Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Cookies Save the Show

Here's the run down:

Jules/Brad....and then Nina/Charlotte-- Charlie's Bar
Carly and St. Jaysus--CaSon's House

Brad is all upset and thinks he'll have to tell Lucas about Wiley.

Nina and Charlotte: Why don't you love PAPA anymore, Nina!!? 

Stella and Jordan talk about the counseling session. Hell, they have a whole bottle of wine. Jordy wants to 'reset' the relationship and said she was sorry for her part in the session. Stella said "You want me to forget you killed Thomas"!! NuJordan is pretty stone faced. EESH. That was bad... oy.  Bad scene there--

Oscar is crying over his tumor. Then he's yelling at Mommy. Kind of yelling. Wow.. not going well here. Dialog is off.. especially for a kid just finding out this news. And .. well.. I'm saying it. Acting. not up to par. 

SO, INTERRUPTUS of GH with the Bill Cosby Sentencing. 

Back to GH:

Jason and Carly: RECONNING THE ENTIRE BODY IN CROTON MESS. Which, btw I proved Sonny said he did't KILL HIM-- he just moved the body with my You Tube clip but..whatever. I guess it's more drama if he killed him. So he murdered a guy in cold blood because someone else told him to so he could be a big man. Welp, if the DA doesn't win on this one, GH is really messed up. 
Carly tells Jason about Wiley having the same heart condition as Michael when he was a baby and Michael walks in. He has cookies from Kelly's. Jason was cute saying no to having any. Michael: You know you want one. Jason: NO NO I DON'T. It was the ONLY fun part of today. 

Nina overhears Brad say he may lose Wiley. She doesn't really care. 

SO.. I'm saying it. The tumor dialog today was just awful. Oscar's reaction? Not believable. 
Nope. Sorry. 


  1. What the heck is going on with these writers? Just last week Carly told Lucas and Brad that Michael had the same heart condition but he didn't need surgery. He just outgrew it. And today Carly and Jason talk about how Jason reacted when he found out Michael needed surgery when he was so tiny. And this on top of the Sonny fiasco. Do these writers even talk to each other? Where the heck are the editors? This is getting beyond ridiculous!

    And didn't they originally say Jonah died of SIDS? Now today they say it was a heart conditon? Honestly I'm considering getting testing for dementia!

    And as much as I love the actress who plays Stella, I am more than over this continued hate. If she can't move on she should just move away because I'm sure most fans are over this neverending story and don't want it rehashed every time they meet for the rest of their lives.

    As for the breaking Cosby story I read it online well before I started watching GH so it was hardly breaking at that point and could have waited a few hours for the regular news.

  2. Di, I think that the writers should get tested for dementia, not you!!

    Changing the Sonny Kronut story is bothering me BIG TIME!!

  3. if the writers are changing the storyline in just a few weeks time when clearly Sonny has said for WEEKS he did NOT kill the man - well, we have no hope of clearing any storyline before 2019. I am so frustrated with this - making me not want to watch.
    and sadly, Oscar cannot act at all - pitiful.....and suddenly I feel Cam is doing a poor acting job.
    just sad and tired of it all.....

  4. I agree oscar cannnot act. along with his mother and her over the top facial expression. the list goes on

  5. OK, I am almost finished watching today's show, and, so far, have to say that I disagree with others here re Oscar. I thought that the actor did a fine job--he was sad, and angry, as he should be.

    I think others said that first they were saying that Michael didn't have surgery as a baby, I heard today that they are saying that he did. Does anyone remember back then in the show if he had heart surgery as a baby?

    These abrupt changes in SLs are making my head spin . . .

  6. I have been a GH fan for 40 years. I only can stomach watching about once or twice a MONTH. I feel like a traitor, but good grief. I will watch for Genie or Tristan if I know they are coming. Robert has had such choppy short scenes though. I am a big Kimberly M. fan and Finola. I have been a Sonny fan forever, but Maurice could use a long vacation.

  7. I thought Oscar's acting was far better than I was expecting. TB was fantastic today in her last grief stricken scene with BM who I also thought was solid.

  8. Oscar's crying in the elevator made me cry--I thought his acting was great!

  9. Carson home:

    Carly and Jason: Oh Carly shut up! You are just wrong! Don't put all men in the same box! GAH! Oh no now talking about the body in Kronut Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Carly wins the line of the day.

    Carly: I don't go around starting fights in public! Much.

    BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! Oh Carly you are such a card. :)

    Carly, Jason, and Michael: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Flashbacks of baybay Michael! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Now show scenes when he had red hair! :) I dare you! :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Nina and Charlie: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Welcome back Charlie!!! Great scene!!! You wish you had a brother or sister Charlie? Your wish will come true! :)

    Brad and Lucas: Damn Brad relax or you will have a heart attack or a stroke!

    The hospital:

    CarlyKim, Oscar, and Drew: I think their scenes were awesome! CarlyKim won't let Oscar leave and hugs him! Made me tear up!!!! :( Poor Oscar! He has every right to be hurt and upset! Awww you don't hate your mom. :(

    Elevator: Oscar crying in the elevator made me tear up!!! :(

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Stella and Recast Jordan:

    "Karen says NuJordan is pretty stone faced. EESH. That was bad... oy. Bad scene there--"

    YES! Stone faced and so boring! The sad face she is giving, looks like she is smelling something bad! The scenes are so boring!!! Stella is making the scene a lot better!

    Jurtis: GAH! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    The pier:

    Curtis and V.C.: I'm on V.C.'s side!!! You can't tell Nina until you get the proof about her daughter!!!!!!

    Sidenote: Jax got married on bold and the beautiful!!!! :( I turned the tv on and saw the scene.. Joss has got a stepmother!!! ROFL! I want Jax back!!! :(

  10. "Di says Honestly I'm considering getting testing for dementia!"


    "AntJoan said...OK, I am almost finished watching today's show, and, so far, have to say that I disagree with others here re Oscar. I thought that the actor did a fine job--he was sad, and angry, as he should be."

    Yeah I didn't have a problem with the actor.. I thought he did a great job.

  11. I had no problem with Oscar's acting/reaction. I HATE this story.

    I agree about the Stella/Jordan scene. OMG Stella! SHUT THE F UP! This actress playing Jordan is definitely green, but I like her anyway. I hope she improves. I don't think she's bad - just not terribly ... good ;-)

  12. The actress who plays Jordan now, she looks really familiar. I had to look her up. She was on Young and the restless in 2013-14! No wonder she looks familiar!

  13. I think the actor playing Oscar did a great job, better than Tamara's Kim. Sick of Stella.

  14. I just don't want to watch the teen brain tumor story.......or the Stella/Jordan story......or the Croton story......or the Carly/Jason scenes. And, I know I'm in the minority, but I can't stand Robin (but love KM).

    1. Sounds like those are all the stories on gh right now that you hate so channel surf instead. Haha!! 😂

  15. Sonya, Charlotte said she wants a BABY sister or brother, not a 30-year-old!

  16. "AntJoan said...Sonya, Charlotte said she wants a BABY sister or brother, not a 30-year-old!"

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! AntJoan you won! That's a good one. :)

  17. All these storylines are just bad. I thought the Oscar actor was ok - not great. He is a weird looking kid - hard to picture him with Drew (pre-plastic surgery) and Kim as his parents. And they did show his pierced ears yesterday in closeups. The new Jordan has no expression whatsoever. Nice to see Charlotte though, and it seems they did forget she has a brother.

  18. "Michelle Latta said...She has a brother but I guess he doesn't count."

    I forgot that she has a brother!!!!

    "Yeh I saw the piercing yesterday"

    Me too!!!!! I am surprised his mother let him have his ears pierced!! Since she puts him in a bubble!!

    1. Well I'm sure it's not in the show as it is just holes and no earring.

  19. Sonya.....bubble.....hahahah!

    I thought the Oscar acting was better yesterday and I too, got a little weepy when he was in the elevator. On Monday's show the acting wasn't so good, sorry to say. Yesterday when Kim kept grabbing him, I was waiting for him to haul off and punch her. She was was TOO much! Oscar needs to go and punch Stella, too. I'm done with that story line, since we've heard the same conversation between her and stone-face Jordon eleventy-billion times now.

    AntJoan, sorry that your fella Sonny is a full blown murderer now. I snorted when Carly said that a mistake he made when he was young was going to ruin everything for them all. I call murder and the circumstances around it a little bigger than a youthful mistake. The writers are really digging a hole now.

  20. sonya said...I call murder and the circumstances around it a little bigger than a youthful mistake.

    *** Yeah. Wearing white after Labor Day is a mistake. Murder is on a whole 'nother plane.

    1. Wearing white after labor day isn't as taboo as it used to be.

  21. "Julie H said... Sonya.....bubble.....hahahah!"

    Hahahaha! Drew even admits that CarlyKim has put Oscar in a bubble! :)

    "Di said...sonya said...I call murder and the circumstances around it a little bigger than a youthful mistake."

    Hahaha that wasn't me that was Julie. :)

  22. Di...loved the white after Labor Day crack! HAHAHAHA!

  23. Thanks, Julie. :)

    Sorry, Sonya.


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