Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Heart Strings

A week of emotions and some old-school great soapy moments to warm my heart. I was busy on 2 days but couldn't wait to watch the shows when I got home.  That has happened in years!  It was another big week as far as things happening so let's get started. 

I had lobster ravioli last night which that so yummy. I"m still full! Just coffee today. I still have Christmas shopping to finish up.  It's coming too quickly!! 

Why am I happier with the show now? 

Number ONE:  Ensemble work.  It's just all over the place--and it's really making my heart feel good. The Santa in the Park scenes had Curtis,  Ned, Olivia, Julian, Nell, Michael, Carly, Sonny and some kids. There was some snark (Nell and Carly) but also a lot of fun and laughs (Julian getting in on the photos).  There were many more examples of this during the week. Point is--it's not yet Christmas and it's not Thanksgiving and we had way more than 2 people just talking the entire show in one room.  :Clapping: 

Number TWO:  Old School Quartermaine action. I mean--come on. Ned being the "OG" Q and Michael the pip-squeak upstart?? I can see it building now! We've bitched for years about ELQ declining. Well, it's coming up and the Drew factor is a perfect vehicle. Hell, when you get a Jimmy Lee Holt and Skye mention, you know it's been a decent scene!! (and look, Alexis is even back there-- nice touch, imo. She was such a part of this family at one time). 

Number THREE:  Just plain fun, adorable scenes.  Sure the stink bomb thing was a bit cheesy but who cares??! Maxie and Lulu taking down Nello?? Priceless. Loved the Hazmat Suits! Loved their banter and friendship. God knows we needed Lulu out of that cycle of Charlotte and Val.  I really enjoyed this. KS and ER  sure looked like they did too! Anyone else get Flea and Lucy Vibes? 

Number FOUR: Evil Elves.  Yes, that's Nelle up there. Yes, I can't stand her--but this week I had a small (tiny) shift into the 'love to hate' category. She's owning her stuff now. We don't have to wonder if her motives are pure and if she's really good at heart but 'misguided'. Nope, she's dead on nasty now. Also sounded a lot like Old School Carly. I also loved how she taunted Carly with the "I know something you don't know" at the park.  When Dr. Kim confirmed she's really PG ...Carly's face was perfect. "Congratulations, GRANDMA" --such a Nelle thing to say!  She's bringing a Q into the world too. Ha!

Number FIVE:  New character--INTERACTING with everyone in like week 2? What? What is this? Dr. Kim is the new OBGYN at GH and jumped right into things. First she confirmed that Maxie is preggers and then Nelle. Now, I'm suspicious of the Nelle thing but they were in the room alone together and acted like they didn't know each other. So?? Hmmm. 

Ok, on to the nitty-gritty and "things you need to know" that took place in Port Charles the last 5 days: 

Alexis told Jason to stay away from Sam.  She knows what the pull of lust-love can do (see: Julian) and wants him out of it. I liked this scene because I didn't expect to have an Alexis-Jason moment like this. 

How can I explain the perfection of this scene? How? Let me start out by saying I never shipped JaSam. They are good together but--eh. When Jason was dead, he was dead.  But this? The eye-locking on the docks? Got me. BOOM. Why? I think nostalgia and the great build up that's been happening. The writers haven't had them talk too much, imo. When they do talk, it's hesitant and they are afraid to get too close because (well, you know).  Kelly and Steve killed it. I really thought they were going to kiss...but... nope. AHHH!!!  THIS IS SOAPY! Plus, they were sexy as all hell. 

Drew ended up in jail because the Navy saw the fingerprints were pulled by Spinelli and have been looking for him since he went AWOL. This easily would have been a missed beat by the old regime. I knew the Navy would have had a fit in real life and there it was. Sam was desperate and went to Jason to help clear him. Drew was not happy it was his twin that got him out.  Kelly and Billy had amazing scenes all week as well. Kudos to Kelly for being able to play this so well.  The longing for Jason--and the love for Drew. 

Friz got engaged! If you can distance yourself for a second from the James Franco Frenia --these were cute scenes played really well by Becky and Roger.  Robin gave her advice, Carly yelled at her--but she GNF. Nope. Of course, we know Franco kept the truth from her but that's for another day.

Well! On Friday we got quite the bombshell--Kim told Drew that Oscar IS HIS SON! Did we have to wait for Joss and Oscar to open those DNA results? Nope. She just went right over there and announced it!! LOL... why the sudden change of heart? Just 2 days ago she was all nervous and jittery. Something's up--not sure what but keep an eye on this one.  BTW, this happened about 10 minutes after Drew told Jake he wasn't his Daddy...

OMG.... this scene was absolutely amazing. First of all, that little guy can cry. I mean cry. Had me all tearing up!  I loved that Liz and Drew told him themselves and did it in the best way they could think of. Also loved that Sam and Franco were barbing over on the sidelines about Jason; "You love him"--no "You're afraid Liz loves him"! Neener Neener.  

SaSon try and find Faison but end up with...Britt!! Hey, how you doin, girl!!?? They question her about her Dad's involvement with the whole Jason thing. She doesn't know. Burton bores into her with his baby-blues and she does spill that Faison thought Jason was DEAD until a couple of months ago. HUH? Here we were thinking he was mastermind, but no, he names a traitor. Could it be Valentin? Could it be Obrect? WHO? 

I'm trying SO HARD with Oscar. SO SO Hard. The bridge scene was done well...but...something was just missing. I wish Oscar had a chip on his shoulder about life-- or anything at this point.  I hope he's playing well with the young audience, we need them. 


Oscar is Drew's son according to Kim and soon the DNA will confirm it? Or Naw?
Drew was briefly arrested by the Navy but St. Jaysus saved him
Jake found out he's really not Drew's son...he's his nephew
Dr. Kim started working at GH as the OBGYN
Julian really wants to spend time with Leo
Another Christmas photo ruined
Faison thought Jason was dead all this time 
Killy are dedicated to each other
JaSam had a ginormous eye-lock on the docks
Ned doesn't want an "outsider" in the ELQ business
Nell is pregnant.  

I think that's about it. Still so hard to do all the recaps I need to, there's so much going on!! I am looking forward to the holiday episodes, I think it will be a lot of family.  Things I'd like fixed: Get the opioid story GOING-- it's taking a damn age. The other stuff has been fast but this is languishing.  It wasn't on this week at all and I was kind of happy. A crisis with Monica would bring the twins together--right? I still say Parkinson's would be a good story.  Please don't have a Nelle miscarry then stealing Maxie's baby thing. NOPE I will not even deal with that right now!!  Keep the ELQ thing going...steal Wally from Days for good.  Ok! That's it!! Oh one more wish?? Lucky makes it home for Mama's wedding!!  (that's Dave's wish too). 

Have a good week. I'll try my best to be here-- 


  1. Wonderful surgery today. I can see your excitement about the "new" GH in your writing. I feel exactly the same way. Those of us who hung on during these last bad years are certainly being rewarded now..... Dare I say.. I LOVE GH!!

    1. I agree Pat, I feel we are totally being rewarded. Chris is our Christmas gift to us and GH. ❤

  2. OK, I guess I am first again. Thanks for the great SS.

    Yes, PLEASE have Lucky came back for Laura's wedding. And PLEASE have Liz's sister and parents there for hers. Her not seeing her family for decades is really a fly in the ointment of GH for me.

    I also don't mind Nelle as a skank, she definitely is someone we can love to hate, I think!

  3. Oh, Pat, you beat me out, I wasn't first :(

    1. Haha!! It's not a contest Antie 😁😛😄😉

  4. BTW, I think Oscar is fine, his acting his good, IMO. I can hear him just fine (but I also can hear Killy, so I guess I just have good hearing :) ).

    1. I think his acting needs a little improving but I also noticed on Fridays show he did mumble some. Not cc mumbling but need to strain a little to really hear.

  5. I heard that Laura and Kevins wedding is on new years eve and there is a big shock at the wedding. I'm hoping for the return of Lucky Nikolas or both.

  6. Great SS, thank you for the update, especially Friday's because my husband recorded Penn State volleyball and overrode my GH! I was soooo looking forward to the reveal to Jake! Meanwhile, apparently Hulu doesn't carry the week's episodes anymore? It's like my life is just spinning!!!! Lol

    1. 😲😲😲😲😲😲

      You should be able to watch Fridays on HULU unless they just changed it this wk?

  7. Great SS after a great week! I am so hoping Lucky comes back for the wedding and to try to talk some sense into Liz. Maybe Kim is the traitor. I still am not a fan of TB’s but I think her character has been incorporated very well. What a difference a new head writer makes!

    1. Didn't like Tam as Carly but she fits as Kim. I guess it's the whole recast thing. I'm not always a fan. I still think she's got an agenda.
      I agree, Chris has totally turned it around.

  8. Fantastic surgery. Thank you.

    I think the actor who plays Jake is a mini gold mine for the show. Now if they’d only SORA Cameron a year or so so he’s Joss and Oscar’s age ( as he should be) and find a boy who can act and wants to, then they could be open to all kinds of stories with this family and these kids. That would really bring the young people in.

    The little guy who plays Julian’s son looks like him. lol

    I agree about Nelle and Maxie. Hopefully we won’t get just another repeat of a past story. This writer actually seems to encourage new ideas .

    And I’m sorry but the song “I’m my own Grandpa” kept running through my head at the end of that conversation with poor Jake and his mixed up family.

    1. The kid that plays Leo is so adorable 😊
      I too wish they'd age Can, most of us here started watching soaps as kids/teens and maybe Chris will get that unlike Jelly. Bring in viewers.

    2. I agree, the scene with Jake finding out was truly great. I got all teary with mommy hormones, been a long time since a soap scene has been able to do that. Bravo to all 3 actors, was great.

  9. i'll be the first to say it. leftover lobster ravioli and coffee DO NOT GO TOGETHER.

    i hope luke and tracy send a present to laura and kevin. would be nice if somehow it was tied into the ice princess. maybe a diamond necklace made from it?

    i hope lucky returns, even for a few days. thats how things are in real life. people come and go for special ocassions. would be interesting to see him talk to liz with her engagement to franco.

    will they pull an old soap opera trick???? at laura's wedding with she or kevin chicken out and want to postpone it, and while there is a preacher and guests, liz and franco step in and get married instead?

    the writing is very good. fast paced. someone is finally listening. it is your rochester friend, karen?

    i think nelle isnt reall pregnat and is faking it to piss off carly.

    i also look forward to watching the show, which is something i havent done in years.

  10. I forgot to say before that not only is Jake a really good actor, but I think he looks sooo much like Liz.

    Also, I was watching Once Upon a Time last night (the eppie was from the other week, I don't like the show as much since they retooled it), and Nathan Parsons was on! I was trying to figure out his face, then saw his name in the credits. He played Luke's son, I think his name was Eli or something?

  11. I have to say I'm really enjoying the show and almost everyone on it. I'd love to see Lucky come back for the wedding.

  12. I actually found the Jason/Sam scene to be a let down. I was expecting big feelings and got a lot of mehhh with shoulder shrugging. I got more from the Jason/Elizabeth jail scene and the Jason/Carly/Sonny reunions. I agree that ensemble scenes are great, more the merrier. I recently started watching again after a long hiatus, so I'm still catching up on things I've missed, but the new pace of the show is a definite improvement along with the acknowledgement of history, instead of ignoring it or rewriting it.

  13. Michelle Latta said...

    I think his acting needs a little improving but I also noticed on Fridays show he did mumble some. Not cc mumbling but need to strain a little to really hean.

    ** He generally annoys me, more than anything else. But, I've never been a fan of teens/kids on soaps, to begin with. Unless it's obvious that whoever the kid is, there is something `"special" about them, and just draw your attention to them (in a GOOD way)


  14. Dar, thanks for the info, of course it was Ethan, I never was good at names. . .


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