Thursday, April 18, 2019


Again, up in the air. I'm in Buffalo and don't think I'll make the 2:00 mark. Shopping to do and general shennanigans. 

Some questions:
 Do you think if Lulu never came back, we'd care one way or another? 
Do you want Finn and Anna to get married? 
How do you think the Wiley secret will come out, and do you think that Brad will say he's Willow's baby and not reveal the whole switch thing just to save his own ass? 
Are you excited for the NuNina? 

Ok! See you later. And thx for ordering from Amazon, it really helps to maintain the site. :) 


  1. Mueller report is supposed to come out so GH-interrutous?? The Today Show was interrupted but not ABC so they are probably saving it for GH.
    Anyways...I like Lulu so sure I wouldn't mind if she came back.
    I like Finn and Anna and the "proposal" was cute, but married...I can't see it.
    Not sure how the Wiley secret will come out, I just know that I want Michael to get his baby back and for Willow to find out about hers died. As for Brad, a leopard never changes their spots, so he'll do something to save his own butt.
    As for Nina, no no no. I'd be happy if Ryan came back alive and killed her.

  2. Do you think if Lulu never came back, we'd care one way or another?
    I wouldnt care. Not because I dont like the character or actress, but because they really have not given her a storyline. She is a Spencer and is worthy of a grandiose over-the-top storyline fitting of her family name. I do admit her and dominic really knocked it out of the park with their goodbye scenes.

    Do you want Finn and Anna to get married? yes. but i also want the "old" Anna back. this new incarnation from the past few years has been unbearable.

    How do you think the Wiley secret will come out, and do you think that Brad will say he's Willow's baby and not reveal the whole switch thing just to save his own ass?
    It been soooooo long that I really do not care about this storyline anymore. I wish Brad and Lucas would split up and Lucas would get more screen time with someone who treats him good. I still say Chase and Lucas would make a great couple. I know, I know logistics. But people can be open to new things later in life

    Are you excited for the NuNina?
    Who? Oh yeah, that one. No idea who the new actress is, although she sounds popular and well received. Has Nina had a storyline in the past few years? Something good, not just "oh, by the way, I own a magazine. thank you. goodbye" I need a reason to get excited about this.

    actually, i need a reason to get excited about ANYTHING anymore.

  3. Agree totally, on all points, with delcodave. Especially the Anna part. And the way too long live baby that's really dead story.

  4. I really like Emme, but I don't think she is a very good actress. I wouldn't care if she came back or not. I like the Maxie and Lulu friendship, but that is about it.

  5. Lori. I agree with you. I liked Julie Maries Bergman myself as Lulu

  6. Answering your questions Karen....Lulu just signed a new contract, then went on an open-ended unexplained leave of absence. Wonder if that was something she asked for in her contract? Time to spend with her family? She seems like a superficial, unnecessary character, so even though I like her, the story could work without her. I wondered why they bothered to have Dante come back for those few days just to go again. Now I think it was to give Lulu an excuse to be absent.

    I have always loved Nina. The character. And am glad they did a recast rather than just writing her out, but can't say I am excited about the Nu-Nina.

    You're explanation of what Brad might do regarding the baby to save himself, makes sense, but I think it will be Willow who will reveal that the baby is "hers".. Once Shiloh is gone she will feel safe to reveal it and since she will have now have doubts about Brad's fit to be a parent (after his being conned by Shiloh) she will want the baby back. It will then be a whole different story on how Michael and Jonah reconnect. I still wonder if way down the line, once the reveal is done, that Michael and Willow end up together to raise the baby they both love.

    Don't want Finn and Anna to get married. I think their relationship is one-sided. She doesn't care for him anywhere near as much as he does for her. He should dump her and go search for Hayden.

    Did you get to Broadway Market while in town, Karen? That's not a tradition for me but certainly is for many of my friends.


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