Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Candy Gram

Land Shark 

Scene: Kevin and Laura at home. 
Doorbell Rings...
Kevin: Who is it? 
Guy: Um... Special Delivery
Kevin: Who? 
Guy:  Um... Candy Gram...

I would have DIED!! HAHAHA, Ok, so we KNOW that wouldn't happen but what more do you want in a week that gives you a FROZEN HAND IN A PRIORITY PACKAGE?? 
Not much..and it was on a Monday ! 

You know we are having popcicles today.. 

Yes, honey? 
Why couldn't Oscar have been here dying for month? There's so many people around and Aunt Olivia is making Pasta all over.  It's sad, but happy at the same time.
Oh, sweetie, I don't know but we're here now..
Ok, but Dolly knows you won't see us again until Thanksgiving 

And that up there is the ESSENCE of this whole story. The Oscar scenes this week and last were superb. Going to the Q house just jump started life for this. He's dying next week (*Spoiler Alert) and this goodness will be over. I also have to hand it to the dialog writers because making Oscar the stronger one and more calm in the whole situation didn't tax the 'acting' too much (if you know what I mean).  The scenes were poignant, sweet and sad. Hard to pull off.  I'm just going to leave these here: 

Edward's Poker Chips!
Olivia's Pasta! 
Smiles all around! 

Oh, I have a plan for you....

Am I going to like this or are you going to eat me alive? 

Oh, just ask Scotty about THAT... 

AVA'S PLAN:  On first blush this looked like a stupid plan. On Second look--I got giddy. Why? Potential that Kevin would just get one taste of Ava and instantly turn into Ryan! LOL. Sorry, but I did have fun thinking about Ava just man-eating ol' Kevin !!! Anyway, we also got some fun Felicia and Mac scenes as well.  Ava, Kevin, Laura, Mac and Flea in the Rib together? Priceless!! 

SAM'S TOP:  Shiloh wanted Sam to "go the distance" and disrobe in front of him but Valerie stopped that mess by barging in and looking for Krissy. Sam was a mess, which pissed me off. If you're a CON you're a CON. Just do it up. I don't like her crying and shaking. Then again, KeMo is obv miserable so..whatever. 

WILLOW AND MAMA: Yes, Harmony is Willow's mama. She didn't tell Shiloh about the baby when Willow left which is something. Powerful scenes with Willow yelling at her for basically selling her to Shank and the Cult. 


Sasha spilled the beans that she wants Nina to be her "real mama" and Michael heard it
Lulu's home
Olivia cooked much pasta for the gang at the Q house
Oscar asked Jason to be his executor of his will and made a video for Joss 

Krissy called Valerie and then saw this happen at the safe-house
Finn didn't propose, Robert has the ring LOL.. 
Oscar makes a death video for Josslyn. 
Sam almost took her top off for SHank but was interrupted at the last minute. 

JURY IS OUT:  NuVal showed up and I'm not sure yet. I love her for stopping the SHank-Sam 'reveal' but.. I need to see her with Krissy. She's very different from Brit.. so?? Hmm, it will be interesting. 

VET-A-PALOOZA: this week was totally vet-a-lisious! Mac and Felicia with Kevin and Laura-- Bobbie and Carly... Robert.. and although she's not a "Vet" it was also great to have Epiphany have a scene with Elizabeth that meant something. (Mac Daddy's beard was on point!!) 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Well, a hand, on a box? Can't top that! 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Genuine smile from Drew. Loved the scenes this week and Jason being at the Qs with Oscar didn't even bug me. Seemed natural--even the motorcycle ride. (PS. Who doesn't let their kid ride a motorcycle on his damn death bed??!) 

SET OF THE WEEK; WE GOT A KITCHEN PEOPLE! Not just one of those side things that Lulu and Liz have but a REAL KITCHEN!! WHOOT!! This makes Wubsy SO damn happy. Now, I would have put some cooler things in it like a giant expresso machine and pasta jars but hey, I am NOT complaining. 

SURPRISE OF THE WEEK: I'm used to seeing Milo for the Nurses' Ball but I think he missed it last year. Him popping up during this preview scene  was a ?? HUH? But hey, could be a great Ruse. 

CUTEST OF THE WEEK:  That's Avery who's really just talking away now, asking about the baby! Where is it??!! 

IN CONCLUSION: This week killed it in so many ways. I loved the vets, the banter and the family time. Things that could be fixed: Peter--I know, you tried but he's just NOT DOING IT. So, either have him turn full on Faison evil or kill him off. Sasha? I really wish the actress had been cast as Willow but alas, she's not. I'm done with the Sasha game and let's face it, although Michael needs a partner, he's dull with anyone so--bye. Sam can STOP WITH THE Shiloh Cult Club at any second. And I'm saying it: GIVE KEMO some damn time off. She's obv miserable so let her e miserable somewhere else for awhile. 
That's it!! My lounge chair take on the entire thing !! 

TWITTER FUN:  Shout out to Maura West's Birthday!

Kin tweeted this ..isn't it just the best!!!? VESPA LOVE 

From NLG: Maura and she at last year's Emmy Lunch


  1. AND, we got a picture of sweet Lila in the background. Anna Lee, just love that lady

  2. I agree, give KeMo a vacation. When the actors just "phone it in" they need a vacation or a new job. Did she want to stay with Billy Miller, is that it? It's acting, unfortunately you don't get a choice of story line. Unless your special.

  3. Tristan Rogers needs a contract already. He is fun. We need fun on this show. I like that he is jealous and kept the ring. Have this story go somewhere. Maybe he doesn't realize that he still has feelings for her???? Have him stop the wedding or something.

    Anyway, I too like this week with all the vets. I didn't see that scene with the little girl. Took me a bit from your picture to figure it out. That is baby Scout isn't it? Has to be.

    Thank you very very much Karen. Love your pics too.

    1. That is useless Avery. The kid that Sonny and Ava did not need.

  4. Thanks, Karen. I loved this week too. We need to start a run with the hashtag "vet-a-lisious"

  5. still don't like Willow's hair cut.
    WHERE is Stella?
    I think Anna sees the ring and thinks Robert is going to propose to her-----
    so obviously Robin and Emma aren't coming to the nurse's ball this time....
    AGAIN - you MUST go back and watch the 2014-2018 Nurse's Ball on - SO SO good!!!
    KM IS phoning it in and I have always defended her - no more - she's not even trying - I thought she was going to fall for Shiloh - anyone else think this?
    WHY was it a big deal that Krissy saw Neil and Alexis hug? seemed odd.

    1. "I think Anna sees the ring and thinks Robert is going to propose to her-----"

      That is what I was thinking, but then Anna left Kelly's. Hmmm maybe later she will think it.

  6. Thanks for another great SS. It was good week. Hope they make the Ava/Felicia/Laura/Kevin scheme a good one.
    Agree with 'mufasa'...where is Stella. And Mike. Good the wind.
    KeMo is really dragging herself around.
    The Oscar gathering is sad...and happy, but still he looks too healthy for someone at the end of brain cancer.
    Robert is fun but no to him and Anna...unless his presence in her life ends her daily tears and angst.

  7. The best thing last week was the new kitchen set. Michael with a woman is boring to say the least. He always comes across like a boy scout. He was way more interesting when paired with Nelle.Those shares in the Quartermaine Empire are sure getting spread out with every new arrival.I wonder who gets Oscar's share?

  8. Yes, that's Scout! I should have put her name in there. LOL I laughed a bit because she looked as miserable as KeMo!
    I've been surprised at how much Robert has been on, maybe he'll stick around a bit?

  9. "Scene: Kevin and Laura at home.
    Doorbell Rings...
    Kevin: Who is it?
    Guy: Um... Special Delivery
    Kevin: Who?
    Guy: Um... Candy Gram..."

    HAHAHHAAHAHA. That would have been hysterical! :)

    "You know we are having popcicles today.."

    Oh because of the frozen hand? ROFL!

    "Sam was a mess, which pissed me off. If you're a CON you're a CON. Just do it up. I don't like her crying and shaking"

    I AGREE! I don't buy it for one minute that she is all shaken up and can't con! Give me a break!


    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I'm glad I'm not the only one making a big deal about it. :) I LOVE new sets!!! They haven't shown the hospital lounge again!!! I WANT TO SEE THE LOUNGE!

    "Him popping up during this preview scene was a ?? HUH? But hey, could be a great Ruse."

    I hope it's a ruse, and not Milo getting brainwashed by the colt house and King Mufasa!!!

    "Kin tweeted this ..isn't it just the best!!!? VESPA LOVE"

    YES! I saw that on twitter! LOVE IT! :)

  10. kemo has always been my least favorite actress on GH. the mumbler was only tolerable with patrick.

  11. I loved this wk so much! Or I should say last wk haha!! Loved all the vets. Question shouldn't we consider Liz and Carly vets? Granted Laura has only played her x amt of yrs but the character has been around since mid 90s? How many yrs constitues a vet?

    Way off topic here but this morning before work I was watching A Different World and Jasmine Guy, I can't remember why but I looked her up on IMDB and she was on this past episode of GREYS! She played Gemma, the woman with a stiletto in her chest! She was an alcoholic like Dr Webber. Good to see her around still. Didn't even recognize her.

    1. "Way off topic here but this morning before work I was watching A Different World and Jasmine Guy, I can't remember why but I looked her up on IMDB and she was on this past episode of GREYS! She played Gemma, the woman with a stiletto in her chest! She was an alcoholic like Dr Webber. Good to see her around still. Didn't even recognize her."

      Yeah while the show was on, someone on twitter was asking if that was Jasmine Guy. I had no idea, so I went to look it up.. YUP IT'S HER! WOW! I didn't even recognize her!! I love A different world! I watched it back then.

    2. Me too. Once I went back and watched the episode I was like yes! I could recognize her. If memory serves that irritating way she talked was just part of her character. Haha! She did a good job!

  12. Yes, I saw her on Grey's, I knew I recognized the actress, then when they showed her name on the credits I was so excited to see her! I LOVED A Different World, thought it was a great show, and I loved her character.

  13. So happy to see Robert and I really hope he is sticking around. Thrilled to see Liz in a scene with someone other than Franco! Becky Herbst has over 21 years in at GH - she needs to be more than a prop for Franco. GH needs to bring Tyler Christopher back as Nikolas and pair him with Elizabeth. Karen's right; it's clear KeMo is miserable; she doesn't want Jasam and it shows. GH needs to stop forcing Jasam because the lack of chemistry is just painful at this point. Have Sam sleep with Shiloh and use that to end Jasam. Then put Sam with Drew or get rid of Finn and bring ME back as McBain for Sam. That would also leave Anna open for Robert. GH could then pair Liz with Jason if Tyler isn't available. GH needs to follow the chemistry instead of forcing it! They should also do a Scott/Laura/Kevin/Ava quadrangle with Lucy meddling and Mac and Felicia giving advice. The vets could also work together to bring Ryan down and maybe find a new mystery to keep them on canvas. I loved seeing the vets this week; I am not invested in any of the newbies. I'd like to see GH use them to wrap up stories and then get rid of Peter, Sasha, Willow, Chase, Jordan, Kristina, Kim, Nina, Valentin and Franco. Tyler's Nikolas could eradicate Valentin. Franco is limited by the character's past and his constant whitewashing. Kill Franco and bring RoHo back as Todd to take over the paper when Peter leaves town. That would give RoHo the chance to play across the canvas in a way that he currently can't do. I think GH needs a lot of changes.

  14. Great SS and pretty good week, especially with the vets. I didn't like Sonny calling Carly Avery's mom - that would be Ava. The kitchen set is gorgeous and long overdue. I never really cared much about Oscar so it won't be too soon to see him go, and at least Jax will be back. Nice to see Scout but we haven't seen her with Sam (her mother) since she was first born I think. Michael just doesn't have any charisma so his pairings are pretty much all duds. Looking forward to seeing Milo infiltrate DOD!


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