Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Another Grandson for Monica!

Ned, Olivia and Monica talking about the twins!! Ned says he 'hears mother cackling from across the pond" LOL. Sam comes over to talk to Monica because she's worried about Drew.  Monica asks about Sam. Sam tells her about Oscar! Another grandson!! Monica says 'who" -- then Sam tells her about Dr. Nero, and Monica is happy because she hired her at GH. Monica "Carly's daughter and Drew's son"?? Hmmmm. LOL  Monica talks about Jason. Sam finally says "I can't even say his name...I have all these memories and I don't know what to do with them". She still loves Drew though.

Jason and Drew, talking about Faison and trying to figure out what happened to them. They are at Aurora Media. And seemingly getting along? Jason says he believes Britt.  He also says "Whatever Faison planned by switching us ...blew up".. and we can figure it out because you had some memories of that time in the clinic before they wiped your brain. 

Michael, Carly, Sonny and Nell. Michael says he'll pay medical expenses... (if the DNA proves it's his) AND support it after the birth. Nell says: ONLY the baby?  NO deal!! ahahahaa.  She wants expenses because she can't get a job and she only has ONE kidney (LOL). So she wants money or she's going to leave town. She says all this in front of Sonny!!  Sonny says: Either you're bluffing or you're just stupid" LOL!! Nell leaves in a huff : MY BODY, MY BABY!! 
After she's gone, Michael tells Carly and Sonny he doesn't want a tug a war over the baby like they have with Avery. 

She goes to Kelly's. Julian and Ava were talking. He leaves. Nelle tells Ava that Avery is going to be an Aunt LOL.  Ava says she wants to be Nelle's friend. LOL she's gonna scheme on this! 

Kim explains about she and Drew's early relationship. Drew was overseas when she found out she was PG. Drew's location was secret so she just didn't tell him.  She said 'we were a team' and now that has to change.  She'll leave it up to him to talk to Drew or not.  He's afraid he won't like him because he's not like a Navy SEAL. He likes to read, listen to music and hike. He doesn't think he's manly enough lol. Kim says give it a try. He says "Ok, Mom"  Drew comes to the door after Kim leaves!! 

Ned tells Olivia that Jason being alive is good, but probably not for ELQ.  Michael tells them Nell's going to have the baby. Then Monica tells them about Oscar. Ned is like: DAMN IT--STOCKS!! LOL 

END:  JaSam meet on the docks-- Jason says "don't to me".... 


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    1. In the coming attractions for tomorrow Kim and Monica are arguing at the Quartermaines. I think that Monica is going to ask Kim to go after Drew.

  2. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Janey, Michael, and Carson: Hysterical scene!!! The look on Carly's face! ROFL! So basically,

    Janey: I am so starving and I just ate french toast.

    Carly wins the line of the day.

    Carly: It's called getting a job Nelle. You should try it.


    Janey: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! I can't get a job! I'm pregnant! Did you hear me world?! I am having Michael's baby!!!

    Michael: I will take care of our baby.

    Janey: No deal! You will take care of me too!!!! GIVE ME MONEY!

    Sonny: 0 0

    Janey: Sonny are you threatening me?!!?!?

    Q home: YAY!!!! MORE Q'S!!! WOOT WOOT! Love that Monica is happy about that!

    Paint and Wall media offices:

    Paint and Wall: Same ol same ol with her. Blah blah blah.

    Jason and Drew: Let's see come brother bonding!!!! :)


    Jasam: They are having eye sex again!!!!!

    CarlyKim's home:

    CarlyKim and Oscar: Great scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CarlyKim on the phone: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.. Who could that be?

    Oscar and Drew: Awwwwwwwww. :)


    Ava and Julian:

    Julian: Oh shoot I got to go.

    Ava: No no don't go! I have missed our inappropriate chemistry!!!

    Julian: We will see each other again soon.

    Ava: I hope so.

    Ava and Janey:

    Janey: I got the preggers! Avery is going to be an Aunty!!

    Ava: You will have tons of friends. Let's talk.

  3. Michelle - I am guessing Monica called Kim. (Previews).

  4. OK, did not finish watching yet, but feel compelled to say this: I KNEW that Michael would cave to Nelle, saying to his parents to "let me handle this my way." His way is STUPID. Nelle obviously would not have spent years trying to hook Michael if she had any intention of leaving PC. Where would she go, with no money and no career? And PG? HE SHOULD CALL HER BLUFF. And, actually, if she did leave, and he never got attached to the baby, of course it would be better for him, he never wanted this child. The real stupid part of this is that he is supposed to be head of ELQ, and he doesn't know the basics of how to negotiate a deal? YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO WALK AWAY and call someone's bluff, he could NEVER be CEO of a company without knowing this. I know this is his personal life and not the boardroom, but negotiation strategies are basic. Also, he never listened to Carly and Sonny about Nelle, and look where it got him, you think he might learn to follow their advice on this? . . .

  5. Sam says she's going for coffee....goes to Quartermaines instead. Drew still in his office waiting on coffee. If someone promises me coffee and ditches me they better have a good reason, not going to my mommy to talk about my twin/husband/babydaddy. Hopefully she tells Jason it's over so we can all move on. Still waiting for Jason to actually see either of his children for more than 39 seconds each.

  6. Michelle Latta said...

    Wonder who called Kim?

    ** I'm wondering too. The way things have come about over the last few days. I'm thinking she's either connected to Faison or Cassandra. I'm leaning towards the former right now. I'm just really wishing/hoping neither one, though. I've been enjoying watching Tamara playing good/nice/caring (sane?) person. Which isn't generally the type role she's normally cast as.


  7. AntJoan, no surprise there - Michael has always been a dumbass. I am hoping Nelle either loses the baby or gets killed off. Can't take much more of her smugness.

  8. Linda, I know. Also, again, Michael is so dumb, I'm surprised that ELQ is still standing.

  9. LSV422 said...

    AntJoan, no surprise there - Michael has always been a dumbass. I am hoping Nelle either loses the baby or gets killed off. Can't take much more of her smugness.

    ** I'm to the point with her that unless there's someone else in the scene with her that I absolutely love, or care about what happens to them, when I see her face or hear her voice, I hit the FF button, until she's gone. If there was ANY redeeming quality or factor to the character at some point in the past at all, it's definitely long gone. What went on when she sat down with Michael and S&C to eat and "talk about the future" at the MC was just disgusting, how she was acting through the whole thing, and was about all of her bullshit that I can take at this point.


  10. AntJoan said...

    Linda, I know. Also, again, Michael is so dumb, I'm surprised that ELQ is still standing.

    ** This is another thing I'm glad that is finally getting addressed, also. Edward has to be rolling over in the Q tomb, from the way Michael has been running things. Though, I've always thought putting him in control, was essentially just a F.U. to Tracy



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