Friday, April 19, 2019

Hey, Hey DNA

Val and Nina at Metro.  Nina is all proud that she got Charlotte to agree to a play date... she texts Liz. She and Val talk about the fact Dr. O is holding what she did to Cassandra over her head. 

Liz/Laura at Charlie's. Liz gets the text from Nina about the playdate. She (correctly) thinks Franco had a hand in it. Laura says that she still loves Kevin 

Jordan and Franco at GH.. Franco says it will be easy to tell Kevin and Ryan apart now and Kevin walks around the corner LOL!! Jordan and Franco just stare..he says "I'm Kevin" Franco says: "Look Ma! Both hands"! ahahhhaa! Kevin says he's clearing his office. 

Franco catches up to him at the elevator and says he might see him again. "you never judged me"... yada yada.  He said he'd see him again as a patient if he decides to.Kevin is pleased. 

Sasha is working out at the gym, Michael walks in. They talk about the people making them crazy. Punch the bag. OMG So Sasha is all "I'm such a bad girl and you are SO GOOD how can I go out with you"...WHICH IS NELLE ALL OVER AGAIN!  Michael just gets the winners, huh?? LOL 

Ava is thinking Ryan is following her. Pulls her gun It's Curtis tho..Julian hired him.  Curtis leaves. Franco goes to see Ava. Ava wants him to pretend to be her boyfriend to lure Ryan out. OH DO IT!! I'D LOVE AVA AND FRANCO!  BUT nope, Franco says no way
Oh PS I'd go for Ava and Curtis as well. 

Dr. O and Maxie. Dr. O totally thinks the DNA tests showed that Sasha isn't Nina's daughter. Maxie is like, NOPE she IS her daughter. Dr. O just blinks LOL!! She flashes back to Val getting DNA off Dead Donna Mills.  She says he'd better watch it. 

Laura talks to Kevin about loving him in the middle of #GH hallway. They kiss. Going to try again. 

END: weird sex scene with Michael and Sasha... just edited weird. Ava wants Scotty to pretend to be her boyfiend and Kevin gets a package from a "Chamberlain".. "Perishable" lol 
MY GUESS? Ryan stole Faison's brain from Kevin's office and is sending it back?? !!!??


  1. That would be funny about Faison's brain, but how would Ryan have anything since he jumped off the bridge with nothing. Unless he stashed weird stuff all over the country. LOL

  2. OMG caught the last 45 mins of GH and the last couple minutes, holy SHEEZE! Can't wait for Monday!

    1. Michelle Latta is that you? :)

    2. Yes ma'am! 😊😊😊 Somehow something changed and I can't switch to my other profile or add photo.

    3. Oh no Michelle that's too bad! Well, glad you didn't disappear!!! :) You could have told us it was you silly! ROFL! :) *BEARHUGS*

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  4. Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Dr. O, Hiney, and Maxie: Dr. O all in shock about that DNA test! ROFL!

    Hiney and Maxie: Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Liz and Laura: Laura? Have you apologized to BobTodd yet? I was on twitter and Frank Valentini made a post about Laura and Doc receiving a package.. So I said I wonder when Laura is going to apologize to Franco of trying to kill Lulu. And I wonder when Lulu is going to apologize to him too. ROFL! I got a lot of likes from people with that. :) That was unexpected.

    The gym:

    Sasha and Michael: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Where is Francesca? I want her back!!!! I like her with Michael! Oh friends? Okay Sasha and Michael can be friends. That's okay.

    Sasha's home: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh I get it. They are talking about friends with benefits.. UGH! Are they at Sasha's home?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    V.C. and Nina: Nina looks like a hippie with that outfit. :)

    V.C. and Dr. O: V.C. vs Dr. O! Delicious! :)

    Central Perk:

    Jurtis: Oh!!! A pharmacy was burglarized!!!! RYAN!!!!!! I miss Ryan.

    The hospital:

    BobTodd and Jordan with Doc: BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: Look ma! Both hands.


    Laura and Doc: Awww they are back together. :) Oh a package! Ohhh so THAT is what Frank meant by a package. I wonder what is in the package. A foot? a nose? A penis? ROFL! By the look on Laura's face in the previews it must be REALLY bad!!!!

    Ava's home:

    Ava and Curtis: Oh Curtis is Ava's bodyguard! :) Gee Julian should have told Ava!

    Ava and BobTodd: Oh come on Ava!!! Get another man to pretend to be your man! Like Scotty or Doc! BobTodd has had enough of pretending! Oh there ya go.. Scotty yeah!!!! :)

    1. I am sure that the package contain's Ryan's hand. . .

    2. I think that Sasha & Michael were in Sasha's hotel room@ the Metro Court.

    3. But AntJoan I thought the cops got the hand.. :) Shelley D, thanks. :)

  5. Maybe the package contains a brain, but not Faisons. (the person who helped Ryan maybe?).
    We haven't heard about any memory transfers between Kevin and Ryan yet. This could really screw with Kevin's head. (no pun intended)

    Unrelated comment- Rebecca Herbst is freakin Beautiful!

  6. I agree about rebecca herbst.her face is perfection. looks like she discovered the fountain of youth


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