Thursday, April 4, 2019


Apparently with everything else Epiphany does she ALSO runs Lamaze classes LOL!! Remember when she did PT with Sonny??  She wants Carly to go to classes so her baby is born healthy. She also wants her to take the test for abnormalities. Carly was like, I'm too scared. But Epiphany says she's not a coward so she should do it. Carly agrees. 

Drew is.. SO into this. 

The gym..where no one else EVER works out. Remember Llandview's gym? Always full and eyecandy in the back ground!! Curtis and Drew are working out. Talk about Jordan's kidney and Oscar's dying. Hmmmmmm WONDER WHY!? 

Jules and Kim.  ALERT: Julien is wearing his flannel. Kim says he can't come over because she has to talk to Oscar about the end of this life.  Julian goes to visit Ava. 

Joss and Oscar are at the bridge and look at the lock they did. He has to go to a doctor's appointment. Still looking a bit pale yet sprightly. He gives Joss a watch that's digital so when she sees 11:11 --she'll know he's thinking of her when he's gone.   BLOOP! Apparently not tho.. he goes down.
AT GH: He's in a coma. Tumor has grown and isn't responding to medication. Dr. Terry isn't sure he'll wake up. Joss is despondent-- she hates that he's on a machine. 

Jordan talks to Aunt Stella. OH NICE! Get this, Jordan wants to have her dialysis at GH but it's out of network for her insurance co and she has to go to Mercy. THANK YOU for finally including insurance stuff to a story.
Curtis wants Auntie to pull some strings to try to get her to GH.  Jordan gets a phone call about Ryan and leaves. 

Laura is .. her and Kevin's house I guess. I totally forget what it even looks like!! Kevin is at the door. Looking like Ryan LOL..which I guess he COULD be..he could come back at any point and just BE Ryan. Without a body, they could switch at any point. Lulu comes to visit and freaks out because she thinks Kevin is Ryan. She freaks out. Kevin leaves. Lulu tells her mother about Dante leaving. Lulu is crying about her life and the fact she's losing it. Laura thinks she should leave town. 

Ava dreams that Ryan is in her apartment. She's passed out with vodka in her hands. She dreams he's choking her. She wakes up and carries a gun around the apartment, she thinks he's there. Ava calls her Gallery Insurance co and wants them to do her whole apartment. They arrive in 3.4 seconds. 
IDEA: She's getting more and more paranoid. Will become Agoraphobic and more and more spooked out...and what if she shoots Kevin??!! 
Julian is going to move in for a bit to help her out and keep her safer. 

END: WOW..Epiphany just totally DRAGS Kevin!!!!!!!!! wow. She was magnificent in that scene!! The board suspended his practicing at GH. 

Jordan says the Canadian Police "found" Ryan. Which I'm not believing. NOPE. 


  1. Believe it, kd. The Mounties always get their man! lol

    1. I used to call Jax Dudley Do-Right LOL!!

    2. Hahaha Karen! :) Dudley do right from you, and candy boy from Sonny! :) ROFL!

    3. Dudley...Candy guys are killing me!

      I need a little followup from Laura, why should Lulu leave town?

      Joss and Carly were awesome together, I got all weepy. They are the best mother/daughter since Robin and Anna. I'm really starting to love them.

      Previews for today have Nina telling Willow they are going to get her fired. I hope the school supports Willow and tells Nina where to stick it. When is the Staff leaving again? Lol!

    4. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

  2. Whoa! What happened to my comments about GH yesterday?

  3. Is it horrible of me to hope that Oscar actually dies?


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