Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Scotty, Mac, Felicia, Maxie, Leslie, Laura-- Monica, Julian, all at GH to open envelopes that Alexis gives them from Gail Scavenger Hunt!! Leslie found hers and Monica found hers in the same place. They talk about being in the cafeteria!! 

OMG These two!! 
Look! The showers are co-ed now

You'd never get anything done
Oh, you didn't know how to live!! You were like "Earth Mother"
"Earth Mother?? Better than SLUT" 

Franco and Scotty..have a father/son talk about being snotty. LOL. Neither appreciate what they have/had. BTW The girl that plays Serena wasn't available for taping so don't be all mad at that. 

Felicia and Bobbie meet in front of Tony's photo on the wall to find their envelopes. They talk about BJ and Maxie. Aww. TEARS

Scotty and Laura "You smile just like when you were 17".  They talk about younger days and being friends now. 

Lucy and Monica. Lucy had all the old gowns and tuxes sent to GH to auction off for the charity. She finds Alan's hankie in a pocket of a tux. They talk about Alan and how he always loved Monica. Cute scene. 

Mac and Maxie.. she says thank you for being there for me. She also says thank you for letting me get rid of my scar all those years ago. She wanted to me 'normal" and not heart-transplant girl. 

Sonny and Laura talk about mental illness and shining a light on the struggle... She thanks him for being open about his own mental issues. MB tears up a little. Laura says he's a 'good-guy in bad-guy clothes'. 

Liz and Bobbie look in the in 'old storage" closet. Liz tells her she's one reason she because a nurse. Bobbie comforted her when Lucky found her in the park after her rape. Awww!! That's a great scene btw.. look for it on YouTube 

Carly and Bobbie ....Carly tells her she's pregnant. They talk about babies and that Carly has to be responsible.  Sonny comes in, everyone hugs. 

Bobbie and Scotty. They talk about being together when THEY were young. Very cool... then Monica and Leslie chat and say they ended up with the men they should have. 

Kevin is alone in a room, can't find his envelope. Lucy comes in, hoping to get him back a little. He tells her he still loves Laura but she and he had "Something beautiful" together. She realizes he's not in the right place and takes him to the chapel where Laura is. Lucy tears up but finds his envelope and says "You're where you're supposed to be" and leaves. Awwwwww

Nice Epiphany Scene in the elevator. 

Laura and Leslie ..Leslie tells her how proud she is of her. Laura remembers being a candy stripper! 

They get to the nurses station and all open the envelopes and its' confetti. They throw it in the air.  Some flashbacks but not NEARLY enough. Wow, not nearly enough. 
Gail's picture unveiled on the wall. 


  1. Candy STRIPPER? I dont remember THAT!

    1. genie was a teenager. over 40 yrs ago. I AM OLD

  2. Loved every minute of it!!!! Brought me to tears more than once.

    1. Me too! Franco and Scott, Scott unveiling her photo. Liz rape, Felecia.....LOL when Mac was dressed as a woman. Forget for the life of me who was with him? Tony?

    2. It was Kevin. He and Mac dressed as Norma and Eve. They were hilarious.

  3. I loved today but some of the flashbacks I'm a little "young" to remember. I still loved them all. Liz, Maxie and Felecia with the BJ thing....today was wonderful but I do agree just a couple more flashbacks especially for us long time viewers.

  4. The actress who plays Serena enlisted in the Army in March& has been accepted in Officers Candidate School.

  5. scottie and laura were so young. i would like to see them back together .and lucy with kevin.liz and bobbie with the rape story so well written. rebecca herbst must of found the fountain of youth.still gorgeous.

    1. I think Genie was about 17 then. Or maybe even younger.

    2. That was a beautiful episode.everybody was awesome.And i would love for scotty and laura to be together again.THey are so amazing.This was so touching.Gail was a good person.And she will be missed dearly.

  6. I agree. The episode was EXCELLENT today. More flashbacks throughout were in order though as everyone was talking. Did Leslie Charleson have hip surgery? I noticed her limp. At least they tied in why Julian and Franco were there. I guess they didn't have too many vets left that knew Gail. Did Sonny and Carly know Gail? I don't think so, but maybe I am wrong. Maybe Sonny is there because he donated a bunch of money for Stone's wing???

    1. Last year,Leslie Charleson had an accident @ home & hurt her leg& hip& had to have surgery. She was out of commission for a while & they had someone sub for her on GH until she returned.

    2. Thanks Shelley. I forgot about that. Must have been hurt badly

  7. Wow. Today was so well done. I liked how they held off on the flashbacks until the end. During the whole episode I kept asking "why no flashback!!!", but they were perfect for the end. I agree there should of been more though. And more Alan! GREAT work all around. Loved it.

  8. Article re: Carly Schroeder (Sabrina Baldwin) joining the military: https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2019/03/15/former-lizzie-mcguire-star-carly-schroeder-enlists-army/3172155002/ - I am pretty sure she can kick all of our butts!
    So, even the cynical GH fan that I am like this episode a lot. The flashback montage at the end brought me to damn tears even. KIN SHRINER rules and I think I love the character of Scotty even more than Robert Scorpio. Kin can play heel and villain one year and then believably flip the character on his head the next. The guy can handle emotional weight as well as a great comedic punch. One of the best actors on GH, all time...hands down.

  9. Who else might have known Gail? Anna or Robert? Maybe not. Too bad Rachel Ames couldn't have been on. She must be up in years and maybe not well though

  10. Happy anniversary everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Julexis: Ohhhh. So THAT is why Julian got a blue print too. Yeah cus Gail didn't know him! ROFL! Man when Julian got close to Alexis, the sparks were flying hard!!!

    BobTodd and Scotty: GAH! Great scene!!! Scotty wants to hug BobTodd!!! Scotty made me cry! :(

    Scotty and Bobbie: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Bobbie and Carly: So basically,

    Carly: I got the preggers.

    Bobbie: :0 :0 :0

    Liz and Bobbie: Awwww! :) Sweet scene!

    Scotty and Laura: Scotty doesn't know how to go on without his parents! :(

    Lucy and Doc:

    Doc: Just don't want you to misconstrue Lucy. I don't want to give you hope for something that's not going to happen. I love Laura.

    Aww poor Lucy! :( I do love her and Doc together, but I also love Lucy and Scotty together!!! So if she is ends up with either of them, I would be happy. :) I also love Doc with Laura too. I know I know I am a mess! ROFL!

    Lucy and Scotty: Scotty talks about his parent's love story!!!

    Scotty: You and I should have had that.

    GAH! Scotty made me cry!!!!! My Lotty love is exploding!!! :) Oh no! She sees Doc and is yearning!!! Oh I wish Scotty didn't see that. :(

    Lucy and Monica: Lucy wins the line of the day!

    I was greedy, and young and stupid.

    ROFLMAOPMP! You think Lucy?! :)

    Monica and Leslie: Wait wait wait!!! The cafeteria was changed to the locker rooms!!!!!! That pisses me off!!!

    Maxie and Mac: Awwwww!!! Great scene!!!! He grew a beard!!!! WOW! :)

    Hey look confetti!!! The only person who threw the confetti is BobTodd! ROFL! Damn it no flashbacks in between!!!! Just at the end and it wasn't a lot!!! I wanted MORE flashbacks!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Well fine I will just do it myself..

    Amy tells Bobbie that Lucy got the preggers.


    When Bobbie was married to Jake and Jake had to tell her that he slept with Lucy!


    Man I remember when Bobbie and Jake, wanted to adopt that baby, Lucy did NOT want them to adopt the baby, so she threw herself down the stairs and had a miscarriage!!!! When Lucy was at the hospital, Bobbie was harassing Lucy and accused her of going down the stairs on purpose!!! ROFL! Lucy called out for Jake! Jake stopped Bobbie. Man I looked all over on youtube.. It's not there. I wish all those scenes were on youtube!! :(

    Lucy marrying Alan in a red dress!


    BAHAHHAAHAHA! That still cracks me up! :)

    Sean and Tiffany's wedding.. Elsie Mae Krumholtz!! ROFL! Shut up Sean she is already mad at you to begin with! ROFL!


  11. Sean and Tiffany's wedding was an absolute laugh riot. I had tears that day, lol! Thank for the link, Sonya!

    1. Hahaha you're welcome Julie!! :) One of the best weddings! Tiffany should have told Sean what her real name is before the wedding, so he wasn't in shock when he heard it!!!! ROFL!

  12. Loved yesterday, and I needed more flashbacks, too. I could watch the whole "not Barbara Jean's heart" thing with Felicia and Bobby a zillion times and still do the ugly cry. Such a great episode.

    And yes, Kin Shriner rules! :)

  13. Great show - really well done! There could have been more flashbacks but they did show my absolute favorite, Bobbie and Felicia when BJ died. Kin Shriner has been a gem since day one. I can put up with crap like DOD for the rest of the week because we at least got this treasure.

  14. And I wanted to add both Becky H. and Lynn H. haven't aged!

  15. This episode was so touching.everybody was awesome.And i would love to see scotty and laura back together.They are amazing.And gail was such a good person.It was nice to have everybody there to honor her.


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