Wednesday, December 27, 2017

General Hospital 2017 WUB Awards

I hear this year will be better than the last...

GH has been 2-3 different shows this year. We had horrific beginning,  transition slump, then fantastic finale.
Jan-August Grade D

September-December A- 
Thank you for sticking by me at my most snarky and joyless. I'm hoping that this trend of upswing continues!! Do you like me better Bitter or Happy?!! 

In that spirit I give you some kind of Wub Awards for 2017! Going WORST TO BEST, just like the year did! 


Ok, I have a gun.
Yep you have a gun. 
I'm angry...I've been here for months and all I got to play was a hand. Then, talking to one person at a time.  It's been a bore.
Um, what does that have to do with me? 
Not sure, but we can't have you having that baby the easy way now can we? 
Nope. That's why were out here on this damn bridge, isn't it? 


There is no comment needed on this mess. 

WORST CHARACTER: You know, I don't even remember this chick's name

All because Larry wanted a painting Sigh


Apparently, this is the worst episode in 2017, or so I concluded in the blog last February:  The Bomb Was A Dud   This was early in the year and I probably didn't know what mess was coming but if you care to read it, there's the link.  

BIGGEST LET DOWN:  Nell's Kidney-Gate Conclusion 

So, after all this time... all you really wanted was revenge thought I was mean to my old stepdad?  
That's about the size of it...
THIS is for wasting my, wasting ALL our time!! 

WORST USE OF A PROP:  Tracy's portrait 

I can't even describe how bad this story line was. Nope. It was criminal.  Jane deserved so much better.  She is so missed but I'm glad it was her choice to retire.  

RUNNER UP:  Scarecrow

Hi! I'm Mr. Scarecrow! Dr. Maddox used me to get Jake to remember the creepy island and then my Dad tied Franco to a post and beat him! It was great!  Not quite sure the point of all this, but I fit in with the other pointless things this year!! 

MOST OVERUSED WORD IN 2017: (say it with me people)

CHIMERA!! And...after all this time, I still am not really sure WTF it was all about. 


We ARE adorable aren't we? 
Yep..and great chemistry too... I know! I can help you with your old lady professor and we can then fall for each other. 
OMG sounds perfect We are in that good age-demo too! 
You want to tell the writers, or should I? 
Let's both do it then they're bound to let us have an awesome story! 
Note: Complete FAIL.

WORST STORYLINE:   The Painting and the Monks and the Weird Chick

Yes, even worse than Amy, Nathan and Ask Man Landers. Yep. Especially since it was leading up to Jane's exit. 

BEST DECISION AT GH SO FAR THIS YEAR: Make Chris Van Etten Co-Head Writer

That's my fave pic of him--and he's done great work so far. We have way more ensemble scenes, stories are being filled in and most importantly, I want to get home and watch the show. Shelly is a part of this too, I think they work well together. 

BEST SEND OFF: Lee Baldwin 

Great scenes and Serena (who we've wanted back for years now) visited.  Good nod to the OG GH days.


Always a delight. 


Why? Because it's Tamara. She just fits right in like a glove. Plus, we have no idea where this is going.

RUNNER UP:  Aunt Stella

Why?  Love the actress!! Love that it gets Curtis and Jordan on more and--TJ.  TJ and Molly were on for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hope it's more.  Oh, and she works at GH. Win-Win. 


Oh, Nell, you were UP and DOWN And DOWN and UP-- and....they didn't know just how to write for you. Well, someone found the Soap Bitch 101 handbook and went for it! Woot! You keep being you, girl and we'll be fine.

BEST COMEBACK: The Quartermaines 

Make no mistake, they are coming back strong in 2017-- and I'm hopeful we'll continue on with the ELQ intrigue. 

BEST ACTRESS:  Maura West 

I could have picked Kelly or Becky Herbst--or NLG for this but on a consistent "I have a sucky story" Maura wins every time this year.  Ava has been through more medical crap than a body has a right to in 3 lifetimes. Her acting is always on point, never phoned in and she gave an extra little kick to the Jasons Story.  While I didn't always like her material, I always loved her. 

BEST ACTOR:  Tie:  Burton and Miller 

Image result for drew and jason on gh

Pick yourself up off the floor and listen to me for a minute. I never wanted Jason to be alive. I thought he should have stayed dead.  Like BIG TIME.  I was done with Miller and certainly had no love lost for Burton. Then...something wonderful happened. This story unfolded with all the drama and feels I've needed in this show. These two just -- made it happen. HUGE kudos to them both. This Jason story could have been a huge miss, and I didn't have high hopes but it's been one thing I just can't wait to see.  I'm hoping that going forward their chem as twins lasts and we get some great stuff.  

FACE OF THE YEAR:  My Franco--doing...Todd Franco. 

I know a lot of you hate the character of Franco but for me...without Roger's humor and delivery I may not have made it to the second half of 2017. 


Surprise! I didn't choose a Franco scene this year! Nope, these girls did a great job. Dialog was funny and they were just adorable. I love their hijinks! 

RUNNER UP:  Sonny's Pitfall. 

Related image

Was Sam's kicking Sonny in the pit of doom supposed to be dramatic? Sorry-- it was so hilarious I replayed it many times! Hey, Ghost Stone even visited! 


Jason, Sam and Drew tell Danny that Jason is his bio-father.  Liz and Drew tell Jake that Jason is his bio-father. Both played perfectly. The raw emotion on everyone's faces was just priceless. 

That's it! In conclusion, this year was mostly a mess and was only redeemed in the last few months. I took a long time thinking about this and about this whole year.  I'm just grateful the show is in my good books again. 


  1. Honorees of Where did they go?
    -DILLON(There was NO goodbye scene)
    -Martina AKA Carly's lawyer who slept with Sonny. Remember that?!

    Best Avoided Storyline:
    Claiming Jason was Drew and vice versa. Avoided officially with Sonny
    knowing that Jason was the real one.
    Runner-Up: Chet was not a real petson, and Amy was lying, to get closer to Nathan

    WTF(?) are they thinking award: Sam. She says loves Drew, yet acts all lovey dovey with Drew.Makw up your mind,all ready.

    Best Acting Improvement: Steve Burton

    Please Bring Back Award: Britt
    Runner-up: Hayden(I felt bad over the whole firing. Ditto, for Dillon/RPW).

    Elephant in the Room: Sonny killing an alive AJ. Are we REALLY not going to bring that up??

    My favorite small nod: Ephiphany seeing Jason alive. A very easy thing to forget that the 2 have interacted in the past.

    1. Thank you! Totally agree with all your added categories

  2. I still say the whole "Ghost Stone visitation" Sonny had after Sam kicked him into the pit was entirely a psychotic hallucination/delusion. The look on his face there (and at other times during the scene) definitely made it very silly. But, at the same time make it much more disturbing.


  3. Karen, Thanks so much for all of your hard work putting this together, much appreciated!

  4. Great job Karen! I agree with most of it but Finola should be up there with Maura. I think the actress talent far outweighs the actors on the show and there really isn't an exceptionally good actor right now - not since Tony G. left. Steve B. has improved but Roger H is probably the best actor on the show even though I am not a fan. And unfortunately he has to play Franco. As an example of the improvement, yesterday's excellent show had 18 of the cast on!!!

  5. By the way, Kristina and her professor girlfriend were both on Major Crimes this week. And Sonny's lawyer ex-girlfriend was on a few weeks ago.

  6. it takes time but i think the new writers are really starting to get the show into a very watchable mode. I hope 2018 rolls with this tide and things just keep getting better and better.

    we need predictions !

  7. Matthew, good additions == I was going to give something to Rebecca Budding/Hayden but-- other than being Liz' sister, I'm not really missing her character. Probably because Tams is on?

  8. Maurice Bernard is an outstanding actor as is Michael Easton.

  9. I want Valerie with a guy, not Kristina. Kristina can stay with Parker.

  10. kdmask said...

    I was going to give something to Rebecca Budding/Hayden but-- other than being Liz' sister, I'm not really missing her character. Probably because Tams is on?

    ** It really is a shame how badly Rebecca's talent was wasted. Especially so, since she was finally starting to "fit in". I really would have loved to see Hayden and Liz actually become close as sisters. Instead of the strange "instant bond" that they seemed to have, about the tine Hayden got so sick. Liz doesn't have a whole lot of friends around these days, so that could have been fun. Having Tamara back is great though. She does just kind of naturally "fit in". I really hope they don't decide to go the villain route with her again, though. Pretty much every role on every soap she's done, up until now at least, has either been bad, or had some definite issues. So I've been enjoying watching her play what seems to be a good and caring person, so far. It's a nice change of pace.


  11. I like to pretend that the first half of the year on this soap didn't even exist. I went from not watching for days in a row and FFing through everything when I actually did watch; to watching every day and caring what's going to happen next. So happy my old show is back!


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