Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Same View, Different Day

NOTE: this is a repeat of yesterday's show due to the fire. not sure who already saw the show yesterday or ..didn't read my recap down there. This is basically a place holder and for me to add any other little things I might want to talk about. 

Really too bad they didn't cultivate the Krissy-Carly relationship like Laura had with Monica. She drove Leslie NUTTY over that and Monica LOVED it.  

Nina looks nice in her leggings and blazer. Nice change from her dresses. 

Liz looks at Jason when he asks her to test The Cup. 

Anyone else NOT CARE WHAT Carly thinks?? Where's Molly? 

The white ladies' hair is all beach waves today. Maybe getting prepped for Cochella?? LOL.

I liked the Cam/Franco/Liz talk; very true to life and 3 opinions expressed.  Liz is the 'don't label"... Franco is the "so what".. and  Cam is the "cover it up" ... 


  1. why is nina written so STUPID

  2. Why do people get anything tested at the lab at GH? They should know better by now.

    1. You and me both, Michelle! And Judy A.B.K. seriously! That lab is a haven of inaccuracy. Mostly due to bad Brad.

    2. I can't believe I am defending Brad!!..... But he did what he was told because he believes in DoD and Shiloh. He didn't do it because he is a "bad" person like he was in the past. This time he thought he was doing good. What gets me is that Jason gave the cup to Liz and she in turn gave it to Brad. Was Jason trying to by-pass Brad because he knows his past record? I also, cannot understand why Brad hasn't been fired, or why anyone whould use him as a lab tech. And in a hospital setting wouldn't there be more than one person controlling the lab? Where are the other techs and why does Brad ALWAYS be the guy who gets these story line lab requests.... ?

  3. I'm surprised Brad was not fired a long time ago

  4. Going with the why theme, why is Franco so obnoxious with Cam? (I understood his point, but dial it down a notch dude!)

  5. Hi! Sorry I'm late with my comments. I have the flu and had a fever last night of 100.3 ick. I had the flu shot, but I have the 1 strain. I guess the shot didn't cover the 1 strain. Ah well on to the show! ROFL!


    BobTodd and Cam: Oh look! School!!!! :) Lockers!!!! It's the little things. :)

    Cult house (or as Molly likes to call it, colt house.)

    Sam and King Mufasa: Awww! Poor King Mufasa is so depressed!!! Come on Sam give him a little kissy poo to make him feel better. ROFL!

    Daisy and Sam: Oh oh! Daisy is creepy!! Run Sam run!!!!!!

    The hospital:

    Jason and Liz: The look on Liz's face!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Jarly: Okay so Carly thinks it's wrong to kidnap, but making King Mufasa disappear by death is okay.. *facepalm* Must be the pregnancy brain. Oh wait she says she isn't think because she is tired. Well okay then. ROFL!

    Brad and King Mufasa: I can't believe Brad the con can't see through King Mufasa the con!!! COME ON BRAD! I am not buying this crap. And he is trying to recruit his husband!!! GAH!

    Brad and Jason:

    Brad: So I ran the blood test.

    Did you really Brad? Or are you lying?

    Hmm Valarian redude? I never heard that before so I looked it up. Oh it's a herb that helps you sleep better!!!!!

    Friz and Cam: Great scene!!!! Awwww Cam! Protecting Aidan I love it! Fairy boy really? What are we back in the olden days? So you are telling me that nobody in the WHOLE school Cam is in is gay?

    Cam: Can't Aidan be a little less gay?

    Awww Cam. I get it. You don't want people making fun of him and you want to protect him. :(

    Liz: Angry because you are upset on your own behalf and not your brother's.

    THAT'S NOT TRUE! Cam is upset on Aidan's behalf! He wants to protect him!!! I'm on your side Cam!!!!!


    Nina and Spencer: Spencer wins the line of the day.

    Spencer: Well what else is marriage good for.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Great scene between them! Come on Nina! WAKE UP!!!!

    Nina, Spencer, and V.C.: Oh look V.C. calls Nora and now she is free to go back home to be with Bo! :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Michael and Willow: No Willow your baby is dead and Michael's baby is still alive!

  6. Sonya, hope you feel better soon.

  7. Poor Sonya. hope you're feeling better soon.

    And I wish Franco and Liz would stop labelling their 8 year old.

    Franco should tell Nina that he's going to tell Aiden to call Charlotte, Charlotte the harlot next time she calls him Gaden. And when Nina protests the sexualizing of her 8 year old he can then tell her to tell Charlotte to stop sexualizing their 8 year old.

    1. "Poor Sonya. hope you're feeling better soon."

      Thanks Di. :)

      "And I wish Franco and Liz would stop labelling their 8 year old."

      Well Liz isn't. She keeps telling them to not label him. :)


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