Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Kidney Failure

Laura is trying to convince Kevin to do the whole "in love with Ava" thing. She says they have to end their marriage to make it look real. Kevin calls Ava to tell her "we're in" for the Ryan caper.  All I can think of is after a week with Ava he'll be ready for a long vacation LOL . Laura tells Ava to NOT go over the "line" with Kevin. LOL.. warns her 

Chase is telling Michael that if they took Krissy because if they did, they are in BIG TROUBLE

Sonny Jason-- Brick found out the cup had drugs in it. Sonny is like: She could have overdosed!! Um, you mean like when you drugged KAREN WEXLER? Ugh, such a hypocrite/ 
Anyway, he wants Shiloh eliminated. Jason says don't do that-- he'd lose Krissy forever. 

Jordan tells TJ her kidney is failing. 

Willow and  Harmony. Willow says 'you were Kali Miller's mother, not mine"... Harmony says she's her only friend. She didn't tell Shiloh she was pregnant when she left. She wants to see her grandchild.  Willow said he died. Harmony doesn't believe it. 

Kristina calls Valerie.. she asks for help. Alexis is talking to Dr. Neal and wants to call Molly, notices her phone is gone. She runs in and takes her phone. Kristina yells at her to get out. Alexis stays, Krissy goes to her room. Dr. Neal says he doesn't want to lose anyone else to DOD. I bet anything Harmony is his ex-wife and Willow is his daughter. 

Sam and SHank. She's unbuttoning her shirt. Valerie interrupts, looking for Kristina. Oh, no chestial reveal for Sam! Valerie wants to know where Kristina is.  Sam said she may be traveling. 

After leaving the cult, Sam runs to Jason on the docks and they embrace. She says she can't do it much longer. SUCH a wuss and she also didn't even ACT like she wanted Shiloh. Bad Con Woman. 

Jury is out on Valerie: Have to see her with Krissy 

Laura and Kevin go to make the love. 



  1. Anyone else think that Neil the shrink could be Harmony's ex/Willow's dad?

    I don't mind new Val, although she looks 10 years older to me and so different from the other actress.

    1. I am sure the woman is a fine actress, but it is too jarring, she looks too different from the other Val. Also, I LOVED the other Val, wish she had stayed, they should've found someone who looks more like her.

    2. AntJoan, Val is so tall!!! ROFL!

    3. Paul, I agree that Neil is Harmony's ex and Willow's dad. But I'm also going to say she's adopted and Neener is her bio mom.

      The new Val looks way older, seems to be a fine actress, and yup I need to see her with pissy Krissie. :)

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  2. He could be. I also think when Harmony said that she now understood her role she realized that she was just his pimp. I wouldn't be surprised if she kills him.

  3. of course Harmony is Willow's adopted dad/Harmony's ex.
    okay so it is SO obvious that Ava IS GOING TO FALL in love with Kevin - he's a great guy and then she won't want to give him up, and the lies will begin.......and once again Laura can't be happy........sigh.

  4. I do believe Neil is Willow's father. I am not a new Valerie fan either. Really though, Valerie serves no purpose if she's not in any Spencer storylines- that's her family. I had high hopes for her long ago then they had her with Dante and my hopes were dashed. I still haven't recovered from new Jordan recast.
    Sam is driving me nuts. I really try to give KM the benefit of the doubt but jeez, come on! She is not putting in any effort to her character, and really this has become more evident to me since SB returned. It's gone downhill rapidly. I wonder how far she would've gone with Shiloh today. Just YUCK. I still miss what could've been with Ava and Jason- the two had sparks.

    1. I seem to be in a minority here, but I have no issue with KM's acting . . .

  5. Did Willow say she was adopted? I think I missed something. So they can't be her biological parents?

    1. They could be, but we all assume that Willow will end up being Nina's daughter. (all the hate between them has to have a purpose). That's where the adoption thinking comes in.

  6. I can't remember what she said originally about who her parents are. So I guess that Harmony joined the colt and had sex with Shiloh, then made her daughter have sex with him when she was old enough? So he had sex with both the mother and daughter? It does look like maybe Neil is the father?

  7. If Harmony joined with the colt ( a male horse of not more than 4 years of age ) - then she is not only guilty of zoophilia, but pedophilia as well - sorry - couldn't help myself - also - does anyone think Neil and Scotty go to the same barber ? OK - I'll stop

  8. Colt house:

    King Mufasa and Sam: Time to get nekkid!!! Oh King Mufasa wants to undress her, and not with his eyes either. Oh nuts Val had to show up to ruin the moment.

    King Mufasa, Sam, and Val: Man this Val is so bland!!!

    King Mufasa and Sam part 2: Okay now Val is gone, time to get nekkid!!! Oh wait I guess Sam doesn't have to now. Time to get into the circle of life?

    The docks:

    Jasam: Sam is boohing all over Jason!

    "Karen says SUCH a wuss"

    ROFL! She is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on Sam! You can do it. You are a con aren't you? You are acting like you are rusty.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Curtis and Julian: Awww are they bonding? :)

    Sason: Jason has a good point Sonny. You can't kill King Mufasa!! You just have to let it play out.

    The cabin: Krissy calls Val, and Alexis and Neil bond.. I think it's stupid that Alexis can't call the person who Krissy called.. COME ON!


    Willow and

    Willow: Mama!!! You pushed me toward Shilo! You were my pimp! I know you were pregnant.

    Willow: I had a miscarriage! Go to hell mama!!!! You were jelly over me and Shilo and you wanted him all to yourself!!!

    *Leaves and then comes back because she forgot her book* Willow looks constipated. Have some beano Willow!!!!

    The hospital:

    TJ and Jordan: Oh don't worry TJ! Oscar will die and then Jordan will get his kidney.

    The floating rib:

    Chase and Michael: Awww they are bonding. :) Oh the bonding is over and Chase is not happy.

    Chase: I better not find out that you kidnapped Krissy!

    Awwww Chase.. Jelly? Oh no. Val.

    Chase and Val: Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Laura, Doc, and Ava: Oh okay! The plan is in motion!!!!!!!

    Ava and Laura: Ava wins the line of the day.

    Ava: Are you joking?

    ROFL! No Laura is not joking. You could fall in love with Doc. You never know Ava!

    Doc's home:

    Doc and Laura: Oh they have all the sex, in strange angles. ROFL!

  9. what I really was wondering though, who made Ava wear those earrings? Ugh.

  10. What was the point of Krissie eavesdropping on Alexis & Neil? Is she going to have an epiphany (apologies to our favorite nurse!) and start acting like a rational person, or accuse Alexis of sleeping with Neil and have another toddler hissy-fit. If it's the later, lord take me now.....

  11. cult
    noun: cult; plural noun: cults

    a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.
    "the cult of St. Olaf"
    a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.
    "a network of Satan-worshiping cults"
    synonyms: sect, religious group, denomination, religious order, church, faith, faith community, belief, persuasion, affiliation, movement; More
    group, body, faction, clique
    "a religious cult"
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    "a cult of personality surrounding the leaders"
    synonyms: obsession with, fixation on, mania for, passion for

    1. Mrs. Goose! 😂 And a Colt is a horse! :)

  12. Maura West is so beautiful...and such a great Ava. Hope this scheme works. Hahaha. What could go wrong?
    They need to lighten up their spray tan deal.
    Krissy looks so diminutive during the proceedings. Like she shrunk.


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