Monday, September 24, 2018

WHAT Gun??

Vinny Marino...well. well. No surprise there. I see DA has on a white blazer--and 1984 shoulder pads going. Ugh. Wardrobe. Stop.  Ok, I got in trouble for being a fuddy Duddy about this on twitter but--man. 

Carly and Franco. Carly's like: LIZ is a giant hypocrite. Franco: Hey, didn't I get you outta Ferncliff. ??  Be nice.  Carly about Liz "Maybe Cam is sick of the revolving door and is pushing back"! YO!!!  Then she tells him if Liz makes Joss feel bad, she's gonna flatten her"!! LMAO 

Sam is trying really hard not to tell Jason about Oscar. :eyeroll: They kiss on the cheek. :eyeroll: she leaves. 

The kids are at the shelter. Cam blurts out Oscar has cancer.. Oscar is like NO WAY... Cam is all: WAY.. Oscar leaves.
OMG, I think Carly is trying on coats meant for the shelter LOL She is!! that's hilarious. 

Drew and Kim talking about Oscar dying..and her not telling him. Whatevvvvvv.  Dr. Terry comes in says they have to think of the future and make some decisions about Oscar. She says there's a new trial medication that may help. It might kill him tho.

Oscar busts into the hospital office where Terry, Mom and Drew are talking and says: I have cancer?  Dr. Terry, are you an oncologist? Kim finally tells him. 

Jason and Mike and Sonny talk about the body moving. Mike saw the gun in the hole took it but can't remember where it is.  "What gun" ?? LOL  Sonny's trying not to throw something at his head. 


  1. Siiiicccckkkk of this sl with the body, the gun blah. Move on please. Oscar was good. Glad Kim didn't lie and finally admitted it. Carly is such a bitch, she needs to shut it when it comes to Liz and Franco and YES Joss has stole and she knows it!

  2. Jordan's office:

    Margoo, Sonny, and Jordan: Holy crap this is so boring!!!! I get it! Margoo is upset her daddy died.. She wants revenge.. She blames Sonny!! What is next? Oh I know! Margoo and Sonny have hate sex! Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: A coffee importer?


    Jordan and Margoo: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Carson home:

    Jason, Mike, and Sonny: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh oh Mike forgot about Mr. Gun!!!!!

    Clothing drive:

    Cam and Oscar: Poor Oscar has no idea!!!!!

    Carly and BobTodd: Oh Carly shut up!!!! If you have something to say about Liz, don't bring BobTodd involved!! Go tell it to Liz! And you know your daughter is a thief.

    Carly and Joss: Carly is giving you great advice Joss!!!! Take it!

    Friz home:

    Cam and BobTodd: Oh Cam shut up about those pencils.. If it's not the pencils then it would be something else!!! I mean really, If worst comes to worst just stick up for your brother!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sam and Curtis: Their scenes went on for way too long that it became boring.

    The hospital:

    Terry, CarlyKim and Drew: This is ridiculous!!!!! Oscar should be at this meeting!!!! It makes no sense!!!! He should have a voice!!!

    Oscar, CarlyKim and Drew: GREAT SCENE!! BRAVO! :) Although CarlyKim, QUIT SAYING HE PASSED OUT!!! HE HAD A SEIZURE!!!! GAH!

  3. Strangest clothing drive ever, with only 3 people there, I guess GH can't even afford to throw in a few extras. . . If they don't even have lines, how much would that cost, can't be too much . . .

    SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER ME, I SWEAR that when Sonny first told the story of burying the body, Scully told him to bury it after the guy was killed. NOW he is saying he killed Marino. Did they change the story? Does anyone remember this? I thought that Scully lured Sonny into the business by giving the young kid a job of burying a body,he was just a teenager and they used him as an assassin?

    1. I remember Sonny saying previously that Scully put the gun in his hand to do the hit and he was young and wanted to be in the mob so he took the gun did the killing and from that day on Scully owned him because he knew Sonny did it. I don't have a DVR or anything like that to go back to check it out but that's what I remember. He was talking to Jason of course.

  4. If Sonny actually killed someone, a lawyer, as a teenager, I find that VERY upsetting . . . Running errands for Scully is one thing, but cold-blooded murder is another . . .

  5. Yeah AntJoan I am so confused about this Sonny in Kronut story.. I'm so lost!

  6. I just don't even care...over the sl. Can't stand Sonny or Margeaux.

  7. AntJoan...You're right. I remember he had the job of burying the body and the gun. It was his first big job to prove himself. Scully wouldn't have sent a green kid out to kill someone. Too much could go wrong. I hate that they're now saying he killed him. ( I guess that's so any new people looking in know that he's a big bad gansta!)

    And I wish they'd end the stupid story and get rid of margot too. can't stand her.

  8. It is a stupid story line. It also takes away from the importance of the Alzheimer's story. They are doing a good job with it. (mainly because of Maurice and Max). There is so much more to people with Alzheimer's though. There is more to it than just memory loss.

  9. AntJoan you were right. Originally Sonny said he buried the body, and now he's the killer. Seems insulting to viewers if you ask me. I find this entire story a mess, and really don't care what happens, especially because it involves Margoo, as she is useless.

    And yes maam Michelle Latta, Carly needs to shut it. The hypocrite about outdid herself yesterday between carping about Liz then telling her daughter to give men their space, BWHAHHAHAA, that was rich coming from her.

    Whispering Sam got on my nerves, too. Everything she said and eyes wouldn't stop rolling. By the time Oscar was confronting his parents I just didn't care as the entire episode was pretty lousy, and I wanted it to be over.

    (Jeez, I sound pretty cranky here! LOL!)

    1. When I turned it on yesterday I actually turned my volume up cause I couldn't hear her and my volume was fine!

  10. Thanks to all who responded to me about the change in the Sonny/body story, I knew I wasn't going crazy, LOL. The way Sonny said to Jason that he murdered Marino, he was so cavalier about it, it really upset me. We all know how much I love Sonny, and making him a murderer like this is just horrible :( I am soooo sad, SHAME on the writers for doing this to us, and to my beloved Sonny . . .

    I know that Maurice is starring in a John Gotti movie, so maybe they made it murder so that he could be gone for a few weeks. As NO ONE ever goes to/stays in jail in PC (except for poor Shawn/Sean), Sonny would have gotten, like, 1 day for burying a body--probably will get 3 weeks for murder, enough time to make the movie. However, if he is smart, even if they do somehow connect him to the body and the gun, WHY can't he say that he just buried the body, there is NO evidence that he killed the guy.

    Plus I can't stand Margaux either, she is sooo evil to keep the flash drive she needs to go . . .

    1. I agree AntJoan, Margeaux needs to go! I want to yank her hair out of her head and tell, "GIVE DREW THE FLASHDRIVE!!!" LOL!!!

  11. Yeah, I distinctly remember Sonny just getting rid of the body. I hate this storyline but I think the Margo actress is good, especially next to that bland new Jordan. Obviously cast for looks rather than talent. I wish someone would punch Carly in the mouth to shut her up. Sam never carries a purse -does she keep her keys and stuff in her bra? Oscar is only 15 and so well protected by mom but he has both ears pierced?

    1. His ears are pierced??? Never noticed. I carry a little change zip wallet thingies that I put in front pocket and phone in back pocket so I'm hands free, maybe she does the same? LOL!! I DO have a purse but rarely use it, I like being hands free.

  12. Well, Sonny said he is retiring, So this might be, what happened, He goes to jaik

  13. I'm a fuddy duddy too! Those shoulder poofs have to go. I got a kick out of Carly trying on jackets too. The body story is FF material for sure. I think that Sonny will either disappear for a while or serve a bit of time as he is the lead (Gotti) in a TV movie...Lifetime maybe? Something is off about the Oscar cancer, unless the 'trial' works for him. I just can't get enough of Max Gail. He should be the one with a misdiagnosed operable brain tumor. He and Stella are fantastic!

  14. So at the risk of sounding like a thug I remember Sonny saying to Jason that killing this guy was how he made his bones with Scully. If you want to be made you have to prove yourself by killing someone ordered by the Don. Then he said it also ties him Scully forever because he knew Sonny did it . But again,I have no way of rechecking this to make sure I wasn't hearing things. 😋

  15. Sorry ladies but that's not what he originally said. He just buried the body.Start at 2:15


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