Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tears of a Teen

Kim and Drew are trying to find Oscar. They call Chase Ford

Oscar is going to throw his phone into the water--(hes' on the docks, natch) and St. Jaysus steps out of the shadows like a superhero! Don't do that!! Don't do it!! 
Oscar asks Obi Wan..I mean Jason what 'it's like to die"... /? 
OMG.. well.. um.. those scenes weren't again, the dialog is all off. Jason tries to comfort Oscar who I guess is trying to cry? Sorry but--painful.

Finn and Anna are all cutsie and talking about wanting to just stay in bed all day. Anna wants to know why Finn hates his Dad so much. 

Alexis, Sam and Krissy in a bantering session. Same ol' same ol'

Brad, Jules are at Charlie's and Alexis is coming. Alexis comes in an talks to Brad and tells him birth mom reported no heart trouble but they didn't name the dad and have no birth history on him. ERGO, Brad is like: 

Some rando chick goes into Charlie's to pass out fliers for the "Dawn of Day" concert in the park? It was really weird. Is she the birth mom? I don't get it.  Then Krissy decides to go and talks to her. Is she a love interest??? 

Cam tries not to tell Joss about Oscar. But her phone rings--Kim asks her if she's seen Oscar. He wasn't in first period. 


  1. is new chick the person that Brad posted a pic of on Twitter and said welcome to GH?

  2. I just saw a new promo that GH put out and Laura is back on Friday.

  3. Karen, sorry, again I disagree with you about Oscar. He is scared and angry, as he should be. He is angry at his parents, so it is natural for him to turn to his uncle, who, I thought, was very compassionate and said all of the right things.

    I did not finish watching yet, but that is how I feel about what I saw so far.

    1. I agree,(AntJoan) good scene. I actually had to rewind as I was watching after working a long 9 hr day and fell asleep and glad I did. Jason was good with his nephew.

  4. Sam's home:

    Alexis, Sam, and Krissy: OH COME ON! STOP IT! I am really starting to hate the Davis family scenes!!! Krissy are you 12? GROW THE HELL UP!!! Sam don't speak for Krissy! She is an adult even though she is acting childish.

    The hospital:

    CarlyKim, Drew, and Julian: I really hate how CarlyKim is treating Julian! No hug or anything? And Drew there is no freakin reason why you have to be so cold and rude to Julian! GAH!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant: Krissy wants Sam to get off her back?!!?! WHAT THE HELL?!!?!?!?!?! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Alexis and Brad: UH HELLO!!!! Since the father doesn't know about his child, if he finds out, then yes he can come and claim his child!!!! This is so stupid.

    Krissy and Alexis: Oh well that is nice of Krissy to invite her mother to the concert in the park.

    Daisy and Krissy:

    "Karen says Then Krissy decides to go and talks to her. Is she a love interest???"

    I was wondering that too if she is a love interest! I hope not!

    High school library: WOW! A high school library! Awesome!! Where are the other students?

    Joss and Cam: Uh Joss did you fall and rip up your shirt?

    Chandler Mansion:

    Finchy and Anna: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


    Oscar and Jason: OH! Great scene!!!!! :)

    Oscar, CarlyKim, and Drew: Awwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Sam's home part 2:

    Wait a second!!!! Jason was just watching Oscar, CarlyKim, and Drew, and the next second he is at Sam's?!?!!?!? Does Sam live really close to the Pier?

  5. "Ruthie said...Laura, likely at 1:57pm"


  6. Hey someone another soap board, said that GH was on last night! At 1 am!! It was a repeat and Drew, Jason and Nina were on it! HUH?!!?!?! What the hell is going on?!!?! Did anybody catch it on at 1 am?

    1. Was it Weds show? Well more than likely because the show was interrupted in some states. Probably will be today as well with that hearing.

  7. Sonya, your recap was spot on! Krissie is an immature idiot and Sam the Krissie Whisperer was back at it again. I had a headache from my eye rolls. Did not know GH was on at 1 am. I'm drooling on my pillow at that time.

    I loved the Laura "Kevin" promo, and I can't wait. And yup, it probably will be at 1:57, lol!

    And Karen the Obi Wan-Jason remark, oh my, I was crying! :)

  8. the little boy who plays jake weber, will be doing dancing with the stars junior.

  9. "Julie H said...Sonya, your recap was spot on! Krissie is an immature idiot and Sam the Krissie Whisperer was back at it again. I had a headache from my eye rolls."

    Sam the Krissie whisperer! Hahahaha! It's just all so stupid. I mean Krissy didn't even like it when Julian and Alexis were together, and told her!! So now Alexis can't say anything to her? DUMB!

    "Did not know GH was on at 1 am."

    I didn't know either.

    "I'm drooling on my pillow at that time."

    ROFL! Me too! :)

  10. I am sorry, but the new Jordan is just terrible to me. Always a "grumpy" face. Vinessa played Jordan much better. Difficult to describe, but Vinessa had a warm and soft side to her. This new lady has one expression and is just cold. Same with Margeaux. Just a witchy person. Glad Genie will be back tomorrow. I hope her story line doesn't end up flat like the rest.

    The lightbulb is going off with Michael about baby Wiley. Hope he does some more digging. He should sneak around and get a DNA test. Anyway........... Will be forever and ever until anything is resolved. Margeaux still has the memory stick or whatever with Drew's memories. TOOOOOOOOOOO long for that resolution. And, who cares if Sam and Jason ever get back together. They had some eye sex for awhile and now NOTHING.

    Sorry to grump so much.

  11. I think that NuJordan is fine, let's just give her a chance!

  12. On the other hand, Margaux has GOT TO GO!! Leave the flash drive for Drew, and don't let the door hit you on the way out!

    Not only is she keeping Drew's flash drive, but her stupid SL has turned my Sonny into a cold-blooded murderer! Oh, I am soooo sad :(

  13. Not saying that Sonny should have killed Scully's lawyer, but usually mobsters lawyers are as bad as the mobster. Well, Diane is not all bad, but culpable. Do still love Diane though.


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