Friday, September 14, 2018

Would You Rather?

Nina and the Necklace. She's having some guy look at it. Curtis and Valentin are talking at a table about her and she comes by. There's a body guard there that she has on her and Curtis takes down--Valentine hired him?? Did I miss that?? Oh because Cassandra is out of her coma and on the run. Why does Cassandra hate Nina? Because she put her in a coma? Does she know she put her in a coma?? Anyway, Valentin hired a guy to watch Nina because Cassandra is on the loose. Nina says she's going to hire Curtis to be her bodyguard. 

NEW JORDAN...Briana Henry 

Body in the Basement has a Bullet to check and they are looking at Frank Smith's contacts to see who it could be. They see Luke and Laura..the Disco.. DA wants to interview Laura. 

Carly thinks Mike is ready to go somewhere, Sonny's not. Mike overhears them talking. He comes out and says it's time for me to go. He said Avery thinks her "other name" is Courtney because he can't remember it. Good scenes AND THIS SHOULD be a WHOLE SHOW!! it's wonderful dialog about Mike losing himself and wanting some dignity in this decision. Maurice sobs...I'm tearing up. Great stuff.  They decide Mike will do a day treatment program and sleep at home at night. He'll also look at residential  while he still can.

Party at Monica's...Drew's Birthday. WHAT DID I MISS..why are they doing this? I swear I watched some yesterday but it's like I skipped a show??  Anyway, Kim finds out Drew told Sam about Oscar and Kim is PISSED. I guess Jason isn't there because the celebrates the day 'he woke up as Jason Morgan"... not his BDay. This is the weirdest party EVER. WTF. White balloons?? PUNCH?? And Sam, Kim and Monica there? Wouldn't you take  him out for a beer...and invite Curtis maybe?? This is weirdddddddd. Oh Oscar is there. Sam saw he was bleeding and finds out he was in a fight. 

Kim is telling Drew he was wrong to tell Sam.. she totally ruined his party lol. Sam tells them they were in a fight. 

PS> Baby Lila mention by Monica. 

PETER AND MAXIE stuck in an elevator. And you couldn't think of something more original???? OMG he's freaking out, anxiety attack and ..he takes off his shirt. -____-  They play "would you rather".  The elevator gets going and Nina steps on. 

END: Jordan and DA show up at Sonny's to talk to Mike 


  1. kim's facial expressions are over the top.almost comical. I dont pay attention to what she is saying.too distracted by her expressions.

  2. Any excuse to get the men to take their shirts off. It's getting almost comical.

    And Jordan coming in at the end to interview an old man with Alzheimer's about a 30 year old movie is ridiculous.

    The scenes with Mike today were so well done. They definitely better win an emmy for those. ..Sonny as a lead and Mike as guest or supporting (which ever category he fits in.) It's hard to believe that the same writing staff wrote those scenes and some of the ridiculous ones like that elevator scene.

  3. lol That should be murder, not movie.

  4. Jordan's office:

    Jordan and Margoo: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Metrocourt elevator:

    Hiney and Maxie: In the beginning, it looked like Hiney drank too much coffee. Oh sure, have a panic attack, take your shirt off!!! At first I thought he was going to take off all his clothes! AJ did a better job having a panic attack than Hiney did.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Nina and the Jeweler guy: Careful Nina! Don't bend down. You are wearing your peek a boob dress.

    V.C. and Curtis: Now now boys. No reason to argue. V.C. just let Curtis do his job. :)

    Curtis, bodyguard, and Nina: Nina wins the line of the day!

    Nina: Get him! Get him!

    HAHAHAHAHA! The way she said it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Carson home:

    Carson: GAH! Sonny's voice cracked and I cried! :(

    Carson and Mike: GAHHHHHHHHHHH! Mike and Sonny made me cry!!!!! :(

    Q home:

    Sam and CarlyKim Oh Sam shut up!!! Just because you are family, it's still none of your business!!!

    CarlyKim and Drew: UGH!

    Oscar and everyone: Oh goodie, now we get to spend an hour fussing over Oscar because he got into a fight. I'm surprised that Monica didn't hear that Oscar was in the hospital because he "fainted"

  5. OMG, Nina's boobs distracted me again! I swear they look larger than the last time she wore a peek-a-boob dress. Her entire figure is amazing, she looks SOOO much like Lucy, they really should have been related! That reminds me, I am missing Lucy, Scotty, Bobbie, et al., where are they?

  6. In all the years I have watched MB these scenes are his best acting ever - always been too predictable. Witch, I agree about Kim. And the Peter actor is so bad.

  7. AntJoan - not sure about Scotty and Lucy, but JZ ('Bobbie') posted a pic on Instagram the other day on the GH set. She said it was her first day back after a long break, and that she had no lines! I guess she'll be in the background at a ... party? ?? Weird.

    Agree that the Mike/Sonny scenes were great! Maurice and Max work so well together. Laura Wright was really good too.

    I don't blame Kim for being irked that Drew told Sam. Kim held the secret for two years, and Drew blabs after 2 minutes TO HIS EX WIFE?

    So far, I like NewJordan. Seems like a great recast.

    The Peter/shirtless things made my eyes roll.

    I'm most excited about the Kevin/Ryan story. Can't wait for Laura to be in the mix!

  8. It is the best of times...the Alzheimer's story ft. Max Gail and Maurice Benard; it is the worst of age old mob murder story that no one cares about starring two women no one really cares about. Sum it up much? All the other stuff has some good and some not so good. So much potential. Not crazy about the Ryan/Kevin reboot but love JL so maybe it will be good.I keep wanting to like Peter but he is a boob, who will probably end up with Maxie. Boo.


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