Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Tis The Season

You mean I get DOUBLE Presents this year??? 

This week flew by--- I have been busier than ever and it seems like December is evaporating! I'm still trying finish the 2017 Awards! I wonder if that will ever happen.  

So! I think I'm going to do this a bit differently this week-- let's see how it goes!! I went to a giant Christmas party last night, I"m full-- I'll probably be full until January! 

In the interest of time, I'm doing my old stand by snark-o-wub -- and if you want more in depth summary, you can check the posts I did this week. A LOT happened---every day was very chocked full. 

Ok, so...let's see... you're going to be a reporter now? 
Yep, and I just happened to find a box of OLD ballots that will prove the Mayor's race was rigged! 

Hmmm, interesting. 
Yes, yes it is and the best part?   Felicia will be around more! 
Oh, do you think I'll have to invite her to my wedding? 
That's right you and Kevin!!  When is it? 
Christmas Day-- everyone is together all ready, and we can eat candy canes and drink egg nog. It'll be great.  This fruit is awesome! 
You said it.. (munch) 

Holy, crap---Carly, please tell me I'm home, dreamin' ok? "
Nope Sonny, this is real life... 

Oh..crap. Us Corinthos and our super sperm (shakes head) 
Do you have something to say, Mr. Corinthos? (smirk) 
Well, you're probably gonna die, but... you know, you be you.. 
Hey! She is carrying my child, so please respect her.  
Hold me back, Carly....hold me back... 

I am a noble warrior you know, fighting for my almost-dead wife's ravaged mind. 

Yeah, whatever, Andre. Just eat your sandwich. 

OMG.. these are so GOOD!! You make these? I really want more-- they are great!! 
 Stop hogging all the might be living here but you can't just eat whatever you want whenever you want.
No?, I'm having another one.  Can we make out soon? 
Only if you brush your teeth! 

HEY! You coppers are all alike!! You're mean...and you push me around!! I'm Julian Jerome! I demand answers, I demand to see my lawyer.....Oh there you are.
Calm it down, Jerome.. 
You see what they did to me? Look at this nail! Broke it on the way over!! 
Look, you big baby, you are no longer being charged. You're free. 
I'm free? Like you know.."Sonny Corinthos Free"?? 
Yep... just walk on out. 
DUDE!!...Now, let's go buy a bar! 
You want to go just buy a bar. Really?

Yes....yes, I do! 

Here.. let me have that. 
Why? It's a spoon.
Yes, but it will take more time. 
Haven't we wasted enough time on this story? 
Yes, I'm a huge drug dealer and I'm looking for a chemist.
Like...Breaking Bad-type chemist? 
Yes.. I guess so. But let me think about it for two episodes and I'll get back to you. 
Sure. That will be fine. I'll be at Anna's eating her gingerbread.
My goodness!!
Sure they are.

Yeah, so seems like I never should have left.. 
They made me do a story about a man-blogger. 
Yeah, I saw that. Sorry. 
Well... Maxie is pregnant now, so I might get more to do...
Maxie's pregnant? Don't let me near her, ok? 

Well, Drew...guess what? 
I've been living as a man I'm not all this time? 
Well, yes but...something else...
Oh, I know... I have a son I never knew about...
You do?? Oh's not it either. 
Huh...umm, I have to give the motorcycle back..
That aren't really married to Sam. 
I'm not? 
Nope. So...get busy, you've got a lot to sort out. Don't forget to call the IRS..

Oh hell. 

Yeah so BEST HOLIDAY EVER!! I'm so happy!! might want to dial that back a little bit there...
Oh, Franco! Always so negative-- we are so happy and you are such a nice person now! 
Um.. well..see, about that....'s Lila's...take it. 
I mean it, take it. 
Look-- it doesn't fit me! 
I know that, I meant take it back and ..I don't know...
Sam, listen...just 
I can't hear you :lahlahlah:
You can too hear me
I can't, my ears only pick up Drew's register now. 
Oh, god... nevermind. 

So.. I'm here to talk to you...son. 
Yeah.. about that...I'm feeling kinda sick right now and my homework is due so...
Don't you want to find out about me? Weren't you looking for me? 
Well.. I guess so but you hey do you smell something burning? 
No. I think we should talk about our relationship
Sure..but tomorrow is my boyscout meeting and Saturday I wash my hair so... (runs) 


Sam and Jason had another AWESOME dock encounter --one that almost ended up with them both spontaneously combusting.  And I KNOW there's all Killy and JaSammin' going on but this was just a powerfully heartbreaking scene all around.  You love new guy you thought was your old guy but then morphed into a new, more mature and less-wreckless guy and...yet... There's that sizzle factor! Sorry, you can't deny good chemistry. Kelly and Billy have it but-- not like she and Steve.  I compare it  to Brenda and Jax vs Brenda and Sonny.  One's good for you, makes you feel great and makes good choices. The other? Well, we all know what the other one does. Or at least I hope you have had that once in your life!!  This is totally soapy greatness right now.  

Charles St. renovation: Nice-- plus the Mayor story will be revisited and Lulu isn't harping about Charlotte or having another baby! Win-Win. 

Monica is in so many scenes, it's just warming my damn heart. She talked with Ned, Michael and Olivia about the stock situation,  had a good chat with Sam and met Dr. Kim.  I'm pinching myself. :twirling: 

The Drug story remains the slow crawler here. I mean, how many meetings can Cassie sit at? Think about it...since being on screen she's sat and talked to Anna and Finn about 3x, sat and talked to Finn about 5x (including in the exam room), snarked with Nina 2x and met with Valentin 78x.  COME ON AND HURRY UP ALREADY !! Get some people we know addicted, show some man running a fast food chicken joint!! Launder some money already! This is going to turn into the god awful slow burn of Olivia Jerome soon.  

Julian buys a bar? Hmmm, well, I guess if he's off and signed his contract, may as well have him doing something interesting. Perhaps that's where all the drug money shall be washed? Hmm??? Now there's an idea. 

Friz Fans saw Franco finally fess up (see what I did there?) and the fall out will be coming next Monday. I can't see it really making a ripple with them though. What else are they going to do? 

I liked Britt visiting. She's going to jail for helping Spencer and the fake kidnapping (I think) and it's like :really?? After all the stuff everyone has done, it's this!!?? I was glad Nate visited but boy, I really wanted her to see Brad. 

Finn and Anna surprised me.  Like I said,  TR isn't coming back soon and looks like Duke is dead so...why not? She needs some fun and light-- they were adorable during the wrapping scenes. More please! 

**MOST IMPORTANT** Andre said that Drew's memories can be restored but the procedure is hidden in something he gave someone 'he trusts" That would be Anna. It's the disco ball ornament and she's taking it to be hung on the community tree downtown. Whoops. 
~~Julian is free, not going to be prosecuted. 
~~Laura and Kevin will get married on Christmas
~~Lulu found the old Mayor Ballots 
~~Nelle is smugly enjoying holding her baking baby over the Corinthos' Clan's heads 
~~Drew has a hell of a lot of paperwork to sort out regarding his life. 
~~Kiki still doesn't have a lot to do
~~Julian bought Charles' Bar

There was a tweet  about Sam  that I bookmarked this week that made a lot of sense to me. This is by Trish: 

She loves her life, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love the life that was taken from her.

Ok, that's it... hope you have a good week. It's going to be another really busy one for me and it's the 'end of the month' paperwork again on Friday!  We have some beautiful snow here--looks very wintery fairyland! 


  1. Another great surgery... I was wondering if the Charles Bar was going to be connected to the Charles Street renovation story in some way. And I am still hoping that Nicholas will show up at Laura's wedding. He was the one who took those ballots, and every time Ava mentioned his name to Patient 6, Jason would clench his fists. And there were other hints about Nick recently (which right now I cannot remember).... I hope he shows up, although he will obviously be a recast.

  2. sorry do not see chemistry with killy or jasam. see it with anna and finn. I do like sam better with drew.

  3. Nelle wanted an advance from Nina. When she didn't get it, she went to the Inquisitor with the tip about Man Landers. Why did she need ALL of the money right away if it was $10K? What kind of bills could she possibly have that required that much money? Her pregnancy news came out of nowhere. Does anyone think she took that money to a sperm bank and is pulling a Britt and passing off the sperm donation as Michael's? Like maybe she had been taking fertility drugs to get pregnant ahead of time? I can't help but think she saw Dr. Nero at Mercy to start it all, then Dr. Nero transferred to GH just in time to declare Nelle pregnant. As we all know, Michael isn't Sonny's biological son, so he probably didn't inherit the super sperm, LOL!

  4. Thanks for a great, very comprehensive SS! When Kevin spoke of marrying at Christmas, Laura said, "That's tomorrow!" I don't know if she meant "That is, like, tomorrow," or, in GH time, this will be the day before Christmas for the next week and the wedding actually is on the next day. Even if it is not tomorrow, how could they possibly put together a wedding by Christmas? Not to mention, who will come, who will marry them, most people already have Christmas plans. Here in NYC people often plan their weddings over 1 year in advance, maybe it's different upstate, but you can't plan it in one week/day, this always bothers me about GH.

    Speaking of timelines, you buy a bar in 5 minutes? And are running it already? It's like when characters move into their fully furnished houses in one day, no one actually packs boxes, or anything! I would like it better if they at least gave a nod to real life . . .

  5. Also re giving a nod to real life, I noticed I think 2 people eating their food in the past few weeks, I don't think that ANYONE actually ate anything with the prior writers, except Roger H. And they always drink from empty coffee cups. It also irks me when women don't carry purses when they are away from home, who does that? And, of course, almost no one cooks, just Olivia and Sonny, no one else can cook, they all order food, wonder who feeds their children? And there are only, like, 2 restaurants in town, everyone has to go to the Metro Court or Kelly's, even if there is a strong chance they will run into someone there they don't want to see!

    1. Drew drank water when he visited Oscar, but yeh it's rare to actually see them eat or drink.
      But then again it's a soap and we over think too much.

  6. NO question Julian wants the bar because of its location - they are gearing up for something huge on Charles Street - still not sure something isn't buried there or worth LOTS of money....Laura wants it - Dr. Bensch wants it - something is up!
    DId Scott buy it for Julian - I mean the paper work????????

    and yes Nelle did intro with that 10,000.......let's kill her soon please and it WILL turn out that the sister of her dead ex does it..............

  7. I can't see Nelle going away as much as I would like her to, she's causing way too much trouble to get killed off yet. I do wonder what her and Ava are cooking up. I'm really hope they don't do the miscarriage/fakepregnancy/stolen baby routine.
    I wasn't watching in 2014 so I missed Felicia running for mayor, but why would Nikolas rig the election so she would lose? I guess I missed something.
    I do like Anna and Finn, and him biting the heads of poor defenseless gingerbread men LoL
    Dr. Kim is up to something, and I can't see Tamara Braun coming back to GH to play a OBGYN, gotta be more. Nero is also an interesting choice for a last name, just like Cain. Not Kane or Kain, but standard biblical spelling there...hmm.are they dropping hints or am I reading too much into it? We'll see I guess

  8. I thought that Ava was trying to be a better person, either for herself, or for herself/Griffin. Guess she just can't help herself . . .

    Nik did conspire with others to rig the election, it was sooo complicated that I couldn't even understand it at the time . . .

  9. AntJoan said...

    Speaking of timelines, you buy a bar in 5 minutes? And are running it already?

    ** Yeah, the bar issue was rather fast. But remember, when Julian was sitting at a table and talking to Scotty after having learned a few minutes ago, that all the charges against him had been dropped, and the D.A. had no intention to charge gun again, and it looked like Julian was signging the doccuments to take ownership of the bar. To me it looked like this was something he had Scotty working on the purchase for awhile now, as an option, if he ended up not havign to go back to prison. All we saw on screen was Julian signing the necessary documents to close the deal, and take ownership of the bar. We just saw the tail end of the deal, but Scotty had been working on it for awhile now, and not just the last 5 mins

    It's like when characters move into their fully furnished houses in one day, no one actually packs boxes, or anything! I would like it better if they at least gave a nod to real life . .
    ** Some places you can get fully furnished. But, the previous owners left everything there for a reason. after all!


  10. K, yes, but you still have to pack boxes and boxes of personal stuff such as clothing, pots and pans, etc., etc. and then you have to unpack them.

    As Michelle says, it's a soap, and we overthink things, but I still think that a nod to realty helps us to enjoy everything more.

  11. The biggest lack of reality ever I think was when Sam gave birth with her jeans on. Hard to top that one.

  12. Michelle Latta said...
    Kill her, kill her....chant LOL!!

    *** picks up pitchfork and joins the

  13. AntJoan said...

    K, yes, but you still have to pack boxes and boxes of personal stuff such as clothing, pots and pans, etc., etc. and then you have to unpack them.

    ** I agree totally. I think (these days at least) The reasoning for not showing people moving, at least from TPTB standpoints, budget I'm sure is a big factor. The other I suspect is something along the lines of "That'd just be boring to watch, we can just skip that"

    As Michelle says, it's a soap, and we overthink things, but I still think that a nod to realty helps us to enjoy everything more.

    ** I was kind of thinking along those lines awhile back. We've got no issues with stuff like a waather machine, a magic sword, someone being croygenicaly frozen and brought back to life several times, face masks, etc...Yet it's the small things like not showing someone moving, basically the minor stuff, and those small things are what drive us absolutely nuts.



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