Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Three Reasons To Watch GH

Saw the last 15 minutes of the show today. Found two right off the bat:

Cameron went for it and kissed Joss...just as we find out Oscar is dying. If you saw Chuck/Tara/Phil on AMC you know where this can lead....yep, right down the soapy path! 

Ryan Chamberlain is on the loose. Creepy... not cartoonish and totally going to own Port Charles in a bit. Can Lucy spot the clone? Hmmmm Can Laura? Can Felicia? Double hmmmm....

Ava is pissed. I didn't see her today but I know she's there, waiting to clobber St. Griffin with all the weapons at her disposal. 


  1. Sounds pretty good now. Hope so.

  2. The park:

    Cam and Joss: Damn Cam! (oh didn't mean to rhymn) Stop trashing Oscar you jerk!!! I do like Cam and Joss together. Geez Joss why are you letting Cam help you when he keeps disrespecting Oscar? Tell him to leave!!!! OH! THE KISS HEARD AROUND THE WORLD! :)

    The judge's office:

    Brucus, the Judge, Alexis, and Diane: Diane was annoying me today! Just spill it out will ya?!?!!?! YAY Brusus wins! :) Wait a second what am I saying?! This isn't your baby!!!! :'( Alexis is suspicious of the birth mother hahahaha! Lucas wins the line of the day.

    Brad: Promise me we won't let Wylie become a lawyer.

    Lucas: Nah I can only promise so much.


    The metrocourt restaurant:

    Julian and Drew: Oh Julian! Hahahahahah! You don't need Drew to help you win over Oscar. You can do it! :) Oh man stop talking about Drew and his memories! UGH!

    Alexis, Brucus, and Julian: Hmmm Alexis looks suspicious about Julian! ROFL! Brucus with the baby. Oh man this isn't good at all!!!! :(

    Crazy town:


    "Doc" and bug eyed Gordon: No Bug eyed Gordon! He isn't Doc!!! Don't listen to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Doc and bug eyed Gordon: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Poor Doc!!!!!!! :(

    The hospital: Uh hello?!!??!?! Someone call Drew and Joss about Oscar being in the hospital!!!!!!! Well I'm glad Jason told him!

    CarlyKim and Liz: Wait wait wait! There is nothing Drew could do, but yet Oscar is dying?!!?!?!?!?!!?! Drew should know this!!!! I am getting angry at you CarlyKim!!!!!

    Ryan: ACK! He just walks right in smiling like he owns the place!!!!! FREAKIN CREEPY! John Lindstrom still got it! :)

    "Karen says totally going to own Port Charles in a bit."

    UH YEAH HE IS!!!!!

  3. I was confused with the Ryan/Kevin scene. When "Ryan" was strangling him he was talking to Ryan.Then later he refered to him as Kevin.

    Maybe Griffin will be needed to operate on Oscar and save him.

    And why was Alexis so suspicious and unhappy in those scenes. She should have been cheering wildly, instead she was frowning and Diane was celebrating.

  4. My prediction. (not that anyone asked)

    oscar is getting sick. it will come out that Kim is not the mother. apparently, margot and billy were an item way back when and she had oscar. but he went to the military and she didnt want a baby and kim adopted baby oscar. kim saw margot briefly during the adoption, which is why when they met... kim said "you look familiar". she did meet her very briefly.

    margot has the flash drive and drew's memories and doesnt want him to have them because she doesnt want him to remember that they were an item and she gave up his son.

    Of course, timelines have been determined already and I could be wrong. but that's my 2 cents.

  5. "delcodave said...My prediction. (not that anyone asked)"

    Oh!! Interesting.. Very soapy. I like it. :)

  6. Not at all happy with the whole Kevin/Ryan story repeated. With all the new characters the writers should have been able to introduce new content from the background stories and connected Laura and Kevin's storyline with that. Love GH!!! Just sayin.

  7. Good twist with Oscar revelation,but I can't stand stuttering Kim - even Jason was stuttering when he talked to her. It's ok only if it isn't an acting technique. Julian could have at least pretended to be surprised at the custody outcome. Diane always looks so stunning - they really know how to dress her. Kevin/Ryan - should be interesting!

  8. LSV422 said...
    Good twist with Oscar revelation,but I can't stand stuttering Kim - even Jason was stuttering when he talked to her. It's ok only if it isn't an acting technique.

    I mind that less than the huffing and blowing technique that Sonny always uses. Michael does it now too. And a few other have picked it up.

    1. Yes I hate how Sonny talks! Running out of breathe, "looking" for his words, does Mo need cue cards?

  9. I really enjoyed yesterday, but was hollering at Kim to call Joss and Drew. She was acting so very selfish. It also seemed like Oscar didn't even know he was sick as a little boy. What's THAT about? How little was he? Kim kept him in the dark too? Not liking how they're writing Kim at all. I didn't notice the stuttering but I will now. :)

    Ryan is a big old creep and it's great!

    Dave your prediction does sound soapy, but I'm not a fan of Margoo, so nah. LOL!

    And Sonya's line of the day had me rolling too!

  10. "Julie H said...Dave your prediction does sound soapy, but I'm not a fan of Margoo, so nah. LOL!"

    ROFL! I'm not a fan of Margoo either! :)

    "And Sonya's line of the day had me rolling too!"

    ROFL! Great line. :)

  11. It's funny that I get your page on my Yahoo mail, but answers to my question you send to my old Google account, which I have not have for 10years,I wish your page would let me change my info?? I do not know what password was for Google account, If there is away to change my info please send where your page comes every day, Thank You Lana

    1. Can't you reset your pw on your google acct? I've been able to in the past and when I post here it's thru google.



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