Monday, April 22, 2019

Punch IT

IT'S A HAND!! OMG get this, the Canadian police sent it to Kevin to as Ryan's remains!! AHAHAAHA so he can bury it. Everyone thought it was from Ryan. Laura jumped!! They talk about their love. She asks him to move back home. 

Jason and SHank at the gym... Jason is slamming the bag and SHank is antagonizing him.  Not sure the purpose of this scene. We get they hate each other.  I guess it's to set Jason up for killing SHiloh? 

Sonny and Carly ..Carly's just blabbing her face off about HOW SHE WOULD DO THINGS

Michael and Sasha are SO BORING. He's SUCH a good person..and they both like to ski.. aww Banal white bread nothing. 

Ava and Scotty. She wants him to "fall for her" to get Ryan out of the shadows. He says he thinks Ryan is dead.  Anyway hes' not doing it. Ava throws him out. 

Krissy and Dr. Neal. He's getting her to trust him.  Then Sexis comes in, and Micahel will be.They have a session (athough it was edited to bits) ... Alexis phone goes off. Krissy says it's disrespectful. She talks about how she never felt "enough" for her parents and that they'd love her more if she was like they wanted her to be. 

Sam is at the house, trying to get info. Harmony tells her to bug off.  KM seems SO NOT INTERESTED in this whole thing. She tries to get into the 'office' but SHank comes home. 

Kevin tells Ava Ryan's hand is in the morgue. She says 'We are using his own hand to draw Ryan out".

Tomorrow: Felica's on. 


  1. Today:boring. I forgot to mention this Friday but the Michael Sasha gross. They were at the gym, all sweaty and then had sex. Did they at least shower first? Yuck.....

  2. How much do you want to be that Alexis leaves her phone and Kristina calls Shiloh?

  3. Kelly Monaco really needs to get it together. I'm so over her mumbling and lazy "acting". She's constantly phoning in her scenes. It's so irritating. It's also extremely disrespectful to those she has to share scenes with as well as to fans.

  4. OK, I am still working, didn't watch yet, but I SAID IT WAS THE HAND!!

  5. Ava's home:

    Sava: I love them so much! :) Ava says they are best friends. Awwww. :) Ava wins the line of the day.

    Ava: Fall in love with me.

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! And then Scotty spits his drink out! HAHAHAHAHHAA! Scotty says he has feelings for Ava awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) I'm glad he isn't going to help her. Cus I don't want them to start out their relationship (if they do end up having one) like this!!! Pretending.. No no no.

    The hospital

    Laven: Is the hand going to shake other hands? Will the hand jump off the box and walk onto the floor? Doc and Laura's scene was great! He made me cry!!!! :(

    Laura and Scotty: Love how Scotty gave Laura a compliment. :) He is such a gentleman!!!!! :) Yes Scotty glad you are not going to help Ava!

    Molly and TJ with Alexis: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE MOLLY! :) Come on Alexis it isn't fair to keep Molly in the dark about where Krissy is!!! She should be there for her sister!!!! And then say colt a lot! ROFL!

    Michael's hotel room:

    Michael and Sasha: GAH! I'm so bored!!!! Skiing!?!?!?! Seriously?!!?!?! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carson: Ohhhh I see the baby bump! The baby is growing!!! :)

    Michael and Carly: Carly is suspicious of Michael being so happy! ROFL!

    Carly and Sasha:

    Sasha: I had the best workout this afternoon.

    Oh! I am sure you did!!!! Oh my Carly knows!!! :)

    Colt house: and Sam: Oh this is private material. It's far above your level.

    BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Sam and King Mufasa: Sam wants to be in the circle of life!!!!! :)

    The gym:

    King Mufasa and Jason: King Mufasa wants Jason so bad! :) He is in love with Jason! Jason won't give him the time of day!!!! :) King Mufasa do you want Jason in the circle of life too? :) ROFL1


    Dr. Neil, Sexis, Michael, and Krissy: Great scene!!!!!!!!! Krissy says she feels alone. :( Michael is so sweet to her. She won't give in to him.

  6. Didn't finish watching yet, but can someone tell me, does Michael have a room at the MetroCourt? I thought he lives with the Q's. Also, WHY did Brad give the cup back to Jason with the residue still on it? If he was covering for Shiloh, wouldn't he have wiped it clean? Or did he just believe Shiloh when he said it was tea and Valerian root?

    Neil is doing a good job as a therapist, I have done interventions, and, so far, I can really relate to what he is doing, I guess maybe they consulted a therapist for those scenes.

    1. Pretty sure Michael has a room at the Q's I guess but.....maybe the gym is close to MC and he decided to have sex there. Less interruption.

    2. I agree about the intervention scenes, they were very well done. But I have to say TJ hit the nail on the head, saying Kristina has never taken responsibility for anything. She really acts like a child, and she's supposed to be a grown woman. :)

    3. I thought it was Sasha's room@ the Metro Court that they used for their "afternoon delight".

    4. No it's Michael's room. Michael told her that she can stay in the room as long as she wants. If it was her room, there would be no reason to say that.

    5. I agree Julie. What TJ said was spot on.

      Someone or alot of people are commenting how Molly should have been at the intervention, that could be true but the way she and Krissy are right now, not going to help. Michael is it, and we can't have what's her face there because she is "pretending" to be in DOD.

  7. TJ hit the nail on the head with that comment, Julie.

  8. I'm sure that the Canadian Police would send a serial killers severed hand to his brother, or anyone besides the PCPD.
    The intervention is pretty good, haven't watched yet today. Really like that doc. Hope there is much more for him to come.


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