Monday, April 1, 2019

Video Games with Grandpa

Nina DNA--of COURSE it says Sasha is her daughter! Welp.  Valentin acts ALL pissy "HOW DARE YOU"!! LOL..Maxie feels terrible about it. Nina is mad at her. Nina leaves. Later, Valentin finds her and she says that Peter was saying that Aunt Lesil was blackmailing him. Val lies and says "yes, she knows about you injecting Cassandra at Anna's house". Nina is furious because she backed Lesil after the fire in the stables at Wyndemere. She storms out to confront her. Val shouts for her to stop (Because he basically lied).  She agrees to let it go because if she talks to Dr. O about it, she may get more angry. 

Laura and Alexis ..hey, they are sitting on a COUCH in #GH ! wow.. not the window sill. Laura gets upset because Alexis brought the divorce papers. She still wubs Kevin.  Alexis can understand that. They talk about their bad-boy loves. 

CarSon and Lulu..Lulu tells them what happened. Sonny thought something was "off".  Rocco overhears it-- and gets upset. Lulu reassures him.  Sonny tells Rocco he's the man of the house now.
NOTE: I wish Rocco had darker hair. Danny and Jake all have blonde hair, Rocco should have dark hair like Dante, Olivia and Sonny.

Franco and Kevin ...Franco's NOT happy with Kevin. NOT. One. BIT. He's never having therapy again and not talking to Kevin either. 

Lucy is there for Kevin. NICE Scenes. She says that it's a loyalty thing and she gets that he made a bad choice. 

NORA is here!! She and Margo talk.."Where from PA are you"?? Nora says: Llanview, it's by Philadelphia..Margo says "I'm more into Pine Valley myself" AHAHHA...get it, she was on AMC!! 
Kevin wants to plead guilty..when the judge asks him tho he pleads "not guilty". Nora and Lucy give a sigh of relief. Nora wants bail... DA lady is like NO WAY. 
Lucy gets up and blabs and blabs and tries to plead his case.  She says he's not a flight risk and if need be, he can be released in her custody. Bail is set at 150K and he has to surrender his passport. 
Lucy paid his bail. Oh ! NO! He thought she did... Laura did! 

END: Maxie goes to Lulu's to tell her about the whole DNA thing but Lulu sees her and breaks into sobs and Maxie just holds her. Nice. job. 

DON'T MISS TOMORROW: Gail's Will!! Leslie is back. 


  1. These scenes and lines are so weird. So, the overturned table never got noticed and it is completely gone and the house is clean and now there are big footstools where the table used to be????? No one mentions the knife today. While Carly is telling Sonny what happened she did't mention that Dante grabbed a knife and Jason had to hold him down. There has been so much dialog that has just been missed with this storyline. Don't think it ever got edited.

    1. Great point! I totally forgot about that. I should get a job on-set. Haha.

    2. I know Lindie is all just strange. I was waiting for Carly to tell Sonny about the knife and all that happened!!!

  2. Dante didn't tell Lulu the whole story. Didn't say goodbye to anyone else. And, STILL Lulu never mentioned the scars on Dante's back. Never asked him about it when he woke up. Huh??????

  3. I do like Lucy, but she is trying to "swoop" in for doc at a bad time. That is Lucy though. I do like her anyway. She grew on me over the years.

    1. you gave me an idea for a blog. (if Karen will still let me....)

      thanks lindie

    2. David. Your blogs are great

  4. Court:

    Friz and Doc: Great scene!!! Poor BobTodd. :( I don't know if BobTodd will ever forgive him. :(

    Lucy and Doc: I really wanted Lucy to yell at him just for a little while!!! Then she calms down, and is on his side. :) Glad she is on his side though. Will they get back together I wonder? I wouldn't be upset if they did.

    Nora, Lucy and Doc: NORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! :) Nora is giving great advice Doc! Listen to her!

    Nora and Margoo:

    Margoo: I'm more into Pine Valley myself.

    BAHHAAHAHAHAHAHA! Do you know Erica Kane? *Wink wink* :)

    Court in session:

    Lucy wins the lines of the day.

    Lucy: What I need to tell you your Lordship. Thank you your Honorship.

    ROFL! Oh my she wants Doc to be in HER custody and live with her hahahhahahaahha! Glad Doc is listening to Nora about pleading not guilty! :) Doc's bail has been set!!!! I thought at first it was Lucy!

    The hospital:

    Friz: Awww BobTodd. :( I love Liz's shirt. :)

    Laura and Alexis: Ohhhhhhhh. Laura paid Doc's bail!!!! :) Laura do you want to get a divorce?

    Laura, Alexis, and Friz: Ohhhh tomorrow is the day!!!! The day of Gail's will!!! The anniversary!!!! :) Laura don't just stand there!!! Apologize to BobTodd now!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    ValeNina, Maxie, Hiney, and Sasha: UGH! What is the damn point?! Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Maxie and Hiney: I am STILL saying NO to Miney!!!!! Chet where are you?


    ValeNina: Nina! V.C. is lying to you! Yes go to Dr. O and confront her! Then she will just have to tell you the truth!!!!! Then when Nina knows the truth, will she leave town? :(

    Lante home:

    Lulu and Carson: Lulu and her ugly shirt are very upset Dante left. Lulu how come you haven't told them about what you saw on Danta's back?

    Rocco and Sonny: Hmmmmm. While they are talking, Lulu and Carly are whispering! ROFL!

    Lulu and Maxie: Lulu and her ugly cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great scene!!!!!!

    1. Ah Sonya, it seems as if you and I will have to wait until hell freezes over before we get our Franco apologies. Sigh......

    2. Yeah Julie I know. :( It was probably done off screen. I will NOT be satisfied with that!!!

  5. Will they recast Nina? Anybody else read about the Scientology vs DOD possibility?

    What's weird is it doesn't take too much to fix these inconsistencies we are all noticing. Missing dialogue and appropriate character involvement etc. It really does seem sometimes like they don't care.

  6. I'm all ready set for tomorrow for my tissues. Have ANOTHER dentist appt but hopefully will be home in time. I actually loved the scene with Rocco and Sonny, down on the floor playing games. But NO little boy, especially Roccos age should have to be "man of the house".
    One question about the DNA test thing, ok so she got mad at Maxie for meddling being secretive, whatver, BUT did she ever get mad at Curtis and Valentin?

  7. I agree what a misstep to not mention those horrifying scars. That should be first and foremost on Lulu’s mind unless she is supposed to be denser than ever. Maxie looked really frumpy - didn’t like the hair at all. Loved Lucy and great to have Nora back.

  8. Hillary Smith as Nora Buchanan was always great. Love her appearances on GH and wish that we could somehow revert Franco to Todd and Finn to McBain. I wouldn't mind some of the other ABC universe soapers coming through to say hello. Bring back Delia again and hell, why not see if La Lucci is up for an Erica Kane appearance too?

  9. Lucy was stellar, as usual, your Lordship, LOL Lynn H is an amazing actress, and should be brought back to the show F/T, along with other vets like Scotty et al. The vets are the heart and soul of the show, and they are amazing actors as well.

    Some comments on looks: When Alexis got off the elevator, I thought for a second that she was Anna. I know that she lost weight, but I guess that she has lost even more. When I met her in person, she is petite and VERY thin, but in that skirt and those heals yesterday she looked as thin as Anna Devane. Lucy looked SPECTACULAR in her miniskirt and thigh-high boots, most women after a certain age never could pull off that look, but our Lucy shows us how it's done!! Also, Rocco, when he was playing the game with Sonny, did anyone else notice something on his lips? Was he eating something or was it a cold sore? Someone had said that he should have dark hair, but Lulu is blonde, and, with his eyes, he does look like Dante, I think.

    1. AntJoan, I think Rocco had a cold sore, poor little dude. And I agree about the Lulu blond hair, and the Dante heavy lidded eyes. He could be their son. :)

    2. "Julie H I think Rocco had a cold sore, poor little dude."

      I noticed his lip. Looks like a cold sore yeah.

    3. I agree AntJoan, at least about Roccos hair, eyes etc. Shoot my youngest nephew and niece look like their mother (our side), 2 little white kids with blonde hair blue eyes and they are 1/2 Egyptian from their Fathers side. My oldest nephew is spitting image of him. People I'm sure often wonder if they have some father. As for Rocco, it's something in his eyes that say Dante.

  10. I'm officially glad Stafford is leaving, this whole Nina daughter thing gets more ridiculous every day. Those scenes yesterday seemed particularly stupid to me.


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