Friday, September 21, 2018


I guess Karen got hung up with work. Oh who are we kidding. She is playing in the park with Tillie. I'm going to go ahead and open a portal for todays show so all of you can talk about it.

And by talk about it, i mean the LAST 10 SECONDS!

We all knew it. We all saw it coming. But now it is confirmed. Margot's daddy is in the basement and she is out for some serious revenge against Sonny.

Good writing with Drew and Franco today.

And the kids. Awkward scene at the donation center, but I guess it needed to happen.

Let's go everyone! Time to talk it up before Sunday Surgery!


  1. I think I'll have my Gin & Tonic with Kiki - cubes please.Finally told what everyone knew - it was Margaux's father in Charlie's basement. Sonny never pays for his crimes so we just wait to see how this plays out. The "Holier Than Thou" priest drives me crazy.He is the last person that should be putting anyone down.. Kiki is just a younger version of her Mom -slipping Michael pills, sleeping with her Mom's boyfriend and more.Wont be long before she kills someone if she is kept on the show and then she can be just like Mom.Maybe Nina is her Mom and then she can sleep with Valentin.I think Terry will put Oscar in some drug experimental test and save his wimpy life.

  2. Thank you Dave!!!! :)

    Carson home:

    Sam, Jason, and Sonny: Blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Jordan's office:

    Margoo and Jordan: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Jordan and Chase: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Chase is just nervous to have lunch with his brother!

    Margoo, Jordan, and Sonny: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. OH! Margoo's daddy is the skull they found in the basment! I knew it. Now she wants revenge and going after Sonny, but then they end up having hate sex.. Blah blah blah. Same ol same ol.

    The metrocourt:

    Margoo and Sam: I.. Uh.. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Finchy and Anna: UGH! Zzzzzzzzzz. Finchy did win the line of the day.

    Finchy: Oh you know, probably during one of your kidnappings.


    Finchy, Anna, Chase, and Daddy: OH! Daddy made the scene better!! HI CHASE! Oh oh daddy sick?

    The hospital:

    Liz and CarlyKim: Zzzzzzzz. Don't you know that CarlyKim is the ONLY person who is allowed to tell someone about Oscar's condition?!!?!?!!

    Drew and CarlyKim: YES YES YES!!!! Drew you tell her!! Either they tell Oscar together, or Drew tells the truth alone!!! *CHEER*

    Clothes drive:

    JossCar and Cam: Where the hell is everyone? So just the three of them at the clothes drive? Yeah I don't think so!!

    Oscar and Cam:

    Cam: Why don't you just tell her you have cancer?


  3. I swear that Sonny had said that Scully had killed the guy, then told him to bury the body. Now it seems like he is saying that he did the killing? Is anyone else confused about this?

    And, yes, we all knew it was her father.

    It took, like, 5 minutes after Kim spilled Oscar's secret for it to go all around Port Charles, and back to poor Oscar. What a bunch of blabbermouths in PC!!

  4. I would have sex with Sonny any day of the week, no matter how old he gets, plus he is younger than I am! But he is getting a little "long in the tooth" to be bedding very young DAs, just sayin' . . .

  5. Sounded to me like Finn's dad has Lyme disease. Fever, rash, body aches. Isn't that what he said? Finn should have had a lightbulb going off and asking him about tick disease stuff. But, since it is GH it will be a BRAIN TUMOR that Finn's dad has. LOL. ha ha ha ha. Everything is a brain tumor. Except Anna, Mike and Robin

  6. Yeah, we knew DA had a connection to that body but Sonny didn’t kill him so why the drama? He could be an accessory along with Mike but what proof could they get? I just can’t watch Kim anymore-that phony stuttering drives me nuts. Very realistic scene with the teens.

  7. "delcodave said...thanks for the recap."

    You're welcome!! :)

  8. THANK YOU Dave and Sonya--- :) I didn't see this until I remembered it was posted. Always good to have someone have your back!!

  9. "kdmask said...THANK YOU Dave and Sonya--- :)"

    You're welcome!!!! :)

    "Always good to have someone have your back!!"

    Awww. Dave and I will always have your back! *BEARHUGS*

  10. Can someone explain to me why we care that the body is the DA's dad? He was buried under a bar, and probably never would have been found if not for the explosion (or, you'd think during that earthquake) and he died somewhere else, so why exactly did she think Port Charles was the place to look for his body or that Sonny had anything to do with it to begin with?


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