her own
**Sasha gets Nina to forgive Maxie
**Oscar is dying, really dying and it's heartbreaking.
**Joss is reading him The Wind in the Willows...
**Jordan needs a kidney sooner rather than later
**SHank is all mad that his girlie is missing
**Sam continues the ruse
**Molly's the only one with some damn sense and fire.

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  So good between these two, I believed every second of it. I realized MB had put up a photo of he and Lexi on IG while ago and it said "closed set"!! 

OTHER PRICELESS SCENES:  Alexis and Sonny banter,  The Molly Shank-show down, Billy Miller at Oscar's bedside,  Miller and Monica, The Ladies at The Rib, Nora crushing MarGoGo and calling Bo for "Roadies Burgers" and Laura and Finn.  --PS this means all in all a pretty good week! 

PERFORMER OF THE WEEK:  Lexi just brought it.  :clapping: 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  this is Krissy signing her statement "secret" to SHank.. it explains Alexis ran over Keifer intentionally. 

RUNNER UP:  Good ol' Bones...lookin' sharp for his or her scene with Finn "proposing" to Laura.  Oh, and I LOVED the Finn Laura stuff! They were very sparkly. 

THAT'S A WRAP!!  Here we go into another spring week! I have this week off for "spring" break. I'll be in super exciting Buffalo Wed-Thurs... so I probably won't blog -I will placemark tho and I think Dave might have something up his sleeve.  


  1. As I recall it, didn't Alexis rUn Kiefer over accidentally? I had a strong feeling she was going to tell Shank about this incident.
    Thanks again Karen for great SS

  2. Very great scene with Finn and Laura. Joss is doing a great job with all the Oscar stuff. Good scene with her and Carly. The storyline with Anna is stupid but I always lobe Finola and Tristan. Lexi Ainsworth did a great job with her scenes.

  3. Wasn't Alexis already charged with the Hit and Run of Keifer and given Community Service? AND didn't she take the blame for running Claudia off the road when Kristina actually did it? Kristina is such a brat (and that's how she's written and Lexi does a great job with that).

    Totally over the Anna stuff. Since Ryan was part of the DVX and lost internationally, couldn't the WSB help? Since she has been brainwashed and deprogrammed, maybe she could help with the cult?? Anything but this.

    I LOVE the actor who plays Valentine, but I am unsure why is written to be such a cartoon villain. Threatening Spencer? STILL fighting over Charlotte's custody - yes, Lulu was wrong, but you don't cut a kid off from family members totally. And Nina is his fiancee and should have NO SAY in Charlotte's schooling. The Principal should have refused to meet without Lulu and would have pointed out that Nina had no authority or right over Charlotte's education and that Parent Teach conferences were between PARENTS and teachers.

    1. Agree—step parents don’t have parental decision making authority. She’s not even a step parent...

  4. If Anna REALLY is having all these doubts, then she Robert and Robin can do a DNA test. I am beyond sick of this sl. Remember when we wondered whoever could 1-5 be? LOL! I regret wanting to know, it's such a stupid sl.
    I loved the rollerskating. But that's just me, it was cute. I do have to admit it took awhile for me to dig them but I do.
    They just can't age Spencer, love this kid. He's shoulder height to Laura and his voice. Wow! My youngest nephew had the growth spurt issues etc.
    Loved the Oscar stuff, actually teared up some.
    Photo cap of Sonny and Jason....LMAO!!
    Absolutely loved Finn practicing his proposal.
    Ok so don't see it discussed, quick read thru but who's watching Ava?

    1. The only problem with running a DNA test in PC is that they are all rigged. So, whatever it says, then Anna should think the opposite.

    2. Well as long as she doesn't give it to Brad she's pretty safe. 🤣🤣

  5. ALexis did NOT run down Keifer intentionally, so either Krissy believes her mom DID do it on purpose or she had to make up something for Shiloh. AT LEAST it wasn't a Sonny secret.
    well, I didn't read the Wind in the Willows and I read everything growing up and taught English, so yesterday, I went and bought the book to read.....just cause......
    At some point Finola Hughes needs to stand up for herself and say - I AM TIRED OF CRYING and BEING MEEK! they have ruined her character - I don't even care about her anymore.
    No sightings online of Kimberly Mc and Brooklyn Silzer so I guess Robin and Emma are not coming to the Nurses Ball.
    I will say this again - you MUST MUST go online to and watch the previous nurses ball - Spencer for example is SO good and Emma is so little----love the nurses ball 2014-2018----even shows Milo flirting with Epiphany for the first time!!!!!

  6. Another great SS. Thank you K. This Anna thing makes me so angry. Her constant tears and doubt. Do the writers want angry viewers? I agree with 'mufasa' about Finola Hughes. Not what she signed up for.
    The dependence on identical twins (3 pairs presently) for stories is an easy out for the writers.
    The Oscar story is indeed poignant. All involved are doing a terrific job. But Oscar could use a bit of sick make up. IMO...the casting of Joss as Carly's daughter was one of the best ever.
    Love Ava/Felicia/Laura teaming up.
    Great to see Nora in PC. Banter with Margo-go, talking about Matthew and his fiance Destiny, and phone talk with Bo. Love them all and want them back on the small screen.
    Have a fine Sunday everyone.

  7. I think the most interesting part of the week was with Kevin getting off on the charges of sheltering Ryan. Especially his reaction in the courtroom and with Laura in the hospital in which Kevin seemed to be "Ryan Like". I'm surprised that wasn't mentioned in the SS?

  8. Thank you for another great week of recaps Karen.
    I am hoping Kevin agrees to work with Ava to lure Ryan back, and he accidentally really falls in love with her.
    I am also hoping they allow Anna to be a strong character again.

    1. I don't want Ava with Kevin, I still want him Laura. Kevin and Ryan are two very different people. She loved the danger Ryan brought.

  9. Love your column, but gotta say, I’m glad they haven’t SORA’d Spencer(Nicholas). I love the young actor who Portrays him. They haven’t aged Emma(Brook Lynn), so it works.

  10. As many have said, I love Spencer. He is always fun to watch. I checked on the ages of the teen actors and found that Joss and Cameron are 15 in real life and Spencer is 14. Not such an age difference. It is simply that NB is shorter in stature then the other two. I have a grandson like that as well. He is quite a bit shorter than any of his school mates. But I do suppose that until Spencer gets a growth spurt it is better to keep him separate from the other teens on the show. Hope they keep him around until that growth happens.

    1. Yeh my nephew that I spoke of, he really hit his growth spurt late I guess? I'm 5' and he's probably 5'4" younger sister is 5'6" so all her kids are going to be tall. But yeh the actor is just short for his age and I hope that they don't age him just because of that. He's a great actor.

    2. height shouldn't matter.spencer is a great actor.should be in scenes with other teens. I'm short should I only hang with short people?

  11. Here in NYC, all programs have been pre-empted by the fire in Paris.GH is on @3pm here,so it remains to be seen if our show will be on.

    1. The fire coverage is on here too on ABC, of course. But no coverage on NBC or CBS. I understand why but it's always our program. Oh well.

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