Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Truth Or Dare

And then......POOF..... I was He. He was Me. 

What a week! We got our Jasons Reveal --and I think this is going to stick.  It makes sense (to me) to have Burton slip back into the Stone Cold role and Miller create something new that's just his. I've already seen a huge change in Miller since a year ago. You know I have no love lost there-- but his acting has been great these past weeks.  

So, settle in! I have a big frosted cookie from Panera I'm eating. No, that's not a plug--its' just saying that I can NOT pass up a good frosted sugar cookie. Yum. This is a mitten! 

When something so big happens on Friday, my brain is so blank I can't remember what happened Mon-Thurs!   I think I'll tackle the "lesser than" stories first then move up the food-chain. 

Hello...hey, I got this ankle monitor. 
Yeah, So? 
Well...  you know, look at my's sexy, right? 
"GULP NO..No you're in NO WAY sexy. Nope. 
Yeah, keep tellin' yourself that. See ya. 
Please don't have a flashback sequence..please don't have a ....

Damn it!!! 

We've been treated to quite a few ensemble scenes this month, haven't we?? Thanksgiving was great and now this?? Everyone together for Naxie's baby announcement!  Mac! Felicia! Nina! Lante! Dr. O! Robin! Sam! (they remembered she's a friend of Maxie's! yeah!) Lante-- Geesh. It was nice to see everyone together.  For me, this makes a show a show. With GH's 900 characters it's important to have the connections happen on a regular basis. (something the show really suffered from not having for a long time). 

Just sing "You Are So Beautiful To Me"  20x and you'll know what this story is about. Zzzzzzz. idea what she's doing either.... so moving along....

Oh. JossCar. I try to hard to have faith that you'll be the new youth "IT" couple. I fail every time.  Remember Zander? That's how I wish this kid had an edge to him.  Every time he talks, I swear, I hear Tiny Tim or Oliver begging "More Please, Sir".   Ugh..anyway, he and Joss have figured out that Drew may be his Daddy. Dr. Kim's not happy, Carly's not happy and Miller certainty isn't happy!  These two steal Miller's glass to do a DNA test with.  Good luck kids! Don't forget your bike helmets! 

Sam spent day after day,  trying to help Miller understand she loved him for matter who "him" turned out to be. She fought off Carly, Robin, Lulu and Robin to let the world know she was happy, damn it and he was her husband. Oh, then she made love to him right in that chair there to seal the deal. 


The week started out with OldCarly aka Dr. Kim feeling Burton's face, convinced he's her "Friend's" old boyfriend from San Deigo. (Gasps from Joss and Oscar).  She's sure it's him.  Sonny is ready to pounce: Get your hands off my Jason! And Carly about has an attack. "um..I don't think you know who this is"??  She then makes Kim sit and tell us all about "Andrew Cain" from back in her days as a  California babe.  Burton is not impressed.  

Who IS impressed? Why it's Miller! See, when those two crazy kids go to visit Killy, Oscar's mama shows up after tracking his GPS on his phone. (being a kid now must suck).   After Dr. Kimmy leaves he says to Sam: "Humm, I dunno, I think I may know her".... DUN DUN DUNNNNNN...

IT'S THE MAIN EVENT PEOPLE!!!  What is going to happen!!!??  Oh Franco knows what's going to happen but he's still not happy about what's going to happen! 

Picture it: The PCPD 2017... gathered there are CarSon (top billing),  Friz, Burton, Spin, Diane, Killy, Jordan, Curtis and  the man of the hour, Dr. Maddox.  I didn't bother to tell you but there was a little Jurtis adventure in Cuba that had them dragging Maddox home to tell everyone who--is who. Whom? Well, anyway. That up there is decorated Navy Seal Andrew Cain, AWOL from the military since 20..? I forget.  Jason Morgan was shot by Faison and fell off the pier. 

Enter Dr. Maddox, working for the WSB on a secret procedure that may help Alzheimer's patients.   A noble cause but the WSB shut him down and some myterious person offered him money AND TWINS to keep experimenting on. WOW! Great stuff! Ok, then, so... he gets both Jasons wheeled in unconscious. He takes Jason Morgan and "Xeroxes' his memories. Then, he takes Andrew and erases all his memories and stuffs Morgan's in.  He was sent to keep an eye on Drew Cain in Port Charles. This means, Miller is really Andrew. 

TOLD YA SO!!!  Well, Carly didn't exactly say that but she sure did smirk a lot.  Miller refuses to believe anything. He says the files could be faked, Sonny was paying people off-- he can't be anyone but Jason! Then Spinelli steps forward with the fingerprint evidence from the Navy and it's pretty clear.  Curtis comes over , talks his buddy down from the ledge and it seems Drew is finally getting the fact his life was not what he thought it was.  (this is basically Todd for Todd from OLTL btw). 

The Good-Ol' Gang has come home. Group HUG!!! 

SO...what does all this mean? First of all, for now, Sam is sticking by Drew. She loves him and their life they have. Diane and Spin are of course, focused on the money and Burton? Eh...he's just happy CarSon are still "at home" for him.  He can go back to 'enforcing' , wearing his leather jacket know, all that interesting stuff Jason Morgan does. 

The REAL STORY?? It's gonna be all about Drew!!  Yep!! See, Burton lost 5 years in "Neverland"--kinda the same as going to prison. He didn't really gain anything, but he didn't lose any memories either.  Drew on the other hand, not only had his entire past wiped out-- he made new memories for these past few years believing he was someone else! Um, that's messed up! Not only do you have to reconcile with the fact that your "family" and "friends" know the other guy... you have a whole lot of time to find out about.  This is where Britt is going to come in along with Dr. O (maybe Faison??), Kim and of course, Oscar --who appears to be his kid.  Just like Drew thought he "knew" Dr. K from somewhere, will his memories start to come back as well??  Miller did a really good job with this material and you know my tide is turning when it comes to him. So, I'm happy for the whole reveal going the way it did.  

POSITION OF THE MONTH:  another week of this fetal-couch thing with Killy. It's getting so tedious. Geezus, you have two kids under 5. Stop laying around like seals. 

FUNNIEST EXCHANGE:  Carly, in her brashness basically says to Miller: You might think you're Jason--you might even know you're Jason...but I know, you're NOT Jason. Ergo, you're NOT Jason. 

BEST HUG: Awwwwwww Mac Daddy!! 

So,  I am happy about the integration and that the Jason reveal didn't last until January! I think the back-story works pretty well if you think about when Maddox came to town--when Jake Doe was there, yada yada.  We have a lot of years to fill in for Drew and actually--I know a LOT of you hate the character but I think Franco 's going to help in that area. Roger's also been doing a hell of a job fighting his tumor demons.  "It's like Global Warming, It's Science"!! Yes, his tumor is like global warming. Maybe Al Gore will do an on-set cameo. 

Laura's wedding is coming up and Leslie will show up for it!! yeah!! My biggest wish? Is that Monica comes too and she and Leslie talk about the past a bit. When I started watching GH Laura as a damn pill and she ran to Monica to talk smack about her mother. (Monica loved it!!). 

I'm also harboring a secret wish that something happens to Monica or she gets ill and the 2 guys have to somehow iron out some of their differences. Eh, we'll see. 

OMG! You know what I thought of??? WHAT if AJ was still around!!??? Can you imagine?? TWO Jasons? He would have just ran away screaming. 

(that's the type of stuff I think of late at night--it's a curse).   

OK! So this week I get a new student and my days are crammed full.  I know I won't be able to  live blog every day but I'll do my best.  Be nice-- it's a jungle out there. Oh, and...don't forget the Panera cookies! 


  1. Great Brain Salad Surgery this morning (ELP). I agree with your comments about Roger. I think he's been phenomenal with Franco. If he can make be a friend to Drew and help him that would be great to watch. It was tough to watch Sonny's gang give Drew the business. He saved Sonny life once or twice.

    1. What I meant to say was if Franco and Drew become friends that would be great to watch. Holy crap that was a mess.

  2. Love the integration of characters and story lines. I just read a spoiler about next week and it seems that Drew is not Oscar's father. Maybe Franco is. I agree: Ava's dress is ugliest 80's attire ever. Would love to see more Obrecht and family. Faison is one of the best villains we love to hate. He was the first to turn Anna into the sniveling woman she has become. GH is really working right now.

  3. Would LOVE some Leslie/Monica time. I remember Leslie delivering AJ and Monica blurting out that Rick was his father.

    Having Carson and the gang drop Drew like a hot potato is yet another reason why I hate them. Carly will be constantly at Sam to dump Drew and come back to Jason, because, well Jason. Personally, I think after two kids Sam has grown as a person and wants a life for her kids far away from the mob. It wasn't just Drew who wanted out, remember.

  4. Love your column and am loving GH right now!

  5. Drew was on Seal Team 6 that got Bin Laden May 2011

  6. I agree with Gary. hate how Carson are treating Drew. Carly needs to leave Sam alone and let her make her own decisions. It is possible to be with someone who isn't your "soulmate" I mean Jason was gone for five years and Danny only knows Drew as his father shouldn't that be considered?

  7. I agree also how horrible it is how everyone has treated Drew, especially Carly. Sheesh, she could display some empathy. On another point, I really like Oscar and the way the actor is playing him.

  8. JSL said...

    Great Brain Salad Surgery this morning (ELP). I agree with your comments about Roger. I think he's been phenomenal with Franco. If he can make be a friend to Drew and help him that would be great to watch. It was tough to watch Sonny's gang give Drew the business. He saved Sonny life once or twice.

    ** I'm a HUGE ELP fan. (Though, Tarkus is definitely my favorite album.)The way Sonny and those around him treated BM/Drew was truly horrid. Robin in particular. She's about the last person I would have thought would be that way. Sonny doesn't really surprise me for doing so. But, somehow seems to find a way dialike him more and more as time goes on. I'd love to see BM/Drew and Franco actually become friends sometime. Really, Franco has been one the VERY few people that hasn't treated him like garbage, There is so much potential storyline material that can come from it.


  9. Could care less about Drew. Sam can keep him. Paint and wall go well together. I want Franco to go psycho sooo Jason can swoop in and save Elizabeth! I want LIASON!! Finally timing is RIGHT for their story!!

    I do think more of a welcome from Liz has got to be coming soon! Steve and Becky have always shared such a chemistry on screen!

    Diane was great. Spinelli made me cry! All were super except Kelly Monaco...she can only act what's written. It she just stared!! Weirdly!!

    Loved the groups this week! A wonderful week overall!!

    1. I wouldn't mind seeing liason together, even though I love Friz. But Becky has chemistry with all 3 men. I still feel bad for Drew. I don't blame him for acting like he has....

  10. I just saw a promo with Nell, Michael and Carly at the hospital. As much as I hate Nell with the way the Corinthos family has been acting I hope she is pregnant that is truly what Carly, Sonny and Michael deserve.

  11. I also would love to see Jason and Liz together-then at least she would be with the father of one of her kids. I think Sonny and Carly would not have turned on Drew if he hadn't been so hostile.

  12. Michelle Latta said...

    I wouldn't mind seeing liason together, even though I love Friz. But Becky has chemistry with all 3 men. I still feel bad for Drew. I don't blame him for acting like he has....

    ** I've never really been a Liason fan, and I'm even less of one now. Friz definitely came out of nowhere, and really just blew me away. The talk Liz and Robin had at GH today, "Hit the nail on the head" so to speak. It's plain to see that they both love each other very much. I really think each one is good for the other. I think a big part of it is that each understands the other, and isn't so judgmental. They both get that the past is just that "the past". Andif there was any possible reason at all that could convince me that Drew wasn't good for Sam at all, the talk Alexis had with Jason down by the piers confirmed that there wasn't.



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