Sunday, December 24, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Extra! Extra!

We know you can sing kid, they sent you from Disney! 

This week had so many group  scenes and extras around, I was all a flutter.  What? A town hall meeting? Wait--with actual extras and cast members interacting together? Is that the ....the....MAYOR? Then all the Christmas stuff (and a wedding) towards the end of the week? Merry Christmas to me.  Yes, there are things to discuss but hell, compared to last year at this time? It's a miracle. 

Settle in! Poor Laura and Kevin are stuck at the church because of the ice and snow. I wonder if they brought food for the reception?? If not it's wine and wafers! 

I did do some recon about last year's Christmas.  If you want to see the Sunday Surgery (which was Sat Surgery because the holiday fell on Christmas Day) here it is:  Surgery for 2016.  Wow--boring.  It was the baby reveal shower, Nina and Lulu get Char the same gifts and Monica read the Christmas story.  The best part was Emma came for a visit. 

So, in that spirit I need to say: THANK YOU to the new writing team, especially Mr. VanEtten who I know loves history-- and thank you as well to whomever convinced Frank to let more than  2-3 people in a room at a time.  I feel like the show has expanded in leaps and bounds to include so much more. Yes, we still struggle with a giant cast.   But I'll struggle in this environment if I must! 

CHRISTMAS BALLS:  Yes --The whole entire Jason To Drew memory extravaganza got put into that box on Curtis' disco ball present to Anna. It can't be found! It's on someone's desk (we see a pen) BUT WHO's DESK??  Also in this general orbit were Finn and Anna, acting adorable and kissing. Not going too far though...just enough to get me a little more interested. 

LAURA'S WEDDING:  Lulu "You two fought over SCOTT of all People"???!!!  How adorable, it's always weird when you find out your parent's history!   Lucky and Spencer landed in Boston and can't get to the church on time. Then the minister left because his wife's water broke.  BUT! Who cares about any of that because Leslie showed up! With a sexy Italian guy who performed the ceremony. Joy was had by all. Yes, the attendance could have been greater, but hey-- all in all, I'll trade it for Leslie showing up.  My other guest list would have included: Scott and Lucy (crashing in a red tux and loud red gown), Monica and Liz. 

JASON'S GIFT GIVING:   Aw, first of all we got a Josslyn and Jason scene. She's old enough now they can talk and have a relationship! He bought gifts for his boys--Danny and Jake. He got Danny doggie stuff and Joss got Jake art supplies for him to give. So, he goes over to Friz' house and is surprisingly not beating the crap out of Franco (Who had some fun Star Wars scenes).  Jake didn't even want to deal with Jason and it was pretty sad. Franco went upstairs and then Liz and he talked. She told him she was engaged to Franco and he said 'It's your life" but still isn't going to forget what he did to Michael and Sam.   

THE Q's:  Nice... Ned getting in Drew's face about the shares and he's like "Geesh Ned, I just walked in the damn door"!!  Leo is all of a sudden huge. Wasn't Olivia just breast feeding him??  I really like Tams as Dr. Kim..she's slipped right into the role. The books with Oscars's baby pics and growing up? Cute touch.  Monica is the head of the family and loving it. So glad the Qs are coming back. 
Sam comes in with baby Scout and Oscar decides to come as well. He's says "is this my little sister"?  She smiles. Ned actually calls the kid family and they all sing Christmas Carols.  

THE CHARLES' STREET BUZZ:  So much is happening in this little slice of Port Charles! First we get a town meeting (huh? wha?? with real people and extras and the Mayor?!!) Laura makes an impassioned speech evoking Mary Mae Ward. If that's not enough to get you roped in, Ned is all ready to pounce on the deal like a good Quartermaine would. Mom would be proud! This neighborhood story can turn out really well, I think. Julian bought the bar and even though he's a pain in the butt, at least he'll be somewhere that people can come and go. 
Later, Molly and TJ host their first ever party at their Charles' Street apartment. Aw, cute! Alexis, Stella, Curtis and Jordan are all there. This is starting to be a regular family! MANY mentions of "dead" Thomas--so many in fact, I needed to put air quotes around dead. Could it be? Can be be alive? If he is, I will only be happy because maybe that means TJ will be on more often. Molly and he hit that demo age-point very well. 
Of course the dinner was a disaster because the power went out. They all trouped over to Julian's bar and surprise! Ava and Griffin are there as well. Everyone squabbles--TJ and Molly leave but come back because the homeless shelter is in need. Julian opens his doors and everyone comes together for the common good.  Julian is trying hard to impress Alexis! 

KILLY:  Nice engagement scene, and Kelly played it like she really loves Drew and wants to marry him more than anything.  Her dream of a family is completing itself, which I guess she's started to want over these five years.  

STELLY:   Damn. Damn Damn.  Anyone that has had a love like that and has moved on knows that look--and that pause they had when walking by each other; sexy and heartbreaking all at once.   Jason gave Sam the PH and Aurora.  "Merry Christmas" they say. Still can't bear to touch tho. Nope. 

CASA CORINTHOS:  Oh boy-- now, they were good scenes because everyone involved didn't miss a beat. (plus I think CarSon was only on  like 2 days this week which is a bonus). The entire "Michael Birth-Miracle Story" was a bit much--and of course was served up on a platter of romance and rose-colored glasses.  It even had some weepy piano music!! I was glad that it was at least discussed because who knew Michael had no idea how he came 'to be' a Corinthos.  Carly and Jason talk in the hallway about Nelle and basically they are the same. Jason tries to soften the blow a bit but Carly knows.  Nelle's escapades look tame at the momen compared to Carly's past escapades!  What did she do? She came in, interrupted their party by fake-fainting and wanted everyone to feel sorry for her. Michael did. No one else did-- although Sonny went and  made her some broth.  Nelle is becoming ok with me, just keep up the nasty, girlie!! 

Hey, are you my uncle? 
No, that's your Dad. 
Aren't you my Dad?
No, I'm your uncle. 

Oh, Danny--just hug the guy with the leather jacket on, ok?? 

Billy Miller killed it in these scenes, imo.  He was watching Danny and Jason with such frustration, sadness and resign.  Jason isn't sure how to even process what's going on at the moment-- poor Danny will probably need counseling at some point. He and Jake can write a damn book together. "Our Father: Our Uncle--The True Story". 

Aw, Curtis you are so thoughtful to get me this statue! I love's the best gift ever! 
Stella, I got you one too, it's a pair!
Oh, Jordan, this is trash. What are you thinking, girl? 

Um...Maxie, you have a little something on your lips...
Uh..well, yeah, and there and..there and well, everywhere actually. 
Oh, just went to the Kat VonD counter at Sephora.
Ah..that explains it.

Yeah, we're cute right? I mean, look at us-- look at my dimples. We are on more than ever, baby!  


Okay then. 
 You think I'll ever get anything to do? 
Keep the faith Dante, I finally got something! 

Carly, you're holding my hand. 
Yeah, I know... I need for you to be ok...
Wait... have you been drinking? 
No.. I just need for you to be ok so Jason will be ok then I'll be ok, ok? 
Um... well..

Oh Holy Night...When Stars are Brightly Shining..
This is the night of our dear St. Jaysus' pain...
Show those blue eyes,  forever tear-filled and twinkling.. 

That's a WRAP!! So much happened this week, I didn't dent the surface. I hope you did enjoy the blog  and hope you all have a great Christmas if you celebrate. We have a lot of snow here and it looks festive. It can stop now because I have to drive later. 
I also hope you are enjoying the show as much as I am. Yes, there are fixes that need to be done but all and all, when I compare it to this time last year? It's a whole different soap. I'm still amazed we've had so many ensemble scenes and history sprinkled around. 
Have a Joyous Yuletide!!

Pics, all stolen from Twitter! Thx to TheWSB  SoapJenn DaytimeDrama FyeahGH and SierraD79. I appreciate it! 


  1. Wow!! Great surgery... As I was reading I kept thinking "did ALL this happen in ONE week!!??" Truly GH is the best it's been in years and years. I love how the writers keep referring to the history of the characters... Even going so far as to have them revert to their previous personalities. Monica is less angelic, Ned is back as the "shrewd" Edward-esque business man. Love it!!

    Hope however you spend the holidays, or even if you don't celebrate, I hope it is a blessed time for you all.

  2. Karen, thanks sooo much for the great SS, I concur that GH is capturing its former greatness. And those of us who hung in there, we KNOW that with the fabulous cast and rich history, GH is a goldmine, just needs the right miners!

    I hate to grouse, as I have been thrilled with the show, but I was sad that they didn't have the Christmas story told at GH. The show IS called GH after all, and I think that they have done the GH holiday thing every year since the beginning. I think that Monica read the story last year, or was that 2 years ago?

    Anyway, for those who celebrate, have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Great Sunday Surgery (as usual)!

    Over the past few weeks, but especially the past week, I feel like I have fallen back in love with my show. All the nods to history, integrated cast, veteran characters not being constantly backburned...that's what this show is supposed to be about. A continuation of the show that I grew up watching. I have said for a long time that the show should be written like a very long story - a beginning, a middle, and eventually an end, but it should all be tied together. For a very long time on GH, there have been more instances than not when the history of the show has been ignored, but I'm very grateful for the direction the writing has taken more recently.

    Only one complaint today, I wish Carly would quit lying about AJ pushing her down the

    In any case, Merry Christmas everyone!

    1. I think everyone feels the same. We all have fallen back in love with our little soap that could because of one writer who loves GH as much as we do. I know there were days I wanted to give up but I'm glad I waited it out. 😊❤

  4. Wonderful SS! Hope everyone has a fabulous holiday! I am so impressed with the improvement in GH. It does seem like Mr. Van Etten is the one to make a huge difference and I hope it continues. I hope we see more of TJ and Molly-they are infinitely more interesting than Oscar and Joss. I miss the Christmas story at GH, too, and there are certainly enough kids just in the cast to be there. It’s funny that Morgan, who was an unpleasant loser, is immortalized, but AJ is cannibalized. And no regrets from Sonny that he murdered him. Oh well, slim pickings in the criticism for me and looking forward to more good stuff and Sunday Surgeries!

  5. Great SS, Karen! I'm loving GH again, like so many are :-)

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

  6. Great SS again this week, Karen! (like usual)

    It really is amazing just how much difference just one year can make.


  7. I agree. I mostly stopped watching for a long time. It is so much better now. Not my 80's and 90's GH, but much improved. I miss the GH Christmas story, but did really like Ned's Silent Night


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