Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Later Gators!

I will be late watching GH so I'm not sure when the blog will get up. Here's a post for you to just dish in and hopefully Sonya will recap as usual..

Weird things about yesterday:
No GAIL Flashbacks
Why was Julian there again? 
The envelopes contained confetti, should have been a check for each to donate to fave charity. 
Organ donors, Anti-Bullying, Art Therapy-- etc etc. 

Ok! SEE YA! 


  1. Needed a Gail and Scotty flashback. Makes no sense Sonny Carly and Julian there

    1. i agree. but than again carson is the steve and audrey of the modern day

  2. Not sure about Julian but Sonny did donate to Stone wing, it's a part of GH history. Carly is Bobbies daughter, she also slept with Tony. I do however agree about Gail flashbacks, where were they. Huge let down....

  3. Shiloh is so creepy. What is he up to with Sam? Does he do that with everyone? Good actor though, he gives me the "willies".

  4. When I saw Sam with the blindfold on I wasn't sure if Shiloh wanted to kiss Sam or strangle her.He is one creepy guy.I hope this DOD story is over soon.

  5. "Here's a post for you to just dish in and hopefully Sonya will recap as usual.."

    Oh course! :)

    The lockers:

    Friz: Man!! Liz can't keep her hands off of him!!!! :) He just got out of the shower. Liz wants BobTodd to talk to Cam about sex! ROFL! He doesn't think it's a great idea! I DO!!! :) Wait when BobTodd calls Cam to come over to the lockers at the hospital to talk, he said there is a lounge there?!?!!?! WHAT LOUNGE?!!??! It's near the lockers?!!?!?!!

    The lounge: WHAT THE HELL?!!?!?! Where did that come from? Is that a cafeteria?!!?!? There is silverware at the table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BobTodd and Cam: HYSTERICAL SCENE!!!!! BobTodd trying to talk to Cam about sex and respect! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Bobtodd wins the lines of the day! The whole scene he wins the line of the day!!!! You have to watch it!!!! IT'S GREAT! The look on Cam's face! :) He kept looking behind him! Nobody is around Cam. Just you and BobTodd! ROFL!

    Seriously. IS THE LOUNGE THE NEW CAFETERIA?!?!!?!?! :0
    The footbridge:

    Jasam: Whenever I see the footbridge, all I think about is Robin and Jason.. Jason is like I don't want Shilo to be near our son!!!!!! Jason in the back of your mind are you thinking of Robin? :) Since you are on both of your footbridge!! :)

    The cult house:

    King Mufasa and Krissy: Krissy lets King Mufasa listen to the secret of what she recorded! OH MY! To join the circle of life, Krissy needs 10 thousand dollas! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!

    A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh
    A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh
    A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh
    A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh
    In the jungle, the mighty jungle
    The lion sleeps tonight
    In the jungle the quiet jungle
    The lion sleeps tonight

    Near the village the peaceful village
    The lion sleeps tonight
    Near the village the quiet village
    The lion sleeps tonight

    King Mufasa and Sam: King Mufasa puts a blindfold on Sam!! Actually, he was going to, but she wanted to do it herself! It's a trust exercise!!! If you try anything to Sam, she is going to beat the crap out of you!!!

    King Mufasa: Do you feel the energy between us Sam?

    I do!!!! The chemistry between you is strong!!!! What the hell is he going to do?! He just stood there and watched her!!!!! Very creepy and very hot! ROFL!

    Sam and Margoo: Sam is done and is outside creeped out! :) Margoo shows up and her appointment is next!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    JossCar and Tam: Great scene!!! Trina saw Josscar going into the County clerk's office!!!! Hmm going to get married eh Josscar? :) Trina is a wonderful friend! She is very observant and knows when to back off! Cam is clueless! ROFL! I love Trina and I love Tam! :)

    Krissy and Julian: Uh what the hell?! Julian gave Krissy the 10 thousand dollars and she kisses him on the cheek?! Does she live Julian now? I can't believe Julian gave her the money!!!

    Julian and Margoo: Margoo and the DOD book! :)

    The gym:

    Sonny and Michael: Again Michael is giving great advice!!!! Hey where IS turkey boy?

    1. I loved BobTodd and Cam!
      The Shiloh Sam scene creeped me out....he's definitely a great actor.

    2. Yesiree, Shiloh is one creepy dude. I love it! I would like to put in a request right now, that I want to know what's on the tape from Krissie. Not 6 months from now. Thank you writers.

      I hope Magoo feels like a fool when this DOD stuff hits the fan. Did you notice how she calmed down after looking at the book, when she was talking to Julian? Blech!

      Michael is the only sane Corinthos in the whole bunch. He needs a girlfriend now, hey how about Maxie? Lol!

      I truly am surprised we haven't seen Turkey Boy, either.

    3. Are we sure Turkey Boy is coming? His chem test with Sonny was good . . .

      Margaux is the DA, how can she join a cult? It still bothers me that Shiloh always is alone in the living room, where are the other cult members? Are they locked in their rooms so as not to interrupt all of his "sessions'? Almost all cults are just about men with personality disorders trying to have sex with multiple women, so far this looks to be no exception . . .

      I am glad that Krissy is front and center, she is a Davis girl, and a good actress who has been on the show for years. As always, she is showing really poor judgment, she never seems to learn from her mistakes . . .

    4. Seems as if there is some new sets lately. Noticed yesterday that in addition to the lounge near the lockers, the locker room itself looked different, and the view from the windows in the hallway was different.

      I hated that scene between Shiloh, Sam, and the blindfold. I find Shiloh hard to watch since he gives me the creeps so bad. Would rather watch Ryan Chamberlain than him. Actor is really good to make me weird out over him like that...

      I also noticed that the DOD book calmed DA Dawson right down. Thought she was a member too. That fact is going to hold up any legal investigation of this guy.

    5. Refresh my memory, does she have a DOD tat as well? As for Ryan and Shiloh. Both great actors, but having been sexually assaulted in my 20s, Shiloh creeps me out. Ryan is a killer, hard to explain. But I can get separate the actor from the character, and won't ff a scene because of what happened.

  6. Although I liked the anniversary episode, SONNY had no business being there. Gail Baldwin would have known how Sonny got Scotty's daughter Karen hooked on drugs and then pimped her out as a stripper. She would have NOT let him anywhere near the reading of her will. Furthermore, Laura telling Sonny he is a good guy in bad guy clothes made me barf as well.

    1. When she said that he was a good guy in a bad guy's clothes, my immediate thought was okay, here it is... Sonny is no more a mobster. They've completed the transformation.


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