Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Welp, it's Wednesday....

HELLO!! I'm off to's my week off and my "great vacation" will be spent going back to see my brother. Here's hoping it's above 50. This week has been horrible as far as weather goes. BOO 

I'M HERE!! I can BLOG!! Yep.. so SURPRISE!! 

Chase/Finn...Chase surprises Finn with champagne and is like CONGRATS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT! Finn shuts the door in his face. LOL  It's non-alcoholic btw. Finn says he never got the chance to ask her. 

DA/Sonny at Metro. He's reading the DOD book. She and he banter about stuff. Talk about Ryan. She quotes some DOD to him!!! He looks at her shady. I really think she and Willow could be related because they look alike. And both be Diane's nieces because Willow is really Kali Miller.
See? I'm so smart LOL 

Willow/Michael ...she says her baby is alive.  Michael is happy the baby is alive. She says he's in PC but can't see him. he's upset for her but understands. 

Jason/Brad. Brad is signing up for Dawn of Day Parenting classes, Jason questions him about the cup, Jason's sees the computer screen. "YOU'RE A MEMBER OF DAWN OF DAY"?? He gets the cup from him. Lucas comes by...Jason asks if they are in DOD and Lucas says No--too "New Age" for him. But Brad likes it.

Later, Lucas runs into Liz and asks her about Aiden. Lucas needs a contract. Great talk with Liz about what's happening. WATCH IT!

Nina and Franco--WOW.. also great scenes. He goes to her about Aiden. VERY VERY good scenes as well.  She's really shocked he bullying centers around his being perceived as "gay". "though kids were woke" lol.. Franco wants her to make Char be friends with Aiden. So unfair. You can tell people to please have their kids be civil to theirs...but to "be friends"?? Doesn't work that way. 

Sam/Shank..He thinks Jason took Krissy because of the CUP.  He wants to "use Sam" to get to Jason.  To CON Jason and find out where Kristina is., she's already conning HIM but he wants her to con THEM!! 

I think Willow is going to go back to DOD to get goods on Shank. 


  1. "Karen says, it's my week off and my "great vacation" will be spent going back to see my brother"

    Awww the brother you protected when you were younger. :) Or is this a different brother you are visiting? :)


    BobTodd and Nina: Wow! So very ironic! They are talking about their stepkids!

    "Karen says, Franco wants her to make Char be friends with Aiden. So unfair. You can tell people to please have their kids be civil to theirs...but to "be friends"?? Doesn't work that way."

    Yeah you can't make little kids or teenagers be friends.. That just won't work.

    The hospital:

    Lucas and Liz: SEE! Lucas gets why Cam got into a fight, and Liz finally realizes she was wrong!!!! :)

    Friz: Glad BobTodd realized he was wrong too!!! :) BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: So you saw what I did earlier? I've come up with this new thing it's called shame shaming. When you shame somebody who's already ashamed. It's awesome. Totally reinvented parenting.

    ROFL! Now you two should go and apologize to Cam!

    Jason and Brad: Oh Brad!!! I can't believe you signed up for parenting classes with DOD!!! IT'S A COLT!!!!!!!! Open your eyes!!!

    Brucas: Oh good! Lucas doesn't want to go to the DOD parenting classes!!! Brad will just have to cancel. :)

    Colt house:

    King Mufasa and Sam: Oh wow!!!! King Mufasa is so depressed he wants Sam to con Jason!!! He will do anything to get Kristina back!

    Chandler mansion:

    Finchy and Chasey: Great scene!!! Brothers bonding. :)

    "Karen says, It's non-alcoholic btw."

    Oh is it? I thought it was alcohol, but it looked and sounded like ginger ale to me. :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Michael and Willow: Awww great scene!!! Glad she spilled her guts to him. But then when Chase called her, she said she is helping out a friend, which is true, but why didn't she just tell him what it's about?


    Sonny and Margoo: Oh the hate tension is high!!!! I'm surprised they didn't have sex yet.. Even Carly had a feeling they were going to do it. Oh she even quoted the DOD book! :)

    Sonny, Jason, and Margoo: Yeah Jason leave King Mufasa alone or you will feel Margoo's wrath!

    Sonny and Jason: Yup! Sonny noticed that Margoo quoted the DOD book! He is smart afterall! :)

    1. Hope you're feeling better Sonya. :)

      And bite your tongue with the Sonny/Magoo sex talk. I won't have it. Lol!!

    2. "Julie H Hope you're feeling better Sonya. :)"

      Awww thanks. :)

      "And bite your tongue with the Sonny/Magoo sex talk. I won't have it. Lol!!"


  2. I'm glad they got the cup back to take to that guy of Sonny's, first day back from vacay mind isn't working I forgot his name. Loved the Nina/Franco scenes and agree, you can't force them to be nice or whatever but stop bullying. Loved when Finn shut the door on Chase. I love these 2.
    Refresh my memory, does DA chick have a DOD tat?

    1. Don't remember about the tat, I know there had been an earlier clue that DA chick was in the colt, she was seen with the book in her purse. But I don't remember her bending over or showing skin, which would be needed to reveal the tat.

      They had been implying that the colt had some nefarious agenda, but now it looks like every other colt, that there is a male leader who wants to sleep with multiple women. Shiloh is obsessed with controlling these women, I don't know if he really cares about anything else.

    2. That's right. Now I remember she just had the book. Thank's AntJoan.

  3. Michelle P, I don’t think we have seen a tat on the DA . Just love the 2 brothers! I’m glad they put Willow with Chase instead of Michael. Lucas is a real gem-should be on more. He and Liz have such well written scenes.

    1. Thanks Linda, yeh I remembered later. I enjoyed the Liz Lucas scenes as well.

  4. Lucas was awesome with Liz. I love that guy! I laughed out loud when Sonny hollered "Son of Bitch" after Jason told him Brad was in DOD. I couldn't agree more Sonny, and said the same thing! Lol!

    I liked everything yesterday. But I do what Liz and Franco to apologize to Cam.

  5. Does anyone remember that Willow told either Michael or Chase, that her mother was in DoD with her and wouldn't leave when she did? That had to be Harmony, of course. Curious as to how that will play out when she and Harmony come in contact with each other again. Willow must have been involved with the Beecher's Corner chapter of the cult.


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