Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Someone on Instagram paused it and read the actual trust offering. It threw Alexis under the bus. Said that she purposely ran Keifer over that night when Krissy was pretending to be asleep in the backseat of the car.

Ok, so look!! I wondered what Krissy's secret was and someone was crafty enough to find out! GOTTA LOVE IT!! We are soapy detectives out there. SO that's what she told him. What an idiot she is!
By the way, Jason has a gun the size of an UZI and he and Sam and Michael just stand there in the alley chatting away? What the hell, Storm that house that has like 4 people in it! Plus, why wait until now to have Sonny tell Dr. Newbie about all this? Isn't it late in the game? Daisy should be more involved too. I know she's a new character but they could have fleshed her out and had her set on revenge ...and have her take care of SHank or something. The whole story was just hollow and interrupted. SO much more could have happened. Oscar getting false "healed" which would have put Joss and Cam in there. Trina could have come by and said "You are STUPID' and put a stop to it all.
LORD, this is a mess.
I loved the concept but execution?
OMG I think I'm writing a Sunday Surgery. Forgive me. LOL

Carry on.

Nancy Posted this to Twitter... "Maurice and I after they cut our Nurses Ball Number Out"!


  1. I hope krissy ends up dead .never liked her. prefer molly

  2. Krissie truly is an idiot! Loved the pic of Nancy and Mo, hahahahaha!

  3. just a thought - what if NEIL is Willow's dad----the one who raised her?????
    or DAISY'S dad?????THAT is why he talked about trying to get someone out of DOD - gotta be Daisy's dad.

    1. Maybe Willows dad? Have he and Nina met? Although Willow does look like Marjeauz...I'm having brain farts spelling this morning, Margoo chick.

  4. lol a minor Hump Day Check-Up is just fine. thank you.

  5. I think maybe Neil and Harmony are Willow's adopted parents and Nina is her mom. Neil and Harmony are divorced. He might have tried to get her out of the cult and couldn't. I like Neil. Hope he stays around. They need another man of that age on the show. I wonder if Ava will pretend to get together with Scott or Kevin. I love Felicia, Laura, and Ava talking. Ava might be a better person if she had some girlfriends.


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