Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Missing Phone

Laura visits Felicia at The Rib. Felicia thinks it's a good idea that Ava lure out Ryan with a 'new man'. Felicia gives Laura her nightmare journal to read and has a baseball bat behind the bar. TOM Hardy told her to keep it so long ago!! Laura says thank you for letting me see this. 

Ava and Kevin She wants to use Ryan's hand he sent to "bury him"...she wants Kevin to pretend to be her boyfriend. Whoa/. She's like, why not?  He tells her that Laura and he are back together. She's not happy. He tells her no and leaves. 

Sonny's big fat mouth interrupts the therapy session. Even the Doctor was like "hold up". Sonny wants to know if they are holding anything over Krissy's head preventing her from leaving. Alexis drops her phone or put it under the couch and Kristina is eyeballing it. She is yelling. Everyone is yelling. Michael storms out without telling her about the tattoos or the sex. :eyeroll: Krissy eventually grabs the phone when everyone leaves. 

Sam is ready to GO THE DISTANCE WITH DOD . Harmony is like "SLOW DOWN there, chick--you have a long way to go". Harmony leaves.   Sam wonders what she has to do. He takes off his shirt. Takes her up to 'the room' and says that she has to 'reveal herself" to him to get in the inner circle. 

Willow and Chase in Kelly's.. NUValerie is on. She's TALL and more blunt than the old one. Chase and Val leave. Harmony comes in to meet with Willow.  Harmony wants her to teach all the children and that Shiloh misses her.  

Curtis asks TJ about the drugs found in Ryan's tissue from his hand: Blood clotting stuff and pain stuff. They talk about Jordan. 
Later, he and Jordan think Ryan is alive and near PC especially after the blood clotting thing. 

Chase wants to meet Michael at the Floating Rib to see if Michael knows where Kristina is. 



Valerie goes to the DOD and Krissy CALLS HER!! 

Sam is stipping in the Cult Club Room

Harmony is Willow's mother 'You gave me to Shiloh, and it's your job to protect me, you're my mother"! 


  1. The Colt house: Did you know that DOD is on twitter? I just found out today. I'm following it. It's hysterical! ROFL!

    King Mufasa, Harmony.com and Sam: Man Harmony.com does not like Sam!!!! She is so rude to Sam!!!!

    King Mufasa and Harmony.com: Oh they are feeling each others energy!!!

    King Mufasa and Sam: Damn! He takes off his shirt.. He sounds like Charlie Manson! ROFL! He wins the lines of the day.

    King Mufaasa: I'm revealing myself. Reveal yourself to me Sam.


    The attic:

    King Mufasa and Sam: Oh yes! Let's get nekkid!!!! Does Sam have to take off her bra too? :) Does she have to be buck nekkid?


    Chillow: Willow got a haircut!! I think it's too short. Chase didn't even notice that she got a haircut. Oh gee recast Val snuck in there without any voice over telling us it's her. Wow Val must have drank a lot of milk! She is tall now.

    Willow and Harmony.com: Mama Harmony.com wants her daughter back at the colt house.

    The floating rib:

    Flea and Laura: Wow Flea is so hyper hahahaha. A dream journal that Tom Hardy told you to do?!!? Love it!!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Ava and Doc: Now Ava is on to Doc!!!! She will go through all the men in Port Chuckles just so Ryan can come out of hiding!!

    The intervention cabin: Oh boy!!! You may think this intervention is working, but NOPE! Krissy is digging her heels!!!! Uh Alexis you forgot your phone!!!! RA RO! Hmm wonder why Krissy is calling Val and not King Mufasa!

    The hospital:

    Molly and TJ:

    Molly: My sister is caught up in a colt.

    Well they better feed the little colt or it could die!

  2. She probably is calling Val because Val is a cop and she wants to report that she was kidnapped. There is no way she would be deprogrammed in one session, it would take months . . . And Krissy always has been rebellious, the more you tell her to do something, the more she digs in her heels . . . I think it was good for Jason to get her out of there before the branding/sex, BUT WHY doesn't someone tell her about that? WHY????? That might be the ONE THING that might cause her to think twice about going back . . . Although, knowing Krissy, she still would want to go back . . .

    I think, as I said before, that the colt story is based on NXIVM, which I think is a timely story. It also is good to show the dynamics of how people get sucked into colts, and how bad these colts really are (as I said before, they are almost always about a guy wanting to have sex with multiple women). But it is SO STUPID that NO ONE is at that house except Shiloh, who always is available to Sam. Krissy worked hard to "prove herself" to him, but what has Sam done? I haven't seen her taking courses, or doing other colt work, she just is with Shiloh all the time, why would he bring her into the trust? (Other than wanting to have sex with her, which, I guess is his main motive anyway for doing anything.)

  3. The "colt". HAHAHAHAH! I just love that!

    I was so frustrated with Krissie, and lord, she acts younger and younger with every scene. Tomorrow she'll be drumming her heels on the floor screaming like a toddler when Alexis comes back for her phone. She needs to know now about the tattoo, being drugged, and sex with Shank. What are they waiting for?? As aggravated as I was, everyone in those scenes was excellent.

    Molly and TJ really need to be on more. I really like them. And I really like the trifecta of Ava, Flea and Laura. I could watch just them for the entire show.

    Sam's an idiot.

    1. Sam is in the colt house trying to get back Krissy's "pledge." But HOW do they know it is on a piece of paper that Krissy signed? It could be online, or they could make copies of the paper that Krissy signed. And once Shiloh has the knowledge, he always can go to the police, he doesn't need a signed "pledge" from Krissy.

    2. "Julie H says The "colt". HAHAHAHAH! I just love that!"

      Hahahahaha! Me too!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    3. Amen AntJoan! I wonder what will interrupt her and Shank so she doesn't have to get all the way nekkid! :)

  4. Am I missing something here on GH. Why the "COLT" and not the "CULT" when referring to DOD? Is it like a "Jasam" thing or what?

    1. Molly calls it the colt!!!!!😂

    2. I think it was Sonya who first pointed out that Molly pronounces it that way . . .

    3. "AntJoan says I think it was Sonya who first pointed out that Molly pronounces it that way . . ."

      Hahaha. Yup!!! :)

    4. Gotcha - thank you - thank you very much!!

  5. I say leave Kristina in the DOD - her character is unbearable to watch - a selfish spoiled brat - I am now fastforwarding after watching yesterday. Her parents need to call her on her crap -----


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